1 of three. This is a symptom of a mountain fire. <img align="bottom" src="http://www.wmi.org/bassfish/logos/monalisa.gif"> 1 of three. This is a symptom of a mountain fire. ">
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    1 of three. This is a symptom of a mountain fire.
from Dr. Phyl  
7/16/2012 10:47:39 AM



The guy in the center is Karl, a friend of mine that went fishing with me last Wed. then Thursday morning his neighbor ran over and told him there was a Mountain Lion in his tree. Sure as heck there was. 2 year old, DOW tranquilized it and replanted it. Karl lives north and east of me and is actually about 6 miles from the foothills.

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   2 of 3 from Dr. Phyl  7/16/2012 10:48:48 AM

Better shot of the critter.

   3 of 3 from Dr. Phyl  7/16/2012 10:50:43 AM

Pancake sized paws. Karl wears a #9 1/2 glove and his hand isn't nearly as big as the paw.

   That kitty is gonna from Sammy #10958 #10958  7/16/2012 11:12:39 AM
 be some kind of mad when he wakes up and realizes he's been violated.


   Glad It Could Be Saved from Tbone  7/16/2012 11:14:15 AM
 Looks like a fairly young cat. Hope it was moved into an area that it can survive in (plaent food & water).

   Very Cool from Cougarcat  7/16/2012 11:33:58 AM
 I'm glad they saved the cat and moved it. Hope it has a long life. I wouldn't want him in the tree behind my house.

   Glad they could relocate it ....... from Wade Fisher  7/16/2012 12:20:58 PM
 Looking at the paw pic made me think back to the first time I saw one of them tracks on my deer lease. Made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Weird feeling when you realize you just stepped one rung down from the top of the food chain.



   I think I would... from Funky  7/16/2012 2:58:51 PM
 have moved east after that firestorm too!

Have you heard if there was much toll on the wildlife from the fire?

   Hope they left from Sammy #10958 #10958  7/16/2012 3:51:28 PM
 him a steak with some advil rubbed on it for when he woke up with that huge hangover.

But, beats a bullet any day of the week.


   Funky,,,, these Mountain goats made out real well. (old photo) from Dr. Phyl  7/16/2012 4:13:10 PM

They think there were very few lost to the fire. They said the sheep should do better after the fire because that is the kind of environment they prefer. Letting folks back into their homes in Cascade and Green Mountain Falls was delayed a couple days because of the bears and such that had to be dealt with in numbers. The Flying W Ranch that burned to the ground had 23 head of cattle that made it through the fire OK.



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