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    Repair Braniacs - yours brain powers is needed
from CSpots  
6/28/2012 3:03:09 PM


 I have a Forredt Gump Snapper riding Mower- decent mower
and the Gas tank that sits right behind the seat has a crack in it- right along the seem.

A new original equipment tank is $48- that is with tax, but no Kiss or hand job from the cute accountant lady.

I have been to a couple Mower grave yards and No luck- I could ethnically Gerry rig something, But my neighbors now yell, Run Forrest Run, I am not sure what they would yell Iffen I reversed engineered something with another Bracket for a different type of Tank?

Has anyone have any Wise tips on how to repair the plastic tank- I looked at the plastic welders at Harbor Freight and they are $15, $55 and $80? WTF is that about- the one looks like an old soldering iron or Wood burning kit?

anybody have any experience with the wonder as seen on tv crap?
or should I bit the bullet and go spend the 46 bucks and go throw the money I woulda spent out in the middle of the street?

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   JB Weld from Spinny  6/28/2012 3:21:28 PM
And that's all I have to say about that.

   weld it from MikeF  6/28/2012 3:33:21 PM
You have to fix it by melting another piece of polyethylene into the crack. Nothing will bond to that tank.

   Hehaha! Yeah, weld it. from Spinny  6/28/2012 3:36:47 PM
But set up a web cam first. I gotta see this!!!


   you want me to put what in my crack? from CSpots  6/28/2012 3:37:56 PM
I might look like Dan akroyd from Cone heads Movie

   Duck tape ........ from Wade Fisher  6/28/2012 3:39:37 PM
is your friend.


   Duct Tape on a Gas Tank??? from Tbone  6/28/2012 3:58:11 PM
Come on Wade, quit pharking with the guy.

Spots, get the gas out of the tank and use the JB Weld like Spinny done tole ya. Let it setup for 24 hrs and you should be good to go.

If the fails go find another Snapper at Wally World on Saturday night.

Saw my Doc today, some meds got 'modified'.....


   Take it to an RV repair from Dr. Phyl  6/28/2012 4:05:46 PM
they all have the hot-air welders and filler for the poly tanks and it shouldn't cost much to get it done. If it wasn't a Snapper and was like a Taco or Bearded Clam Wade could do it.

   C'mon Tbone ........ from Wade Fisher  6/28/2012 4:08:50 PM
this is Spots we're talking about here. Nothing gets hot and there ain't no sharp edges on a roll of duct tape. My suggestion was for his own good. Bwahahahahaha


I thought all snappers were cracked Doc.

Well split anyway......

   Go buy another tank from Cuejockey  6/28/2012 4:08:57 PM
check Ebay or some such for a better price. Too risky to try to repair it.

Cspots running across the yard after jumping off a lawnmower with his ass in flames....that is a worser visual than Cbar's girlfriends. Ugh


   Dude, just buy the other tank from fatboy #9897  6/28/2012 4:36:32 PM
Why spend money in the hope of saving money?

Do you really want to be riding around on that thing with the hopes that a repair job holds?

Flame on me spots.

   Be cool, not a fool. from Fisherboy #10852 #10852  6/28/2012 5:18:40 PM
Go to the local beer matt and buy one of those mini one gallon kegs.

Drink the beer

Mount to lawn mower

Doc could make you a pretty cap for it. Until then stuff a rag in it like they did in the old days.

   this fisherboy is obviously Brad from RJR  6/28/2012 7:16:30 PM
the real Fisherboy is from Virginia. Liberals will stoop very low sometimes.

   OL and bwahahah- Ebay!!! from CSpots  6/28/2012 7:45:47 PM
that sounds much safer

   Spots... from Spinny  6/28/2012 8:32:08 PM
Doc Pheel gave you the best answer, mine was second for an easy fix.

   I have called three shops, and two said NO because it gas from CSpots  6/29/2012 11:56:14 AM
and the 3rd said they would look at it

They are 15 minutes from here-

   one more option kayaks from MikeF  6/29/2012 12:22:23 PM
Any place (other than the chain stores) that sells kayaks will have the stuff to fix that tank. Dirtbike shops will too.

And nobody will work on it if it smells like gas. You have to wash it out until the smell is gone.



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