My mandate to the supreme court My mandate to the supreme court
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    My mandate to the supreme court
from Wannabe  
6/28/2012 10:27:07 AM


 Kiss my ass.

And I've ruled to uphold it for them.


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   LOL.........don't wash it for them either. nm from Wackoman  6/28/2012 10:41:14 AM

   not a mandate, it is now a tax. from Gene  6/28/2012 10:43:59 AM
 anyone hiring? I can work a shovel and I can...... work a shovel.


   Who is gonna give you regular adjustments? Shovel work requires then. Don't ask me how I know. nm from Wackoman  6/28/2012 10:51:17 AM

   hmm..mmm, from Gene  6/28/2012 10:55:04 AM
 work a shovel for a week, or maybe a few hours, then pull the disability card. cool.

   That's the ticket! nm from Wackoman  6/28/2012 11:11:22 AM

   It's only a matter of time from Sammy #10958 #10958  6/28/2012 11:19:29 AM
 before the government decides whether or not you get treatment for an illness.

And if you're over 50, you can kiss your ass good bye.

Mark my words on this.


   Missouri already voted against it from RJR  6/28/2012 11:27:30 AM
 I hope we opt out, which seems to be possible. If Obama wins another term, we are all screwed. Hopefully Romney will use this to his advantage and then as soon as he is sworn in, even before his parade, he signs the repeal.

   If we now have no pre existing clause in health ins from Gene  6/28/2012 12:43:15 PM
 will ins cos now not charge extra if someone smokes?

   Ha, Gene from Sammy #10958 #10958  6/28/2012 1:25:51 PM
 my company has gone one step further. As of about 3 years ago, they will not hire a tobacco user of any form. Part of the pre employment drug screen.

As of this year, all tobacco users will be fined by the company 600.00 bucks annually.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Wait, don't do that, it's too expensive.


   Might be time ....... from Wade Fisher  6/28/2012 2:09:10 PM
 to join the true slackers of this country and just sit at home and wait for the government to send me what they think I need.


   Thinking the same thing Wade from Crowbar  6/28/2012 2:22:35 PM
 Can't help but start wondering what the point of it all is anymore. Get home after work and watch a little tube only to get bombarded by commercials from companies promising to eliminate/settle your tax debt..."we can turn a $20,000 tax lien into a $1500 settlement!" No idea how much they charge to do that for someone but I'm about ready to say screw it on the taxes. LOL I'd rather give the money I would otherwise owe Uncle Sam to some lawyer rather than see it go to all the fukkin pillow suckin slackers across the Country!

   Watching Fox news yesterday afternoon from Sammy #10958 #10958  6/28/2012 2:38:57 PM
 and the department of agriculture is spending like 7 million on commercials promoting people apply for food stamps.

The voices were obviously a couple of ethnic (ahem) women talking about how good another woman was looking because she was on food stamps and it helped her eat right.

Pass the puke bucket please.


   ?????fukkin pillow suckin slackers????? from Cuejockey  6/28/2012 3:53:33 PM
 We are not slackers! We are proud members of Team SS and your contributions are still appreciated.

Bite us all!!!! (Team SS)



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