IS there conversation that is not permitted at your supper table? read 2 hours after lunch IS there conversation that is not permitted at your supper table? read 2 hours after lunch
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    IS there conversation that is not permitted at your supper table? read 2 hours after lunch
from CSpots  
8/15/2012 12:33:29 PM


 Do not read this until well after lunch

Bodily functions, are not allowed at our table-

Last night we took Mom to Applebee's-
She loves that avocado spinach dip- she ate a couple Bites of her ribs, but ate all the tater and Svacado/spinnach dip she could handle

We are sitting there and this table across the aisle is talking about that colon cleansing stuff- While in a freakin eatery
It was bad enough, when the woman was talking about loose stool and then after the 8th day this coating that had lined the colon came out, the stuff that had clogged the lining of the colon-

I had to say EXCUSE ME! we are trying to enjoy supper here
Geez- that was tough- I could see my Mom kinda gag- when the person was talking about examininng her stool- WTF
The 4 tables around us, said thank you and he is right, it is not proper conversation- This was because the woman ( maybe in her 40's had a look like how dare you!

I did warn not to read until way after lunch

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   #2 from Gene  8/15/2012 12:45:08 PM
 stars for you Mr. Dodo

   OOLLLOO,,,,,,, I bet they ate there before from Dr. Phyl  8/15/2012 12:54:15 PM
 and knew a "cleansing" wasn't far away. BBWWAAHHHAAA TacoBellcleansesme




Now that I think about it,,,,, I don't think I've ever passed a coating. How cool would that be? Kinda like a placenta? BBWWAAHHAAA

   I've never even from Sammy #10958 #10958  8/15/2012 12:59:56 PM
heard of a colon coating, nor seen one on tape. Yeah, I works for a horsepital.


   Well go axe someone from Dr. Phyl  8/15/2012 1:12:40 PM
 show them you really are interested,,,,, it could work out great for you at evaluation time.



Shows Interest in Colon Coating:
Sammy is the only one in the facility that has asked about a "Colon Coating"

and he should be recognized for this. I'm suggesting 40 hours training on his own time in "Taking the Job More Serious 101.

   Well someone sure did Dr. Phyl from Harumph #11038 #11038  8/15/2012 1:26:39 PM
 And they named it Brad.

   Harumph,,, even over here that's a terrible thing to say from Dr. Phyl  8/15/2012 1:30:40 PM
about a perfectly good colon cleansing. OOLLLO



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