Wade, brother Mike is in and ready to go... Wade, brother Mike is in and ready to go...
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    Wade, brother Mike is in and ready to go...
from Gridleak  
7/27/2012 12:51:40 PM



We went and looked at them last evening and he bought this one this morning.


pect he will now go on to own two or more of them before the month is over, bwahaha...


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   Very cool! from Crowbar  7/27/2012 12:58:37 PM
 I spent close to an hour on Academy.com yesterday looking at surf rigs. Tell me how in da hail you can get yourself a durned nice surf fishing rig (12' rod and reel) for LESS than what mid to upper end bass fishing reel would cost ya?!?! Demand I guess? But still!


   I would recommend one thing... from Gridleak  7/27/2012 1:07:25 PM

Shop for your stuff online... but go to the store and buy it. It is listed in the link at $529, but he bought his at the store for $399. (?)

Regarding surf rods, Mike has three 12 foot rods with Penn reels he bought at the pawn shop. All in excellent condition. I think he gave 50 or 60 bucks apiece for them. He also has about a dozen 7 foot rods with Penn reels that he paid about the same price for. Sometimes it is worth checkin' out the pawn shops.


   Crow from Tbone  7/27/2012 1:09:26 PM
 I have a 12 footer on it's way from Springfield to my local BPS shop. I'm not bothering with a 'yak. Can't get'em down to our beaches unless you carry it. Besides, I'm too dang old & fat to use that thing....


   Good idea from Crowbar  7/27/2012 1:21:39 PM
 Will have a looksee with some of our local pawn brokers, but dammit, if I go in lookin for a surf rig and leave with a gun, I'm blaming YOU!


   I spent a little time yesterday ...... from Wade Fisher  7/27/2012 2:44:33 PM
 at Academy myself. Just getting a looky see at who's got what when it comes to plastic self propelled boats. I'm still leaning heavily toward something in the Ocean line, but those appear to be pretty functional.


   Your reels were not Penn Wade. I had never heard of them. from Wackoman  7/27/2012 4:15:38 PM

What were they and do the hold up well?

   The two oldest ........ from Wade Fisher  7/27/2012 4:46:11 PM
 are made by an outfit called Strike Zone. I got 'em off ebay for less than $40.00 apiece. They've held up really well considering the environment they get used in. The newer of the four are two I got in a pawn shop. They're both Penn reels.

The best thing for them was getting the kayak and leaving the rods on the beach. Back when I walked/swam baits out, the reels wouldn't last but a couple of years.

You get your rods today?


   I sure did. Thanks again for all the help! from Wackoman  7/27/2012 9:08:29 PM
Yeah Strikezone that is the ones I was looking at. I might look for some of those used.

   Dayum Grid,,,,,, from Paul Sonnier  7/28/2012 12:07:16 AM
 They done sucked you in too??


Salty Water has ruint youse guy's!

   If it's any help... from Gridleak  7/28/2012 2:07:58 PM

I'm headed for fresh water this evening... to try and wash off some of the salt. Maybe at least dilute it a little.




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