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    Mater questions
from Crowbar  
6/26/2012 4:02:32 PM


 I have a mater plant that is blooming nicely...bunches of blooms. However after 3 or 4 days from when the bloom opens, the bloom's stem dies about 1/2" below the bloom and the bloom falls off. It is like something has crimped the stem causing the bloom to pivot downward then after a day or two it falls completely off.

I first thought maybe a cutworm or something but there are no bugs or worms anywhere to be seen.

Strange, I tell ya.


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   Gene, it's for you from Sammy #10958 #10958  6/26/2012 4:05:16 PM
I'm getting a bunch of blooms again. I hope you guys weren't pulling my leg, cause I can me seen every evening before watering time shaking the branches.

But what the hell, I look crazy enough anyway.


   Pick yer poison ......... from Wade Fisher  6/26/2012 4:23:08 PM
could be any number of things.


   Try this Crow from Thad Rains  6/26/2012 4:30:43 PM
Sounds like there may be a magnesium deficiency in the soil. What we do to set blooms on cotton, maters, every broad leafed vegetable is use a little foliar feed and put 1.5 TBSP of epsom salts and a splash of vinegar in it. This is assuming a 1.5-3.0 gallon sprayer. Mix the epsom salts with water before you add it to the fertilizer. It is a STRANGE mixture, but it loads the fruit trees like nothing. If you cannot find any foliar fertilizer, mix a handful of nitrogen, phosphorus and potash (10-10-10) or something like that, with the water and shake well.

Sammy, we beat our vines with a hoe handle or a broom handle, but shaking them does the same thing. It spreads the pollen around so all the blooms get taken care of.

Hope this helps.

Crow, add the epsom salts and vinegar to your bloom set fertilizer. Sammy, we do not beat the vines with the broom handle, we actually put it in the plant and then shake it, so it is not a violent shaking, but a gentle one. Thad Rains

Edited 6/26/2012 4:50:08 PM

   By golly, that jogged my memory a bit from Crowbar  6/26/2012 4:32:02 PM
I do have some blossom set spray....somewhere. Hope it's not near my golf clubs or fishin poles. LOL

Most likely reason I saw was the temperature extremes. We're having 30 degree swings now. With the low humidity, it actually cools off nicely right before dawn. Can't do much about that.

Ima give the spray a shot and see what happens. This is an odd variety plant I have never tried....German Queen Heirloom, I bleeve it is?

Thanks Wade! You stay in a Holiday Inn last week? LOL

   Thanks Thad from Crowbar  6/26/2012 4:37:06 PM
Gonna give the epsom salts a try too. I have purposefully NOT fertilized as regularly this year tryin to keep the vines shorter. Past years they just got out of control for my garden space even with pinching the tops.

Plants look great this year and have been doing fair...except for this one plant.

   Maters from Cougarcat  6/26/2012 4:47:05 PM
What I do is find a little local stand beside the road and say I'll take six. That works much better for me.

   We use ........ from Wade Fisher  6/26/2012 4:48:21 PM
a combination of epsom salt and milled cotton seed when we plant. Put a mix of the two in the bottom of the hole before you transplant the veggies. Got that tip from a guy lives next to the step son. His garden puts mine to shame, but I'm catching up.


   Guess Bradiculos won't respond to anything from Spinny  6/26/2012 7:53:34 PM
That has to do with mate...mater...or mating,

I think he's asexual or at very least a unic. Or Eunic or maybe you nick.

I dunno.

   Now you guys are some real experts from Hoot  6/26/2012 11:48:33 PM
on the subject....I feel privileged to be in the presence of such greatness...

I'll never be able to approach the level of expertise on here so if I decide to haul in enough high quality dirt or do the whiskey barrel planter option...I'll just tune in and let the experts guide me through the process to think I could ever be in their class would be an insult..

I heard Sammy & Crow can visually identify which tomatoes will make great salsa....Sammy & Crow once from a distance of 300 yards while playing golf with Phanny looked off in the distance and said hey will you look at that Hot Little Tomato over there...



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