some people have no sense of humor- Could they have arrested me? some people have no sense of humor- Could they have arrested me?
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    some people have no sense of humor- Could they have arrested me?
from CSpots  
8/7/2012 7:38:06 PM


 today was primary day in Missouri
I went right after work-

I was the only person voting,and when I left, the one worker asked me If I wanted an "I voted sticker?"

I said yes and when he handed the sticker a second stuck to the first he then asked do you want two?

I had to say yes (stickers are cool) and then it just popped out of my mouth,I then said "yes I want to look like a democrat- vote early and vote often"

Holy crap the democratic judge went off- a little skinny 80 pound vegetarian pasty ass looking pseudo hippie biotch

she started yelling I needed to be removed from the polling place and she is going to protest all ballets that were being cast at that time-

the other judge had to tell her no one else was voting OLOLOL so there was no other votes to contest!

she was going to get me for electioneering closer than 25 feet to a polling place!

the guy that she was yelling at, to remove me from the poll, had to be in his mid 80's- olol

this democratic poling judge had to be in her late 20's or MAYBE in her very early 30's! what a biotch

I looked at the sergeant at arms (I have no idea what they call them) and say come on you can walk me to the door- it looks like you need a break

As I was leaving I began to think of all the hits I could have given the biotch about her lying, scum dog non releasing birth certificates, college records,fake president , butt I held my tongue-

The old guy said, as he walked me to the ramp, that gall has been a handful since they opened at 6am- she was a procedural junkie, taking it way too serious- ololol
she had measured and put a strip of duct tape 25 feet from the door

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   Pms? from Spooled Again #9650  8/7/2012 7:46:48 PM
and this is exactly the reason everyone should carry a Tazer

Edited 8/7/2012 7:48:56 PM

   Chris, I am nominating this post.......... from RJR  8/7/2012 7:58:21 PM
as the number 2 post of all time on any forum. The only way it could be number 1 is if you had carried out all of your after thoughts! Thanks bud, that made my evening.

   Chris, you inspired me. Awesome story, but.... from Spinny  8/7/2012 8:50:42 PM
...nothing tops the story of the Mudshark. Sorry dude. This is a solid #2, best ever, though.

   wow #2 Mudshark- how appropriate from CSpots  8/7/2012 8:53:19 PM
thank you

I mean #2 and mudshark coincidental?

Edited 8/7/2012 8:59:36 PM

   Oloollo from Spinny  8/7/2012 9:31:07 PM
You will live in infamy!!

   "A little skinny 80 pound vegetarian pasty ass looking pseudo hippie biotch" from Bass Stalker  8/8/2012 7:31:02 AM
LOL! I can actually picture her in my mind!

I think we have several of those around these parts too!

   What you should of done from Sammy #10958 #10958  8/8/2012 8:22:54 AM
was take the opportunity to hook her up with that lil lass down below.


   I knew he could be cogent from Doc Holliday  8/8/2012 10:36:25 AM
and eventually, with practice he would make us proud. It has been a pleasure watching his education here on BFHP. I mean he has gone from posting trannies to #2. I feel a sense of pride in knowing that i contributed just a little to his rise to fame. My timely biotch slaps have proven effective. Fly now PeeSpots, use those literary wings to soar to new heights.


Edited 8/8/2012 10:41:57 AM

   Was she hot? from Mudfish  8/8/2012 11:24:45 AM
Maybe all she needed was a spanking.

   What part of from Doc Holliday  8/8/2012 11:40:48 AM
"A little skinny 80 pound vegetarian pasty ass looking pseudo hippie biotch" did you miss muddy?

Although tastes vary.

   Ya what Doc said from CSpots  8/8/2012 12:33:41 PM
And I bet she had bad breath

Why do all of these vegetarians, that are supposed to be so healthy, look so freakin nasty?

   hot or not from Tim #10364 #10364  8/8/2012 1:01:36 PM
Skank Gillian McKeith is a Scottish TV health guru advocating a holistic approach to nutrition and health, promoting exercise, and a vegetarian diet of organic fruits and vegetables.Her best-selling book is titled "You Are What You Eat" She is 51 years old in this photo: Nigella" target=new1>"> Nigellason is a food writer, journalist and TV chef in England. She eats nothing but meat, butter and desserts. The Sunday Telegraph called her best-selling book How to Eat "the most valuable culinary guide published this decade." She is also 51 years old in this photo: " target=new1>">Need I say more.

Edited 8/8/2012 1:02:47 PM

   Tim from TheJigMeister  8/8/2012 3:17:44 PM
is one hijackin' bastaige ain't he?

Hey Doc, you ignerent wrench!

Uh, Spots, I shed a tear. I am in awe of your greatness.
A biotch slap *might* have elevated you to #1.5. Sorry but even my kids know what a mudshark is now. LOL!



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