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    14 years ago today... remember?
from Brad  
1/5/2014 11:00:15 PM



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   read.. from Brad  1/5/2014 11:16:24 PM
 SUBJECT: # 3402: Name, Rank and serial number please - Bio! or Bio thread

Submitted by Wannabe from MISSISSIPPI on 1/6/2000 1:25:00 PM

Sounds like everyone's in agreement, although I think mha intended everyone to just go ahead and do it. So let's get started.

For those of you who don't have a clue what I'm talking about, this thread is intended to be a permanent record of who you are and what you're about. Feel free to contribute as little or as much as you're comfortable with. A suggested format follows.

Handle - And how you came up with it or it's significance.

Marital Status - How long married and kids

Job - What you do for money

Fishing - What kind of fishing you do and what kind of boat you drive.

Other Interests - Like there's anything else that is interesting

Freeform - whatever else you want to say.

I'll go first:

Handle - Wannabe. Everyone on the board helped me come up with it. I use it because I feel like I'm good at everything, but best at nothing. Also, I don't post much anywhere other than NF, becuase who am I to give advice. Afterall, I'm just a Wannabe. Wannabe....fishing more, Wannabe....driving a new boat, Wannabe....a real fisherman, Wannabe....you get the idea.

Marital Status - Married 8 years to my true love Is. 2 boys, Gonnabe 21 mos. and Gottabe 6 mos. The 3 of them are the true reason I'm on earth.

Job - Accountant for a bank. It's stinks, but it pays the bills.

Fishing - Fish Ross Barnett for Largemouth, but plan a few trips to AL and Pickwick this year to try and get my first Smallie. Bought my first "boat" this year and am in the process of trying to sell it and upgrade to my first real boat.

Other Interests - Hunting and Guns.

Freeform - Conservative Republican. I'm addicted to this board and fully expect to be fired one day for surfing too much. Even though I've only met a handfull of the people on here, I feel like I know each and every one of you. Truly some of the greatest people and minds in the world visit this board.


All teary eyed now.


1/6/2000 1:33:00 PM Submitted by Tinman ( from TX says The Tinman
Handle - Pretty simply really, Tinman is what I do for a living, fabricating sheet metal duct work ,welding , machining special parts etc. Going to make a Tinman someday!
Marital Status - Met my sweetheart at Texas Dance Hall back in 83 , got married in 86 . Julie and I have 2 boys, Tyler 6 and Tanner 4 (donít ever name you kids with the same first letter) they are great fun to have around, and at times they are worse than me when it comes to fishing , they want to go all the time(me too)

Job - I work for Comfort-Air Engineering in San Antonio, we are mechanical contractor of 50 employees. We take on all jobs from the largest commercial to smallest residential applications. Iíve run the sheet metal department now for 4 years now and I like it . I started here in 85, so some would consider me a lifer.

Fishing - If it swims, it can be caught, at least Iíll try to catch it, is what I should say. Mostly fish for Bass, but have had a great time the past few years on our local power plant lake catching freshwater reds and hybrid stripers. Biggest red 17.5 lbs and biggest hybrid 8lbs , I fish the salt when I can , but like the freshwater better. My boat : 78 EBBTIDE 18ft. with 150 hp , she may be old but she slow . Trying to talk my loving wife into a new one ,ok a new used one.

Other Interests - Of course Family is always #1 ,Hunting: all types, Shooting, baseball, wood working, metal art, camping(not with Elton) , drinking(is that a interest?), any and every type of Race Car, Street Rods, murder cycles (the rice burning variety) sitting in front of the fireplace with Julie and (Private). Oh ,how could I forget the BFHP , you guy and gals are a great bunch to hang around with everyday. I consider this place my second home now.

Freeform - If you havenít already seen my ugly mug on the picture page hereís a little about me : 5í10íí brown hair , blue eyes, 270 lbs pretty shy till I get to know ya type of person, but once thats out of the way look out. Will stand up and fight the fights worth fighting for anyone. I look meaner than I really am (I dont have a good smile) my wife says Iím just a big teddy bear. Well thatís me , Alex the Tinman


1/6/2000 1:38:00 PM Submitted by Jerry ( from AL says About me.
Most of you know that I haven't been around that long, but I think I'm well on my way to becoming a permanent resident.
Without further hesitation:

Handle: I go by my first name.

Job: I am a Mechanical Designer for a Government/commercial engineering services company here in Huntsville, Alabama. I love my job. I get to design things and see them built. The next time yall see a Ford or Chevy going down the road think of me, I helped do that.

Marital Status: I have been married to my wife Darla for 6 years now, we have two kids: 3 yr. and a 1 week old yesterday.

Fishing: I fish here in North Alabama and Southern Tennessee. I fish for LM, SM, crappie, Stripes, and anything else that will bite.

Other interests: I enjoy building hotrod cars and trucks, and computers.

Freeform: I just think that this is the best place to meet a great quality of people not found on other boards. I am proud to be part of it.

I have never met any of you. For this, I hope one day to remedy that.

I will probably meet Triton Mike very soon, as he is moving to Huntsville.


...pleasure makin yall's aquaintance.


1/6/2000 1:42:00 PM Submitted by Jerry ( from AL says Continued...Left stuff out.
Sorry about this!!

Boat: 2000 Champion Mean 16, 90 hp merc.

I hope to get some pictures of myself and boat out pretty soon.

I am 6'3, 235 lbs., brown hair, blue eyes, big nose, big feet,

And I also look meaner than I am. My wife says I look mad all the time.

Trust me, I'm not mad, just plotting the next fishing trip.


1/6/2000 1:47:00 PM Submitted by Tinman ( from TX says Dad Gumit, BTW I'm 35 n/t

1/6/2000 1:49:00 PM Submitted by Jerry ( from AL says Double Dad gumit!! BTW I'm 24...nm

1/6/2000 1:49:00 PM Submitted by Jeff M ( from NJ says Me
Handle: First name, M-archesano
Married: I'm a freshman...only 2 months, wife is Kim

Work: Partner with my cousin in retail/industrial packaging supplies, ie, cartons, tape, polybags, etc...

Fish for: anything saltwater, mostly offshore, out of NJ, have a 21' W/A, I need a bigger boat!

Other: have 2 bros and 2 sisiters, all get along (uncommon these days) I like messing around in my veg garden in spring/summer, grew up on the water with fishing and boating, I like making wine and drinking it, nothing like a GREAT bottle of homemade! During the summer I'm miserable unless I'm pulling a spread.


1/6/2000 1:52:00 PM Submitted by Jeff M ( from NJ says Triple secret dad gumit! BTW I'm 29...no msg.

1/6/2000 1:54:00 PM Submitted by Kris ( from VA says About Me...
OK-Here goes:
Handle:None-Go by my first name (need some help choosing one)

Marital Status:Married For 9 Years to a beautiful woman who puts up with my fishing all the time! Have two daughters (Tiffany-10 yrs and Kourtney-8 yrs)

Job:Work in the purchasing office at the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. Have been here for 9 years.

Fishing:Fish mainly saltwater every chance I get for anything that swims! Switch over to freshwater when the salt comes to a halt. Don't own a boat so I'm shore-bound.

Other Interests:NASCAR (Ricky Rudd is #1!!!!!!) Camping, Collections (race collectibles), follow other stick and ball sports pretty heavily

Freeform:I'm 35 years old, 5'11" tall and weigh 185lbs. People tend to take me as a smart-ass, but generally I'm all in good fun. I do tend to get grouchy at work a lot (ask my wife about my after work moods sometime) but am trying not to let that bother me! Surf this page an awful lot as well as the other sections on this site. Like Wannabe, I expect to be fired one day for being on here too much!!


1/6/2000 1:56:00 PM Submitted by WkEndFisher ( from VA says Here Goes
Handle: I came up with it because It's the only time I get to go..If I had know how long it takes to type it everytime I would have probably picked a shorter one..Might change it to WEF
Job: I run my own Management Consulting Company offering anything from interium management to Networks and or Computer installations and maintenance.

Marital Status: I have been married to my third(Yes 3) wife for six years and between the two of us we have 5 children and don't want any more. It's not that I'm hard to get along with it's just that I don't take a lot of sh??.

Fishing: I will fish for anything at anytime I get a change..I mostly canoe the rapid rivers here in Virginia and fish for whatever I see though I have been trying to concentrate on bass..Also do a lot of Saltwater fishing on the Outer Banks.

Other Interest: I have a 200 acre mountain spread with a stone cabin in the shenandoah mountains of Va. Most of the winter weekends and as many weekdays as I can swing I spend chasing little deers, bears and turkeys around in the woods.

Freeform: I enjoy this board a great deal and consider all of you good friends even though we kick the sh?? out of each other on occasion..Looking forward to the tournament and hope I can contribute to the team south


1/6/2000 2:03:00 PM Submitted by FishLips ( from LA says Here Goes
Handle: FishLips, When I first wanted to post something on this board I had to think of a handle because I didn't care about going by my first name. Thought of a few different ones and decided to use FishLips.(not a big story on how I got my handle)
Marital Status: Single

Job: Installation Coordinator for Intermedia Communications. I coordinate the installation of high speed internet lines.

Fishing:Bass Fishing is by far my favorite. I do fish for Crappie, Bream, and Catfish also. And will try any kind of fishing there is.

Other Interests: One of my other hobbies is raising American Pit Bull Terriers. I have been rasing Pit Bulls since I was 15. Have always loved that breed of dog and always will. I also do alot of hog hunting. If I am not fishing, I will be hog hunting or training my Pits to catch hogs.

Freeform: I am a newcomer to this board. I am a 26 year old male. I have been reading almost every message on the Non Fishing for the last two months and like to keep up with the NvsS, and Nascar boards. I don't post a big amount right now but I am slowly getting to know some of the people on this board and maybe soon I will post alot more. If anyone would like to see some pictures my webpage is "www.angelfire.com/ok/tushhawg".

Hopefully, I will get to know alot more of ya'll.


1/6/2000 2:05:00 PM Submitted by Gonefishin ( from MD says Bio
Handle- I figured that when I first wanted to start posting on this page that I would have a handle related to fishing. You always see those little trinkets, door signs sold in the country stores that say "Gonefishin". I figured it would be a easy handle to remember.
Marital Status- Married with 3 children. Wifes name is Debbie and we married in 1992. I met her while I was in high school back in the early 80s but we never dated until 1989. My 2 sons are twins, Austin and Tyler, 3 years old. I also have a 6 month daughter Rachel. The boys like to go fishing with me and they have a ball playing in the sand and water and looking at the catches.

Job- I work for Uncle Sam in Washington D.C. supervising a warehouse operation. We process incoming orders for 1,500 staff and we maintain a database for all ADP equipment and coordinate the inventories. I like it. The money is fairly good and it beats what I used to do which was sheetmetal work (can you say cold hands). At least it is a trade I can fall back on though.

Fishing- A very wide range of fishing. I will fish a pond or the Atlantic Ocean and everything in between which is all available to me within a reasonably short drive. I own a jon-boat but I plan to upgrade that soon. I enjoy surf fishing the most. Any fish found in the middle atlantic states I fish for but mostly stripers and blues.

Other interests- Family, football, anything made by Anheiser-Busch, gardening.

Freeform- My name is Ray. 5'10", 220lbs, blues eyes, light brown hair. I am shy in front of people I do not know but act like a fool with good friends. I like reading the banter here and if I ever hurt your feelings with a ill-advised comment, ignore me. I just like to stir the pot now and then. Oh yes, I am a big procrastonater (I WILL get my picture in someday).


1/6/2000 2:09:00 PM Submitted by Gonefishin ( from MD says Quadruple dad-gummit. I am 32 yo. nmsg

1/6/2000 2:15:00 PM Submitted by Wannabe from MS says What comes after quadruple? Nevermind Single Rats, I'm 31.
But only for 12 more days. :)


1/6/2000 2:16:00 PM Submitted by Kris ( from VA says Another DadGumit..
Forgot to mention this-in case any of you were wondering who the two little girls with the fish are on the picture sites now you know-THEY ARE MY GIRLS!!!!! We are on the Chesapeake Bay fishing just about every spring, summer and fall weekend so they are gradually wanting to fish more and more-I love it!!!

1/6/2000 2:21:00 PM Submitted by Good_Hands_Dude ( from Hartford says Like a good neighbor...
I see that most of you are relatively young, married and have one or more children. I am certain that your insurance needs are slightly inadequate and I am concerned enough to help you do something about it. Please include home phone numbers with your bio, so that I may assist you in whatever way possibleÖprobably around 7:00 in the eveningÖprobably during dinnerÖmaybe on a Saturday during the playoff gamesÖI'll go out of my way to help you with your needs.
Your friendly good hands dude.


1/6/2000 2:27:00 PM Submitted by Dman ( from SC says For what it's worth.....
Handle - Well....that came about during a time when I was dating a ......let's just say "New & Improved" young lady.
Marital Status - Happily Single

Job - Project Manager for a global construction management firm.

Fishing - I fish Charleston area waters from my 18' CC Hydra Sports. The farthest I've ventured is 20 mi. offshore, but I really enjoy fishing the creeks off of the Intercoastal Waterway.

Other Interests - I play a lot of softball. The team I play for won the 1998 "C" Class National Championship, and finished 5th at the '99 Nationals. I also enjoy playing the guitar. My playing style was influenced by James Taylor, and a young man from Black Mountain, NC named David Wilcox. I have a '95 Martin D-28 that sounds better every year. Ashley is my 2 yr. old Chocolate Labrador Retriever (Some of you may remember her from McCoy's page). She's a darn good retriever, but most of all.....an awesome friend. I love her dearly.

Well....I honestly think I live in paradise. I'm 35 yrs. old, and I live in Mount Pleasant, SC (Just across the harbor from Charleston). I'm definitely in my element here. I really missed mountain stream flyfishing, at first, but this place now has me totally enamored. I don't think I'll ever leave. I'm a fairly conservative Republican. I am a Patriot. I am comfortable with my relationship with God. I enjoy my work, and love my play time. I enjoy interesting conversations, and most of the people on this board. The rest I tolerate. You wanted honesty......you got it.



1/6/2000 2:31:00 PM Submitted by Papa Bull ( from CT says bio
Handle: Papa Bull Marital Status: Yep (1child mine @19 years and one hers @10). Job: Computer programmer Fishing: Bluefish, Striped bass, Fluke, flounder and weakfish Boat: Silverton Flyrbidge 26' Other interests: Buying new fishing gear, using new fishing gear, repairing old fishing gear and justifying my angling time to my beloved. I guess I should also mention that I enjoy fishing, huh? Archery (bowhunting), pool and writing are other interests.

I'm 39 and have lived in Connecticut for about three and a half years. I occasionally have been accused of cyber-trolling and got the handle Papa Bull from Dman over this. Previously I have lived in Ohio, Georgia, South Carolina and Louisiana, fishing for everything that swam the waters: bluegill, crappie (sac a'lait), perch, walleye, trout, pike, muskie, smallmouth, largemouth, spotted bass, bullheads, shovelheads, channels and blues, gar, redfish, specks, white bass, striped bass, fluke, flounder, bluefish, weakfish etc....

I've been a "member" of the BFHP communtity for somewhere over 2 years, previously spending most of my time on the saltwater, surf fishing and boating pages, but more recently the NF pages. Although I'm a computer programmer I'm hoping to figure out a better way to pay for my fishing gear some day.

Robert Williams


1/6/2000 2:32:00 PM Submitted by Garface ( from FL says O.K.....O.K....I'll tell..
Handle:was watching "Scarface" while thinking about a fishy handle, ergo: Garface
Marital Status: married 6 years ,no kids.


Job: trading stocks on the internet and right now I am selling lots on some Georgia land that I subdivided. (My neice is a realtor)

Fishing: spin for bones out of a 12 ft. kayak. Fla. Bay and Everglades in a 16 ft. Alumacraft. fish with next door neighbor (commercial) for yellowtail, cobia, kingfish, etc..Now that's fun, but WHEW, I'm exhaused after a full day on his boat. If the bite is slow, we just go trolling for sails. I've learned more from him (Jose') in a few months than in a lifetime of recreational fishing.

Other Interests: Music, books, photography. My wife is an accomplished sailor and is currently looking at a 35 ft. Morgan. I guess that will be my next learning experience. She says, "On my boat you will obey the Captain." I say, "So what's different?"


1/6/2000 2:33:00 PM Submitted by Elton ( from UT says Well, I,....I,.....I'm just a
Quite, shy, butt-hole lovin, Kanuck!
I am SINGLE and always (Lurking) looking!

I fish mainly for Small Mouths, butt do take-on an occaisonal Large Mouth, depending if I use my Deep Diving Lure or a Soft Worm!

My Favorite Fishing Holes are Hard to Reach Places. Usually small, dark, and extremely sensitive areas!

My Job is ButtMaster on the BFHP NF Board. It's a fulltime job, and I dearly Love it, due to all the New Prospects, that keep appearing!

I don't have a Boat, (don't need one either) for I have many convincing ways, to let me Fish with any of you for free!

Outsider usually lets me ride on the Front of his, while he steers! Sometimes he lets me drive, when he does I like to Run WOT!

Other Interest: Victoria's Secrets, Days of our Lives, and Gidget!

I look forward to meeting you all in person, or even one on one!


1/6/2000 2:34:00 PM Submitted by Hammer ( from PA says Bio.
Handle:Hammer,I always seemed to hit hard,as a kid boxing at the Y,baseball,football,fooseball,whatever,it started at the Y.M.C.A.

Married:I met my wife Sue, in high school,class of 69. 30 years of marital bliss later,she still lights me up.We have a daughter Heather,28.And a son Donovan,25.great kids thier whole life.

Job:I have 23 years working on the railroad and I love every minute of it.Working outside keep the spirit young.

Fishing:We both enjoy surf fishing,standing in the surf,throwing chunks of mullet or whatever,one of us doesn`t like baiting our hooks yet.

Other Interests:Guns,hunting,football,music,the beach,not in any certian order.

Freeform:I don`t have a set in stone idealisim,I listen to all sides and decide what`s best for me and mine.I am always open minded,easy going but I will speak up and stand strong when need be.

Hammer,New Providence,Lancaster County,Pa.

   and then some more.. from Brad  1/5/2014 11:17:43 PM
  1/6/2000 2:38:00 PM Submitted by mha ( from TX says mha
mha Mark H Armstrong used to be "Mark from Tx" but there were too many so I switched to initials.
Owner/operator The Lakehouse Restaurant Kerrville, Tx. Had my own place for 11 years, been in the business for 25.

Born and raised in Dallas, a native Texan

45, married 19 years, three daughters 18,16,15,and a border collie

Bass fish only. Like Amistad. Run a Ranger 492.


1/6/2000 2:38:00 PM Submitted by Ufm82 ( from OH says Bio Info
Handle: UFM82 "Ultimate Fishing Machine"+ the year I graduated
Marital Status: Yes, 12 years and counting, 2 kids, 4 eyar old son and 5 month old daughter.

Job: Bobcat Skid Steer Loader Salesman

Fishing: Any and all, I'll fish in a post hole if there is a fish in it. I drive a 16" Sea Nymph Fishin' Machine with a sickly '69 Merc 35 hp black boat anchor on the back. It floats, so what the hell.

Other Interests: Perusing the BFHP ecery chance that I have. (Sad isn't it?) Wood working, lure building, trolling motor repairs on the side. Enjoying my kids, enjoying my wife, etc.

I found the BFHP some time ago, maybe a year to a year and a half and have been addicted ever since. Unlike many others, my bookmark is to the N/F page, then I look at everything else later.

I'm looking forward to whomping the life out of the South during this T due to their overall smugness and pitiful lack of social skills. Let's Fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


May the taters be with you, always


1/6/2000 2:39:00 PM Submitted by Terry ( from ID says Terry
Handle: Terry. I go by my name because I felt it would be good since I was a sponsor. But, I don't use my blue highlighted name on this board or the NvS board because I don't feel it is polite. Wannabe and the other "Friends of the BFHP" should though.
Marital Status: Married for 9 years to Lynn. We have two kids, David (almost 8) and Timmery (6).

Job: I'm a Chemical Engineer for a Nuclear Research Institution. I, along with my wife and Brian, also have the worm business. BTW, thank you all for the support you've given us over the last year.

Fishing: Geez, I don't think there is enough space here. I've been fishing since I was 4. I worked in a tackle shop for 10 years when I was younger. I fished my first T at 14. Got tired of "having to catch fish" and quit T fishing in 86 when I went back to school. During the summers of 86 and 87, I worked on two different Sport Fishing boats out of Long Beach CA. I love saltwater fishing but haven't done it in a while. Now I'm back fishing T's and don't think I'll ever stop again.

Other Interests: huh??? Is there anything other than Family and fishing???

Freeform: Liberal Republican. I am 6' 3" and weigh 195#. Brown hair blue eyes. I'm not shy and love to flip the sh%t with anyone. I value my friends more than myself. And, I value myself a lot! I like to write and learn about history. I also like to be around people.

This site means a lot to me. I have learned a lot from the other boards but I feel this board has done the most for me. I enjoy visiting with all of you every day and each day I'm not able to get on here I feel sad. : (. You all are my friends (even you Ed and Cad) and I hope to get the opportunity to meet all of you some day.




1/6/2000 2:42:00 PM Submitted by Publius ( from MD says I Found the Original threads...
I'm still the same person now as I was then...
Who are we really - http://www.wmi.org/nonfishing/t941.htm

we do for a paycheck - http://www.wmi.org/nonfishing/t944.htm

ly a little older)


1/6/2000 2:43:00 PM Submitted by Garface ( from FL says Bonus from Garface: Don't say I never gave you anything...
E-Digital. a bulletin board stock currently trading between $8 and $9. do your due diligence then buy it. hold it. grow rich.
at least that's my plan.

listed as BB:EDIG


1/6/2000 2:48:00 PM Submitted by bill ( from MN says Hi my name is Gloria Steinem
Handle Ė bill. Iím too lazy to capitalize the B. No sense in hiding my real name cause my email contains it. Lately Iíve been testing pseudonyms. Gloria Steinem likes bytch slapping the southern boyz. Father Phil MahCrakin speaks to my spiritual side.
Marital Status Ė Iím divorced, but now engaged to a wonderful woman who shares my love of the outdoors. I have 3 children/adults. My 23-year-old daughter Sarah is in Europe right now. Adam is my 20-year-old son. Heís in college, is 6í4Ē and has an 88 MPH fastball. He still hugs me and I love that. Nate, my youngest, is 6Ē5Ē and is very active in sports. Iíve been blessed because non-of my children have had problems with gangs, drugs or pregnancy.

Job Ė I am a manager of level two desktop support for a finance company in St. Paul, MN. Iím just an old nerd. Iím lucky to have excellent people working for me. It allows me to spend way too much time here.

Fishing Ė It depends on the time of the year. I actively fish for bass, walleye, BIG northern and muskie. I use to have a 1978 18ft SmokerCraft with a 30HP Johnson, but last year I was able to swing a new boat. Itís a 1750 Crestliner Fishhawk. with a 4 stroke 100 HP Yamaha on the back. Four strokes are very quiet.

Other Interests Ė I enjoy golf in the summer and cross-country skiing in the winter.

Freeform Ė Iím 48, 6í0Ē, 220#, gray haired and need to wear sun lotion on top of my head. I fish out of Hayward, WI which is 140 miles from my house. I spend WAY too much time here. I consider you all my friends. I like the way new people are welcomed by all and how the veterans protect the integrity of our customs from smart talking drop ins. I enjoy emailing with all.


1/6/2000 2:49:00 PM Submitted by Karl L ( from DE says My bio
Handle: First name
Marital Status: Christa and I have been married 10 years; we have a Brady Bunch family. She has two children from a previous marriage: Lauren 16, and Joshua 13. I have a daughter Michelle, also 16. If I could hand pick a young man to be my son, it would be my step-son Joshua.

Job: Lab Technician for a big chemical company. I've been with them 20 years, which is impossible because I just graduated from high school a few years ago!

Fishing: Grew up fishing ponds with my dad. Now I bass fish mostly tidal rivers. I've got a '99 Triton TR-18 with a Merc 150 EFI. I occasionally travel to fish. Attended my first Rally@ last year (yes, I witnessed Wannabe's victory) and will continue to attand as many Rallies as possible. I fish club tournaments and few bigger local tournaments. I do a little saltwater fishing each summer, too.

Other Interests: I've recently begun shooting a pistol at a local range and love it. My wife and I ran the local Little League for several years, which was an amazing amount of work. I like good cigars; current favorite is the Lars Tetens Millhouse.

Freeform: I think I first stumbled upon the BFHP in October of '95. I've only met a handful of folks that visit here, but hope to meet more in the future. I'm 40 years old, 5'10" tall and in the process of losing the 20lbs I gained since giving up cigs. I'm devilishly good-looking, too. I used to sing and play in bar bands, but one divorce was enough. I now sing in the church choir.


1/6/2000 2:51:00 PM Submitted by Ufm82 ( from OH says Add Me To The Oops List...
35 yrs young, male, 6'4", 255 lbs. All lean muscle with no fat. (That's what I tell my wife. She knows better.) I have only met one other BFHPer and that was BMagill. We fished a local county park T one day, and I caught zippo. He snagged two, both of which were easily twice as big as Wannabe's monster. I think they were 1 lb 9 oz and 2 lb 14oz. :-}

1/6/2000 2:58:00 PM Submitted by Scooter ( from ID says This be me!
Hi! I am Scott. Hence the handle "Scooter". 33 years old. Was called that off and on my whole life. It stuck. Can't shake it!
Been married to Carrie going in six years now. Don't know what's wrong with that girl! I have a stepson , Branden, who is 12 and getting more serious about Bass fishing all the time. Won't go Steelheading with me! Hell, he is getting to be like most of you guys. Scary! Daughter, Kaylie, who is 5 and can't hold still long enough to hold on to a fishing pole for more than 5 minutes. And Kaleb, who is 2. I'm pretty sure he will catch his first fish before Kaylie does!

Aside from a few odd jobs in High Scool, I've been a farmer all my life. Asst. Manager for a 4,600 acre row crop farm. Onions, sugarbeets, hay, asparagus, sweet corn, wheat and a bunch of weeds! Believe it or not, no potatos! Did that for a few years just so we would know not to do it again.

Fish pretty much everywhere I can in Central Western Idaho and Eastern Oregon. Live right on the border. Kinda sucks having to buy two season licenses. I just started fishing T's last year. Plan on fishing more of them this year and kicking butt more than I did last year. (I hope!). Winter time is Steelhead time! Love it! Bass dies down just in time for Steelhead. Steelhead dies down just in time for Bass. Best of both worlds!

My main other interest is building rods. Been at it for a little over 2 years now. Also like to hunt waterfowl. Would like to big game hunt, but life on the farm puts a damper on that. Like to snow ski. That is about all the time I have for hobbies. I can think of a lot of things I'd like to do or try but time is an issue. Oh yeah, I do catch a Winston Cup race whenever possible, although, it will not stand in my way of fishing! DJ fan! Been for a long time.

I am 6'2". 240 lbs. I am a real good looking guy! I would prove that by posting my picture on the picture page, but you knowÖÖ.jealousy is a bad thing! I would have all the girls on meÖ.all the guys mad at meÖ..you know..it would be a real bad scene! LOL!

My boat is a 18' aluminum Miller jet boat (river boat). 302 Ford powered (soon to be a 351). Not as convenient as a bass boat, but then a bass boat would not be real practical on the whitewater of some of my Steelhead waters. I fish tournaments with my partner who has a 17' Bass Tracker. Got his arm twisted enough this year that we are looking for a REAL Bass Boat! Gonna be fun this summer!

I enjoy this board to the point that it is starting to become a problem! Let's keep it up. I have enjoyed meeting all of you and talking to those of you who I have spoke with. Well, see as how I am not going to make it back to work on time, I best get and do the best I can!



1/6/2000 3:20:00 PM Submitted by Jaw_jerker ( from TX says Wannabe, this gonna make my project late!
So here's a short Bio on myself!
My name is Brian. The handle Jaw_Jerker comes from fishing Toledo Bend (Louisiana/Texas Border) and Jerkin The Jaws on many LM's down there. (Settin the Hook for the Yanks)

Single, (divorced 4 years) and managed to have one 8 year old fishing partner (son) from that Fiasco! My GirlFriend wants to move in with me, but luckily she has a Cat and well Ms. Pepsi (My Dog) doesn't get along with the cat!

I work for a very large Company in Plano, Tx. Our group operates as a Reseller of PC hardware and software for General Motors. Previously worked for Delta Airlines for 15 years! Tickets Please!

I have a well paid for 84 Hydra-Sport with 150 Mariner ponies. She's got more scracthes, than I got wrinkles, but all in good fishing! Got a new Transom too!

Fish often for LM's Crappie (Sac alait) Bream and a few Stripers. I do keep some for frying, but just enough for all my neighbors to ask me when the next Fish-Fry will be! (Please hold off on throwin the Rocks)

39 going on 25 in age, 5'11" 200lbs and holding for now!

I do some fiberglass repairs on the side, particpate in my sons sports, and play on the BFHP when time allows.

It's a pleasure to be able to come hear and see the sights and sounds, you all leave here daily!


1/6/2000 3:26:00 PM Submitted by Jwl ( from TX says Here I come
Handle - JWL as my name is Jere W. Land Live in Willis, Texas which is north of Houston. Live on Lake Conroe (22,000 acres) Never fished it but do "drift and drink" it.
Marital Status - Married all my life to Mary Lou and I have a 23 yr. old step daughter who I have raised since 3

Job - Manager of Labor Relations for one of the largest Industrial Construction Co.'s in the U.S. and I love it. It is privately owned and the owners truly treat employees like part of the family. Main job function is maintaining the co.'s union free status. Also get involved in other H.R. areas dealing with legal issues.

Fishing - Saltwater only. Really love offshore

Other interest - NASCAR(been a fan since '65) especially Dale Earnhardt. Am attending 3 races this year Texas, Talladega & Bristol.

Freeform - Love to fish in Fla. with my brother and go several times a year there. Fish South Texas (Port Aransas). Own a 21' Parker WAC. which I wish was 25'

Very conservative (Newt. was too liberal for me)

Age & height are both too much @ 49 years; 6'1'' and 230 lbs.


1/6/2000 3:28:00 PM Submitted by PJzaBruin ( from CA says Fine, here it comes...
Handle: PJzaBruin Now you can say it either way "Pee Jay's a Bruin" or "Pee Jay Zee a Bruin", because the first three letters are my initials, and I am a Bruin (UCLA '79).
Marital Status: Very married -- 20 years now. And happy. 2 daughters, 16 and 12.

Job: Subscription manager for some outdoor and boating oriented magazines.

Fishing: These days, trout in Southern California reservoirs and Sierra Nevada lakes. As a youth, smallies and bream in a little pond in lower New York state.

Other Interests: Many and varied. UCLA Basketball, outdoor photography, soccer (coaching, reffing, playing) and politics.

Freeform: OK, I consider myself to be a MODERATE Democrat, but on this board, that equates to being a liberal. So be it. I was raised in a mixed marriage -- Mom was Presbyterian, Dad was Jewish -- and I identify much more strongly with my Jewish roots. So I married a Catholic girl who is now thoroughly and completely lapsed. I grew up 35 miles north of New York City (conservative suburbs), went to school in a predominantly Italian and Irish Catholic area, and live in conservative Orange County, CA, so I'm used to being on the other side in the argument all the time. Non-conservative, non-Catholic, non-native (I was born here in California). Comes in handy with two daughters -- I'm the only non-female in the house!

I'm a reformed gun hater, but not a gun lover, a concerned parent, and a thoughtful individual who is busy plowing his way through middle age (42 in 2 weeks).



1/6/2000 3:29:00 PM Submitted by Gene Brown ( from GA says bios 1
Handle: Go by my name
Marital Status: Married Cricket this year, no children, but she ( now we )has a son, married with family.

Job: Have been a chiropractor since 1984, we now have 4 in the family.

Fishing: Mom has picture of me skinning bullhead catfish at about age 7 years old. Have fished in midwest, Pacific northwest, and south east in fresh water. Started to fish the salt about 10 years ago. Now live on the coast and fish the marshes and off shore. 90% of fishing is with my wife, and I love it that way. Also like to cast net shrimp. Have a 20 foot Wellcraft with a 150 outboard.

Other interests: Played all sports in high school, now some golf and likes to jog. Wife and I like to work in garden. Hunted alot as a kid, small game and birds.

Freeform: 39 years old 6'4" and 210lbs, give or take, blue eyes, dark brown hair. Was born in Illinois, married at 18 and divorced at 22. Was single again till 1999. Met my wife Cricket 3 years ago, she is my reason for living, I waited for the right woman, and it paid off big time.



1/6/2000 3:32:00 PM Submitted by Outsider ( from Canada says test
can't seem to post...


1/6/2000 3:42:00 PM Submitted by Dman ( from SC says Dear Outsider.......Thanks
My prayers have been answered.


1/6/2000 3:45:00 PM Submitted by Jaw_jerker ( from TX says Dman.....LMAO! N/M

1/6/2000 3:45:00 PM Submitted by DusterHigh ( from OK says Bio
Handle - Real name is Brent. DusterHigh was a psuedo I created to be ornery. Working so well I just may keep it!
Marital Status - Married 5 months tomorrow. I have a two-year old Rottweiller named Madison who shares my heart with my wife.

Job - I am a training manager for a large telecomm company and I have recently starting consulting. Begin work on my doctorate this summer, after which I plan to consult full time. I recently purchased my first rent-house and am currently in talks to buy another. Have aspirations of being a "slum-lord" one day.

Fishing - I started bass fishing before I can recall with my father. Had my first boat when I was 15 and used to get my dad to pull me to Lake Conway on his way to work. I would fish all day and he would pick me up on his way home. Between boats currently. Wanting to buy this summer. Fish Fork 10-12 times yearly which isn't nearly enough but thankful for every opportunity I get to go. Didn't fish but two "T's" in '99 but have resolved to enter any that I can in '00.

Other Interests - Grew up hunting deer, turkey, and ducks, but the bass thing has pretty much taken over as my primary source of "extra-curricular" activity. Right now, I'm thoroughly enjoying being a newlywed! Pray that never changes! Also love baseball, college wrestling, baseball, college football, baseball, college basketball, baseball, and anything involving my beloved OU Sooners!

Freeform - I am 26 years old (for two more days), 6'5" tall, 215#, brown hair, green eyes. Constantly looking for something bigger and better and jump at any opportunity for self-growth that comes my way. A firm believer in the virtue that it is our decisions and abilities which make us who we are...not anyone elses! Left Arkansas for Oklahoma in '91 and don't miss it too bad. Can't imagine living anywhere other than where I'm at and plan on establishing deep roots here.



1/6/2000 3:47:00 PM Submitted by Jwl ( from TX says Hey PJ!! Do you work for the ......
Peterson Group of magazines? I know Bob sold out a couple of years ago. I did quite a bit of work for Peterson Publishing back in the early 80's and found Bob to be a real gentleman and a great pleasure to work with.

1/6/2000 3:47:00 PM Submitted by Mike P ( from NY says Bio
Handle--real name is Mike Prevost, half "Swamp Canary" which is good ol' New England perjorative for a French-Canadian, and half Italian. I post on the fishing boards as Ditch Jigger, which arises from my favorite place ( a saltwater canal colloquially called "The Ditch") and method to fish. I use my real name on this one because we talk about real life issues. While I don't cyber-troll myself, I have been know to toss out some fresh chum for the true masters, RW and Swampy, as either Frenchy or Vinny from Brooklyn.
Married to Da Bride going on 12 years, two kids. 9 year old daughter and 6 year old son.

Job--Defender of the Constitution and Champion of the Downtrodden--or refuse packager, depending on how you look at it, and I honestly see it both ways a lot of times myself. In other words, I practice criminal law in Staten Island NY, mostly for people who can't pay me. For which the City pays me entirely too little for the grief I get from everyone, most of all my "very grateful" clients.

Fishing--primarily salt and almost exclusively from shore. Mostly surfcasting. Lots of times in the wee hours, after work and the kids are finally in bed.

Other interests--I'm a lawyer, a father of 2 young kids and a fanatical surf fisherman. When they make 36 hour days, I'll have other interests.

Freeform--mostly Libertarian who normally votes for Republicans who don't seem to be overly concerned with what I do in private. Not that I do anything they'd be shocked by, just on principle. Seems there are more Republicans who have that view than there are Democrats who don't want to tell me how they'll spend my money. Mostly I lurk here but will throw my nickel's worth in on subjects dealing with law and current events. And I'm a trivia buff.

Deep, dark secret--I once won $36,850 dollars on Wheel of Fortune, which I used for a down-payment on my house. Or, more precisely, what was left over after taxes and the penalties I had to pay because I had a lousy accountant who effed-up the estimated tax stuff. Please don't ask me what Vanna's really like, with her, what you see is what you get.


1/6/2000 3:49:00 PM Submitted by Outsider ( from Canada says working now?! weird
Tried to post many times earlier but didn't work...
Handle - Outsider. When I first came here I posted as Charles... Being one of a very few non-Americans, I was shunned (as I still am) and basically told by Dman (then Jeff) that I would and could never be accepted as "one of the gang" because in the end, I was just an outsider... A cyber-troll post recently (inadvertently) brought many great wishes to the forefront and left me feeling very welcome and part of the gang here... I don't want to change my handle to Insider, but I do feel like a regular part of this group and I miss the repartee and wit when I am away...

Marital Status - almost 4 months now... No kids yet... Still learning a lesson on a weekly basis...

Job - IT Manager for Iris Power Engineering. Part of the job entails ensuring our companies web site, email and access is unfettered and the links are up. Linux is not for the weak of heart...

Fishing - Bass fishing is a relatively new love. Tournaments in particular... Always been a little competitive whether it be Balderdash, Scrabble, fishing or whatever. Also like to fish for pike, walleye, pan fish, and have caught a lot of musky inadvertently the past two seasons... Have tried deep sea fishing and enjoyed the bottom fishing, and hated the deep sea trolling. Would rather play bingo than troll...

Other Interests - play in basketball league as a miniature PG with minimal handle (5'6" 155 lbs - with one bad wheel, 2 ankle braces, jumpers knee tendonitis in left knee, no left hand finish) no J, and no court vision, but we're still in 2nd for now and made the playoffs both years prior... Learning to cook, and the power of flowers over women (what gives with that!). Once spent a full hour pretending to be interested in looking at wedding photos, could've earned an academy award...

Freeform - I'm neither a liberal or a conservative, I'm probably right about in the middle... I have a strong opinion on many things, but anyone with half an ounce of common sense would feel the same way most times...

Oh yeah, I'm 28 for 24 or 25 more days.



1/6/2000 3:52:00 PM Submitted by Dman ( from SC says That "Murphy" guy was right......nmsg.

1/6/2000 4:13:00 PM Submitted by RickK ( from VA says I didn't do it!
I post under the handle of RickK because it's my first name and the first letter of my last name. I am not an original thinker for the most part and I also like to keep things simple!
Job: I work for the government and I'm a weekend warrior (Hey, it makes the boat payments)

Fishing: Saltwater mostly. Tuna's my specialty. We bought a house in Ocean City, MD about 8 years ago and that's where I keep my boat, a 21' Robalo, Walkaround. We don't use the house or the boat that often and I often wonder why I've spent all this money for something I hardly ever use. I'm tired of my wife's "good ideas" and can't convey to her why we're always broke! Duh!!!!!!!!!

Other Interests: One weekend a month, and often more frequently I wear a uniform. The other 3 weekends I'm a part time flight instructor. Oh...I also hunt, but not nearly enough anymore.

Freeform: Married 19 years. One daughter who gets her license in 3 months (HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!), 1 fearless miniature schnauser.

Sense of humor: It's been warped and perverted by frequenting this forum.

Greatest fault: Quoting the notable quotes posted on this board by those with an IQ that dwarfs my IQ.


1/6/2000 4:16:00 PM Submitted by Peter F. ( from NY says Simple Man
Handle-Peter F.,just didn't want to be someone i'm not,plus easy to remember..........Marital Status-married for 7 1/2 years to Noelle the most understanding,beautiful,sweet,wonderful girl in the world,we met in 86 and married in 92...........Job-I am an Options Manager for a Wall Street firm(I do it for the money :(,And on the weekend I am a mate on a party(head) boat(for the love,there is nothing better than helping a child catch their first fish)...........Fishing-I love any kind of fishing,but prefer saltwater,my favorite fish to catch is blackfish(tautog),with stripers and fluke running a distant 2nd,.......Other Intrest-love music Bob Marley is my favorite,love to travel just got back from Germany,like playing football,hockey and just got back into boxing.........Freeform-38 yrs old,5'10",180 lbs.brwn eyes,brown hair,lived in Brooklyn my whole life.Well that enough out of me .PEACE.

1/6/2000 4:18:00 PM Submitted by Lt Bass ( from OK says bio
My name is Lawrence Taylor and I always liked Earnest T. Bass on the Andy Griffith Show, so there's where the handle came from. I'm mostly a lurker but this is the first site I check every work day. Marital status: married almost 10 years to Susan, have two daughters, Lawren, 6 and Allie, almost 2. Lawren is my favorite fishing partner. Job: editor for a fishing magazine (so I call the tremendous amount of time I spend here ďresearchĒ). Fishing: Bluegills to bass. I like to bass fish Tenkiller and fish for trout, stripers, walleye, bass, etc. below the Tenkiller dam on the Lower Illinois River. Also pond fish with Lawren a lot. I spend two weeks a year (summer vacation) at the in-laws on the Outer Banks in North Carolina where I fish off the dock and shore, but would like to meet a BFHPer who lives near the Emerald Isle/Atlantic Beach area who owns a boat and would volunteer to take me bay fishing (the offshore waves make me oh-so green). I own a 17-foot Monark aluminum boat with a 60 horse merc. Other interests: I like to hunt anything legal and coach my daughter's softball team. Freeform: I'm 5'8" 170#, republican, love my family, bird dog, duck dog and even the kids' piece of @#$% weenie dog. Oh, and most of my posts get cut off at the end.
Lt Bass


1/6/2000 4:21:00 PM Submitted by Spotted Bass ( from MS says Still the same
Jim from the shores of the beautiful Ross Barnett Reservoir in Brandon, MS. Spotted Bass is the handle cause I would rather catch a 3 pound spot than a 6 pound LM. Currently full-time with the Mississipi Army National Guard in recruiting. Lack 9 weeks from having 20 years service. Been deployed to Panama, Saudi Arabia and Germany on various Peace Keeping (haha) missions. Also been known to post as Roland from Florida and Chesty Puller from South Carolina when the mood dictates.
I fish almost exclusively in the Ross Barnett, (150-175 days per year) better known as the "rez". Its hard to go somewhere else when a 33,000 acre lake is in your back yard.........boat ramp is 250 yards away!!!!!!!!!!! Bass Fishing is the ONLY fishing, everything else is a low second place.

I run a 1994 Pro 18 Tracker with 90hp Mariner. She definantly aint the prettiest or fastest, but I can push-pole in some backwaters that would make a RangerBoy go home crying. BOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Married for 4 years with 2 young 'uns that like throwing smoke bombs into the chimney.

As far as other hobbies...............did I mention that I bass fish on the "rez"?..............................................................................



1/6/2000 4:25:00 PM Submitted by bass_n_man ( from CA says Better late than never
I like this ideal, lets us get to know each other a little better. With that said here's mine.
Handle: Bass_n_man. When I first started coming to the BFHP about 3 or 4 years back, maybe more I'm not sure, I was the only one with that handle, now there are quite a few. I have been contemplating a handle change. My name is Mike, yes I know, there are sure a lot of us. I live out here in sunny Southern California, actually its more south central. I'm 38 years young. I stand 6'2 and weigh in at 275, dark brown hair, almost black and sh*t brown eyes.

Marital Status: Happily married to the most wonderful lady in the whole world. She puts up with my orneryness, she says thatís the reason she fell in love with me. She also lets me spend insane amounts of money and time bass fishing. We have 1 daughter, Marilyn, who is 13 and spoiled rotten. She has bright orange hair, kids these days. She only has 4 toes on each foot. Actually she is a cockatoo but she seems to think that she is human.

Occupation: P.C. support Technician. I work for a major defense contractor. Can't go into any detail about my work but I am currently working for the Marines.

Fishing: My "Home" lake is Lake Isabella, been fishing it for over 20 years now. I also fish Perris, Pyramid, Castaic, Skinner and Silverwood. My passion is Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass. I also enjoy striped bass. My largest Largemouth to date weighed in at 15.5. Caught her back in the early 80's. I have come close on more than 1 occasion to breaking my record and feel that I will this year. Living out here in the land of giant bass sure is nice.

Boat: 201 Champion Fish and Ski, had to get the F/S to keep the little woman happy. The only thing that make's a ski model is the rod lockers are padded.

Other Interests: NASCAR, and 4 Wheelin.

Free Form: I believe in standing up for what I feel is right and will defend with my life the people that are important to me. I like to joke around and just be ornery and I consider myself one of the nicest people you will ever meet. However, I will not take scuff from anyone. I look forward to meeting some of you in the future for a day of bass fishing. I dont get to spend as much time here as I used to but I do log in every so often too see whats up.

Good Luck and Please Remember to Practice Catch and Release to Ensure the Future of Our Great Sport.


1/6/2000 4:30:00 PM Submitted by kel--lure ( from NC says Regarding Kel-lure
Nickname came from some friends while i was fishing some my homemade lures...they called it a killer, i called it a Ke-lure. First name is Kelly.
I was hatched on fathers day of 1968. I'm currently 31, married to my first and last wife, Heidi, 27...who reigns originally from Maine and i give her heck for it too. We were hitched in 1996. I was born, raised, and will croak in NC. I am also a brand, new daddy to a little girl named Macie, (as in Macy). She is 16 days old,...her hobbies are crying, eating, pooping & just plain looking too darn cute! We also have a Cairn Terrier named Sophie that is the apple of her daddy's eye or so she thinks. Shes in training for squirrel hunting currently. Have 2 cats also, Mama Kitty and Tiger Kitty (they are married, but fixed). Also have 30 Koi carp in 2 landscape ponds that i tend to. I have one brother, Davey, that is 22 months my senior. I have a nephew(4) and niece(5) as well. Both parents are alive and just recently retired.

As for fishing, I'm a bass fisherman by trade, but enjoy crappie, bream, cats, blues and any other creatures that pull my chain. I have a 1996 Signature Edition Nitro Bass and am currently looking to buy again. (hint, hint,.. Kris ole pal)

I currently work for a computer consulting company, but my formal education & background is in Psychology. Was an infant/ child therapist before the "pooter" job. My bride is a Doc. of Pharmaceuticals and works for a large drug co.

My interests are all types of hunting (deer, ducks, doves, rabbits,.etc...)& bowhunting. Played basketball, football, wrestling, & mainly baseball while in school. Also collect baseball memorabilia and use to play it way too much (shoulder decided to quit on me in college) Love to be active by running, biking,...I refuse to grow old & fat! Also enjoy a good ole "rasslin match" WCW style. I have a 1996 Signature Edition Nitro Bass boat & will be buying a new boat again very soon, maybe this weekend.

I have mouse brown hair & blue eyes. I am 6 ft tall on a high day and did weigh 172 lbs til i recently lost 11 lbs. I am currently not sleeping much, but do get to change plenty o' diapers and steal cute baby kisses.

As for my political affiliation, I'm a Conservative Independent, but always swing to the right side. ;) Have been on BFHP since 1997. Thats all for now so ya'll can wake up.


aka- Macie's daddy


1/6/2000 4:48:00 PM Submitted by Outsider ( from Canada says Kel-lure - daddy?
Me and macie have had common interests the past few days... Well except the eating... And maybe the looking too cute part...


P.S. Did my best I'm such a sick puppy routine and the wife basically told me to buck up and take it like a man... :)


1/6/2000 5:04:00 PM Submitted by Becky ( from FL says Bio
Handle - My first name
Martial Status - Married 2 years to a terrific guy, who has too many great qualities to list; 1 stepson, Josh, 9yo

Job - Tech Support for several programs of which I do not have the liberty to speak, if you know what I mean. It's not that interesting anyway.

Fishing - Prefer freshwater, though I enjoy going offshore a couple times a year for something different. (And to stock the freezer.) Mostly, I fish trout, LM, and redfish. We have a 15-ft skiff (Customcraft), which was built right here in the Panhandle. It's a great boat; can be pulled/launched anywhere and is great for the river, the flats, floundering. If I ever strike it rich, I'm buying my husband a Silver King flats boat (our dream).

Other Interests - Camping; reading; cooking; traveling; walking; socializing with friends; love crossword puzzles and board games, esp. Trivial Pursuit and Balderdash

Freeform - With the exception of my stint in the Air Force, I've had office jobs all my life and have not liked one of them. I'm 36 years old, a neat freak, love clothes, and have a ridiculously large wardrobe. I'm a bargain-hunter extraordinnaire and can buy more with $10 than anyone on earth. Own one cat (Dear Prudence), a brown tabby who is mean as all get-out. I lived in England for 2 years and loved it. I'm a Christian and know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. My relationship with God is first in my life. I'm Conservative and have always voted Republican. My favorite food is Mexican anything, pizza, salad, fish, and doughnuts. What makes me happy: a campfire, the beach, a cold beer, when my husband calls me, the smell of the woods, a hot shower, the presence of God. What makes me unhappy: bad manners, tail-gaters, bitter unhappy people, poachers, laundry.

   more.. from Brad  1/5/2014 11:19:40 PM
 1/6/2000 5:07:00 PM Submitted by Brian ( from ID says Bio
I go by the handle Brian because its my name.
Married to Kelly for 6 years. Met her in New York, clubbed and drug her to Idaho where she now teaches theater at the University of Idaho. Two daughters, Abigail 5 and Chloe 3.

Occupation: I manage a type of stock trading hedgefund out of my house, mostly trading IPOs. Too complicated to explain and I do not take on new money, sorry. If anyone on this page has any questions pertaining to stocks or trading I can try to respond but understand this is a tough business for me to be in with an IQ of about 63.

Fishing: All my life. Other than my family nothing has meant more to me. I have fished from the Baja to Alaska and from the Pacific to the Atlantic (I used to fish stripers and blues on the beach in Long Beach, NY before the market opened!). I have fly-fished extensively but have hung it up lately as I devote all my time to bass and the occasional walleye.

Other interests: I hunt chukars, pheasants, ducks, and geese with two great labradors. I've killed plenty of deer and elk with both rifles and bows but have lately given it up as I get spread too thin. I've also enjoyed learning to build our website (SnakeBite).

Freeform: Some may know that I'm 6'8" and I played basketball in college at Washington State and was drafted by the Knicks, second round. I played three years with the Knicks (yes, I showered with Patrick Ewing daily). I was first team Academic All-American and the Pacific-10 Conference Student-Athlete of the Year in college. Also Playboy Magazine's runner-up student athlete of the year, missed a date at Hugh's place by just that much. Still smarts frankly. Those awards I feel stronger about than any of the all-conference type stuff I earned. I see PJzaBruin iw a UCLA fan. I think they suck and I think Lavin in a moron, although I did like Harrick and Lorenzo Romar is a friend of mine. I'm still a little bitter after losing to them both games my senior year on last second shots. The only fight I ever got in playing ball (besides all the ass I kicked in practice) was with Reggie Miller. If I'd got ahold of the skinny little runt, well...., lets just not go there. Anyway, basketball ended for me about 6 years ago when I ruptured a disk in my back and had major surgery. Life goes on.

I don't get to the NF page as much as I'd like as work keeps me busy, unlike most of you, especially Terry. Just teasing of course LOL. I've really enjoyed working with SnakeBite Custom Fishing Tackle and continue to learn tons about fishing from Terry (I hope he doesn't read this and if you do, don't let it go to your head cause we both know who carries the weight at the team Ts). And for those of you who don't know yet, Terry is truly a good guy, no matter how he acts on this page.

That's about it. Brian


1/6/2000 5:20:00 PM Submitted by Bassman / IA ( from IA says Bio
Handle- Didn't know there was going to be one for every state, going to change to 190T. Job Teamster ( driver ) started at age of 16, time out military then resumed, 30 years total, 23 years present company. Married-- very,--forever--- one son 26 one daughter 24, two granddaughters 4 y/o and 5 mos. old, places to fish---anywhere there is water. fav. places, Table Rock. Ex wrestler, ex boxer ( hence the reason for lack of eyebrows ) Things i enjoy, working around the yard, in my shop, reading this board. Was goalkeeper for soccer team for 15 years, quit after 2nd heart attack. Sure miss that. Boating the Mo.River in a day crusier once a week. Name Dave,--- age 48 going on 20

1/6/2000 5:24:00 PM Submitted by Triton Mike from MS says Present and accounted for hopefully
Okay lots o questions to answa
Handle: Triton Mike Kinda obvious ain't it.. Well ever since I got my Tr-18 Triton I kinda stole the idea from Triton Dan when I first visited the BFHP. At work I am know as Mac. Short for McGyver. I fixed a broken bun toaster with a piece of aluminum foil..

Marital Status: Not married.. Have been engaged twice already. I guess I am picky but certainly hope it will happen one of these days..

Job: I am a restaurant troubleshooter for Ruby Tuesday Inc. Like the others it pays for the boat and the bills

Fishing: Dang there ain't enuf webspace to give this question justice. I have been fishing since I was 6 yrs old. Learned how to fish with a baitcaster when I was 10. As for species if it swims I fish for it. I like to fish for bass of all species, redfish, speckled trout, flounder, sharks of all types, lemonfish, Jacks, need I go on. But bass fishing and Redfishing are highest on my list. There is just sumthin about them damn smallmouth's that make me go beserk.

Other Interest: I for a long time used to shoot Muzzleloaders professionally for about 15 years. When I was a junior I won the AL, GA, MS, TX, SC, FL, TN state championships and came in second in the Nationals. I love to hunt deer, turkey (big passion here), squirriels, ducks slowly becoming a favorite. I also love to shoot my bow and hope to get into some competition with it when I get to AL. I also love to make webpages even though I am not the greatest at it yet!! I also cook quite a bit since I am some what of a chef by trade. I also love to ride my boat down the lake wide open with the water slick as glass and watch the sun come up over the horizon. Nuttin soothes the soul better than that. I guess I need to mention Women as well. Can they count as a hobby???

Free Form: I am 29yrs old, 6ft 1" weigh about 215lbs. Blonde hair, blue eyes, defintely a republican. I Currently live in Ridgeland, MS fixing to be a Huntsville, AL native like real soon. I have met a ton of people off this page at the Rallies and I have enjoyed everyone that I have met and emailed with on the BFHP. I have been on this page over a year now and I feel like I am more up to date on fishing, boating etc than a person who does not visit this great page. It is nice when you can go to a boat dealer and know when he is feeding you the bull and when he is not. Thanks Gerry for this great page. Jerry count on us gettin together. We are gonna have us a blast.

Triton Mike


1/6/2000 5:25:00 PM Submitted by Bassman Ia ( from IA says Boat
Sorry boat is a 190T Charger with a 150 Suzuki

1/6/2000 5:30:00 PM Submitted by Tracker ( from CA says Bios.....
Handle: Tracker or first name ( Larry ). Got tracker as I have always been able to track down a problem, even if I have to create it myself. ( and it winds'em up on the boats & motors board ) also cause I own one.
I am 38 yrs old going on 12. Born in Jersey, airforce brat, All my relatives live in the sowf, mostly Georgia and the Carolinas, except for my mom and dad and my sister as they live out here also.

Marital status: Married for 8yrs, wife: a very understanding and patient woman named Karen (she used to fish with me till she got me a replacement), fishing buddy/son 7yrs old named Tony.

Pets: Cockatial, Schnuazer, 3 cats and some guppies.

Occupation: Computer/Network vodoo priest. (servers & infrastructure) currently serving time as Big Brother monitoring networks/servers in Northern CA. Work for a company based out of Texas of all places.

Fish for anything that swims, usually bass, panfish, catfish, stippers, trout, mostly in Northern Ca Lakes, a little river or Delta fishing also. Finally got my first boat, a 99 Tracker Pro team 165, 25hp 4/stroke, it gets us out to the fish and it was affordable as I had a limit from the wife.

Conservative Republican......nuff said.

Interests: Family, fishing, trucks, computers, guns, music, sex, BFHP (stumbled onto this board about a year ago), hunting, camping and a whole bunch of other stuff too.

Live in Rush Limbaugh's favorite place, Rio Linda CA.

Motto: always try to be nice, but always be ready to rumble.


1/6/2000 5:32:00 PM Submitted by "Phantom" ( from TX says Bio.....................
"Phantom" comes from The Phantom of "10/2 Point"....3 yrs. ago found a point at Fork where wife (ex) and I caught at least 10 bass with at least 2 over the slot (10/2) five times in three weeks. Haven't been back since last year though.
Career: Been an I.T. Headhunter for over 21 years.

Boat: 18' ProGator w/ (currently defunct) 150 Merc. (looking for either another motor or possibly another boat as we speak)

Fishing: 90% largemouth, 10% crappie, sand bass, bream. Fish Ray Roberts about 65% of the time, Fork 20% and all others the rest. Started bass fishing 30 years ago in farm ponds (tanks) and never quit. Only fish 2-3 Ts a year, maybe more in the future. Always yearned for an 8 lb. bass...still don't have one, but have 2 over nine and 1 over 10!!!!

Other Interests: Hunting (winged creatures only, don't own a rifle and can't hit water from a boat with a handgun!), Skeet Shooting (leagues only, shot competition from 86-88 and hold a Gold and Bronze medal from the 1998 World Championships)

Freeform: Everybody seems to be concentrating on politics, me, I don't vote for politicians, it only encourages 'em.

Oh yeah: Single (divovrced), 45 years old, 6'0", 185 lbs., and lots of forehead!

The Phantom of "10/2 Point"


1/6/2000 5:34:00 PM Submitted by Arpy ( from IL says Stuff about me
Handle: Arpy is the phonetic vervion of my first two initials RP (Richard Paul)
Married: Third time. First one was a lot of fun but a bad idea; second one wasn't much fun but a good idea (got two great kids, both grown now); third time is fun and a good idea. I found one who like to fish with me once in a while and understands why I need to fish all the time. Her name is Nancy. BTW, I'm 48. Married into two great step kids (grown) and two fantastic grandkids! I really enjoy doing grandpa stuff.

Job: Teach college full time, campus police chief part time. Also do lots of police training for the State of Illinois and make training videos for PSTN. I work a whole lot during the cold months and fish my butt of spring, summer & fall.

Fishing: Been a Mississippi River Rat all my life. Fish up and down the river from southern Illinois to northern Wisconsin. Like Lake Fork too. Mostly bass, some northern and an occasional walleye trip. Run a 1990 Champion 184 with a 150 Merc Black Max. Looks brand new.

Other Interests: Public speaking, computer games, hunting pheasants, reading, spoiling the women in my life rotten. (Wife, daughter, step daughter)

Freeform: Extremely conservative democrat. Did NOT vote for Bill. Pretty pragmatic, an extrovert sometimes and introverted other times. Getting more opinionated as I get older and kinda enjoying it. I enjoy BFHP very much. I am going to have to try and get to one of the tournaments/picnics that people from the page put together. I can't wait for Spring. First trip is down to Pickwick in March. My wife got me a new Deere snow blower for Christmas and I'm thrilled that I haven't had to use it yet! Tight lines.


1/6/2000 5:46:00 PM Submitted by Publius ( from MD says Okay...
Real name is PubliusÖmy handle is CraigÖI'm 47, 6'0, 210 lbs; grew up just outside of Columbus Ohio; 4 years Ohio State; 6 years Navy (US, the good guys that is); 7 years practice marriage (to the devil - no kids); additional schooling @ George Washington University; did some cloak-and-dagger work; currently employed as a space systems engineer; soon to be employed as a french-fryer (that's not a Parisian clergyman) at Burger King in Key Marathon Fla.
Currently happily married to Carla and living just south of Annapolis on the glorious Chesapeake Bay. Helped raise a step son and daughter from adolescence through adulthood (the job still isn't complete).

Have a 21' Wellcraft w/Yamaha as my toy; fish stripers and blues.

Other hobbies: crabs & beer; diving; photography (of babes in bikinis); walks on the beach (if there are babes in bikinis); jogging and running (from my wife when she catches me photographing babes in bikinis on the beach).


1/6/2000 5:52:00 PM Submitted by bassman ( from CA says checking in
handle: Bassman, reason, sounded good.
About myself: I am 39 years old, divorced and have 3 kids, 15, 7 and 5.

Job:I work in the procurement engineering department of an electronics company.I have worked here for 18 years.

Boat:I have a 14 foot alluminum boat with an 18 HP motor but I do most of my bass fishing in my brothers 16 foot procraft.

Fishing: I mainly fish for bass and trout in lakes and rivers but I also fish the ocean for salmon, rockcod, lincod, halibut etc. and the bay for sturgin and striped bass.

Other interests: camping, bowling, reading a good book and spending time with my kids.


1/6/2000 6:22:00 PM Submitted by Richard ( from TX says Better late than never
Handle: Real name
Marital Status: Single. Have been with the my present girlfriend for the last 4 years.

Job: Have been an executive chef for ClubCorp. for the last 15 years. Started with the company in Dallas. Did a short stint in Kansas, then transfered to Houston 9 years ago. Have been at my present location for 5 years, the second largest Country Club in Houston.

Fishing: Don't own a boat. Lack of free time doesn't warrant the need for one. Wade fish the Galveston bay system year round at least once a week.

Interests: Lead a fairly simple life. Heavy partying days are all but a thing of the past (once in a while a regression occurs). Enjoy all outdoor activities, reading - mostly biographies, horticulture, travel, ice sculpture, and various culinary competions around the country.

FreeForm: 38 years young. Born and raised in Ann Arbor Michigan. Left in '84. Politics are borderline conservative, example: pro pot, pro anti-gun. Have been in the culinary arts since age 15. Have never been out of the kitchen. Don't like large groups of people. Would rather be surrounded by a few close friends than alot of aquaintences. Seen it all, done it all in my younger years. Comfortable with the homebody lifestyle now.


1/6/2000 6:27:00 PM Submitted by Dave Carter ( from MI says By by Bio
Handle: I think it might be Dave. I'm pretty sure that most of the time it's my real name...but, I seldom get to hear it cause most of the time people call me by a variety of nicknames that I'm too polite to mention here. Sooo maybe it's not really my real name?????
Marital Status: Yes. Actually, second marriage, 10 years. 3 wonderful children, a 9 year old son who's a great bass fisherman, and twin 5 year old son's who are sure they're gonna be great bass fishermen to (and so am I).

Job - I don't have a job...I have an adventure. In reality, I'm a mid-level beauracrat (read that department manager) for the U.S. Army, in the field of Logistics Management.

Fishing - I primarily fish for smallmouth bass on wonderful Lake St. Clair Michigan. It's a short drive from my driveway, and some of the year it's actually not "HARD". I have been known to go for the much maligned yet highly tasty walleye. And, fishing for smallmouth I certainly catch my share of Northern Pike, Musky and LM. I run a beautiful 1998 Triton TR21, All White w/Raspberry Pins, with a 225EFI Merc.

Other Interests & Freeform Combined - I have a myriad of other interests. Bass Fishing, Bass boating looking for bass fishing, talking about bass fishing, thinking about bass fishing, tournament fishing for bass, talking about tournament fishing for bass and visiting bass related websites that talk about bass fishing, watching bass fishing shows on TV, going to Outdoor World (Bass Pro Shop here in MI) and watching bass swim, trying to catch bass swimming at outdoor world when no one is looking, visiting bass boat dealerships around the country when I'm traveling on business. Attend BFA (Bass Fishing Anonymous) frequently as a guest speaker. Inventor of the 12 steps to successfully squandering your life on bass fishing. Been fishing since I was a young twinkle in Dad's eye, but had a break of about 15 years when I didn't fish at all. I'm southern born (Lake City, TN) and Southern bred, but have been exiled to the frozen north because I made a wrong decision to leave the south early in my life. Ergo, my membership with Team North (Terry, really, I'm going to send the money...stop hounding me!!! :-)

I'm a democrat or republican or independent based on the amount of moral outrage I feel at any given time against any two of the three parties.

I love the BFHP. Really. Well, love is kind of a strong word, but if it isn't love, its real deep affection.

Dave, Taters Is Us!!!


1/6/2000 6:38:00 PM Submitted by Newpy ( from MN says My turn
Handle: Newpy - Comes from my last name Newpower. All 3 of my brothers and me went through school with the same nickname. Hell, my dad is Mr. Newps. Mom's license plate says Newps
Marital Status: Been maried 6 years to my wife Heidi. We have 3 children, Luke(almost 5) Wyatt(2) and Morgan(almost 1)

Bio: I was born and raised in St. Paul, MN right acroos the streeet from a baseball field/hockey rink. I am 31-years-old and a college graduate. I hold a bachelors degree in Speech communications (odd, huh?) with a minor in Journalism.

Career: I am a business systems analyst with a medical device company in Arden Hills, MN. (suburb of St. Paul)

Freeform: I am politically conservative. I have to be in order to hold on to my tremedous wealth. I fish for bass about 98% of the time and run a 1998 Javelin 379B (17'9") with a 150 Johnson FastStrike. I fish tournaments whenever I can. I was a baseball/hockey player in high school. I did play baseball in college for North Hennepin Community College and Univ Wisconsin - River Falls. My freshman year in JC, we earned a spot in the 1987 National Jr. College World Series in Grand Junction, CO. We got it handed to us twice by southern teams that play year round and went home.

Came to the BFHP about 2 1/2 - 3 years ago and have never left.

Newpy - Taters is Us

...oh yeah, I love every single one of ya


1/6/2000 7:02:00 PM Submitted by phil ( from NJ says let me introduce myself
I'm Phil from south jersey. I just turned 18 (yes! i can finally buy porn). I work at the local Home Depot (just got hired). I am senior in high school and I'm going to Rutgers College in fall of 2000. I love to fish for bass. My favorite fish is the smallmouth bass. I mostly fish for largemouths or stripers though. I will fish anyday, anytime, anywhere. During fall I fish all night out on the Delaware River for stripers. During summer, I am out on the maurice river fishing for largemouths. I fish from 6 am to 3 pm and then come home and got to work until 11 sometimes. I fish all winter. I fish so much its not even funny. I cant imagine what Id be like if I owned a boat. right now i fish out of people in my bass clubs. Back a while ago, my handle was Moss Boss (I'm talkin old school BFHP like 3 years ago). My friend Zoomer kept getting into deep sh*t on the boards and I kept getting stereotyped because i was his friend so i changed my name.

1/6/2000 7:26:00 PM Submitted by TallTailTeller from NE says Multiple Personality Disorders
Handles: Billy One-Stick, Fishing Legend. BadAdvice, the intellectual smart aleck, TallTailTeller, the big fat liar I made up to accent the physical aspects of my real-time self. See dimensions below.
Marital Status: I have been married fourteen years and have four great kids, David 10, Matthew, 8, Melissa, 5, and Cannon 2.

Occupation: President of a regional contract foodservice company.

Hobbies: Writing fiction, reading, fishing, golf, woodworking, Pinewood Derby Cars, cyber-fishing. I have a couple of dozen baitcasters and a couple dozen more other rods and reels. I fish for the toys, not the food.

Boat: '89 Ranger Fisherman with 110 Johnson.

Freeform: I told one lie about the Perfesser and the King and the whole world of Rock Creek USA just exploded from my subconscious. Kinda cool really. And for those of you finally reading this far down, I am a 6'9 350 lb plus WHITE guy. My apologies to all the r-necks who I let believe I was black. Sometimes I just do that to mess whicha!


1/6/2000 7:34:00 PM Submitted by McCoy ( from TN says bio
Handle: McCoy. Real Name
Age: 49, 6'2", 268 lbs.

Married with one son age 13, a stepdaughter who works for me and 2 grown stepsons. 4 grandchildren.

Occupation: Mom & Pop Grocery/Gas station with about 30% of space devoted to sporting goods and fishing tackle. Internet tackle sales but I'm peddling most of my wares on ebay just for the fun of it. Little or no profit involved. Former tobacco farmer, logger, trucker, sign painter, grease monkey and more.

Conservative but not a Republican. Viet Nam Vet. Traded my bass boat for a 20' fishing pontoon w/70hp Johnson last year. Was fishing mostly for bass and crappie. Now fishing for catfish and crappie. I live about 4 miles from Lake Barkley and keep my boat in a slip at a nearby marina.

Been clicking on the BFHP for about 2 years.

Pets: Old Ben, coonhound. Been with me for about 6 years.


1/6/2000 8:23:00 PM Submitted by Thad Rains ( from TX says Who, me?
Name: Well, DUH! I think it is me, but sometimes I wonder why. Maybe someone here could help me with a new handle. Like that is not an open invitation. ;o))
MARRIED? Can't find anyone to put up with me longer than 24 hours. I am currently looking for the right one, but not hard. Work and fish too much. OH, 39 now. 5'7" and around 215 to 220. What hair I have left is turning gray.

I am a Sr. Financial Representative for the largest mutual fund and second largest discount brokerage house in the nation. Do anything from in-depth financial planning and risk assessment to placing trade. Depends on where they need me.

BASS, BASS, BASS. But I do also sometimes fish for crappie, white bass and catfish. Once a year, I go to the coast and fish the flats for specks, reds and flounder. I also go to the San Juan river in far northwest NM for grand trout. Several years ago, caught a 27" rainbow that weighed over 8 lbs on a fly rod with 4X tippet. WOW.

I like almost anything I can do outdoors. As long as it involves hunting or fishing. I also am somewhat dangerous on a computer, because I know just enough to really mess things up. Also like to just relax and people watch at a favorite watering hole. No longer imbibe, but drink O'Douls or something. LOVE KIDS. Have 8 Godchildren. LIVE LIFE LIKE YOU MEAN IT. GET INVOLVED.

I am a crazy Texan that was probably dropped on his head too often. Have a Ph.D in Economics (linear and multi linear regression forecasting). I am a conservative person, that loves to drive 80 MPH pulling his boat. Shoulda been a professional race car driver. Never have done any drugs, because I am an insulin dependent diabetic that gives 3 shots a day. Don't think I should abuse my body anymore than that. I am PROUD TO BE CRAZY AS A LOON. People still ask what I want to be when I grow up.


Is still crazy, but looking forward to catching some big'uns.


1/6/2000 8:46:00 PM Submitted by George Roth ( from ID says Count me in Capt. Terry...
Well, this could be interesting. what a list of names and personalities. Could publish a book on the above information.
Name: George Roth...started on the Rod/Reel & Tactics Board, so stuck with my name since that is what my folks gave me.

Nicknames have been: "Possum"...cause I smiled alot like a possum I guess as kid. "Baloo"...cause I like to back up to any handy door jamb a scratch my back.

General: 48, 5'11, 260# Friendly like a teddy bear.

Marital Status: Married to Beverly for 4 years and I have 2 step-daughters Megan and Melanie. Was married to my previous wife 3 times... don't ask. We had 4 boys. Matt: lives in Weiser. Geoff: currently stationed in S. Korea in the AF. Mike: Portland, or. and Derek: lives in Weiser.

Job: I am a Physician Assistant in a family practice clinic and 8 years in the Hospital Emergency Room. Grew up on a farm in southern Kansas. Spent 11 years in the Air Force as a Corpsman serving in Montana, Alaska, Utah and Kansas. Worked in the Kansas oilfields for 5 years then went back to school to be a PA. Really like the small rural town atmosphere.

Fishing: I fish the same waters that Scooter does, western Idaho and Eastern Oregon. Would love to go to Lake Fork one of these days. I also fish for steelhead. Like to take the kids out for catfish in the Snake river, fairly easy to catch. Have fished for salmon, halibut up in Alaska. Would love to go back for the fishing but getting old enough that I don't tolerate the cold very well. Besides, there aren't any bass up there. Have only had time to become really dedicated over the last couple of years.

Fished my first tournaments last year for experience and to learn. I'm joining another club so I have more time on the water.

Boat: 19' Starcraft superfisherman with Force 120. Had I known that I was going to get so involved in bass fishing, I would have bought a Champion or such. Anyone interested in a trade?

Other Interests: Family comes first, the fishing a close second (too close for my wife, sometimes, though she never complains) Building custom rods for over 25 years for fun and small business. Gardening, fishing, woodworking, fishing, eating, working on this ole' house and fishing. Reading this board has become a real habit and my wife just shakes her head as she passes by the computer anymore.

Free Form: Thankful that we have great folks on this board willing to share information that we can all put to good use. The "banter" gets a little rough sometimes, but I tolerate it anyway. Even learned what a "mud shark" is and that I don't want to share a tent with Elton!

George..."Baloo"...."Possum" sounds too sowfy!

Let the games begin!


1/6/2000 8:47:00 PM Submitted by tcTX ( from TX says bio...
reel name: gator... been topcat for 10-15 years... occupation: technical support engineer - data networking/cti/callcenter servers and pbx. Have supported systems of all sizes, from the 25 port small office, to insurance companies with thousands, and put in a couple of years with a contractor at a NASA site, location to remain nameless. age: 37 - married almost 10 years to one of the most beatuful women in the world, Pamela, dinks
raised and edukated in CT - college grad... degree in data processing/programming, minor in earth sciences

equipment: Skeeter SL 200, Merc 200EFI 4-blade stainless definitely Republican - grew up in a large Italian family that's half deaf... at least that's what friends and newcomers would think the first time they came to a family function...

freeform: love to be on or in the water, fish, ski, golf, tennis, computer nerd, tinkerer deluxe. I've got a small barn that is MY space. I dabble in electronics, woodwork, and general gadget making.. lookin' for the big break. I've been fishing all over the U.S. and off the Mexican coast, where I have landed a trophy sailfish of 8'11" and over 110 lbs. One of my favorite business trips was to Alaska where I had time to include a fly-in fly fishing trip into the back country. I also hold a private pilots license for single-engine land aircraft, and have driven a NASCAR racecar around Texas Motor Speedway at over 144 mph, thanks to Richard Petty driving school. Through college I did alot of traveling - 3 trips to Europe and wandered the U.S., I used to like to travel, it's not quite as fun as it used to be.


1/6/2000 9:18:00 PM Submitted by Texas ( from This is me... says This is me...
Hi ! Most of you know me as "Gambler", I just started using "Bill, tMMfT" on good advice from TaterTurd. He allowed as how it wasn't polite to use the blue, highlighted sponsor's deal on the NF board and I agree. I futher thought using "Gambler" would be too conspicous (sp??), so I came up with Bill, tMMfT (the Mystery Man from Texas), don't ask me how...LOL
I recently celebrated my 16th Annual 39th birthday (that's 55 for you nawtherners) and have been living in sin for almost 15 years with the best thing that ever happened to me - Lana !!! Between us, we have raised 7 chiruns (kids, you yanks!). Just this past year, Lana and I became engaged and will someday tie the knot...we want to be sure we're compatible first.....LOL

I am a professional fire investigator and have worked all over the U.S.A. on cases. Lana and I also own S.O.B. Fishing Products and am proud to say we are the 3rd oldest sponsor of the BFHP. This is the only place I sell my lures except a few out of T&C Tackle.

As you can imagine, I have a Gambler bass boat. It's a '96 model 209TE with a 225hp Merc EFI. Really makes me grin to run it wide open !!!!!

I fish almost exclusively for LM bass and have fished semi-pro circuits for approx 10 years. I recently agreed to team up with the Ol' Dawg (Ron Totten) to fish the "Best a' Bassin" circuit here in So. Texas...this should prove interesting. I have attended one full size rally and two mini-rallies and have had a BLAST at them all !!! Most of all I appreciate all the cyber-friends and customers I have met here. Y'all are great !!!

GL&GF, "Gambler" aka Bill, tMMfT


1/6/2000 9:25:00 PM Submitted by Bill, tMMfT ( from TX says Don't know how that happened above....
but I meant to start it with the name I've been using here.....Bill, tMMfT.

1/6/2000 9:34:00 PM Submitted by Thad Rains ( from TX says OOP's
Forgot, I have 3 boats. 17'4" 88 Outlaw with a 115 Merc. 20'7" 87 Renken cuddy cabin and just bought (when he gets thru with it) 20' 87 Champion w/200 Johnnyrude. Have 2 Dodge Dakota trucks to pull them. LUV NASCAR. 4 PSL tickets section 418, row 36 seats 11-14 at Texas Motor Speedway. Have met only TMike, but feel like I know a lot of people here.

1/6/2000 9:35:00 PM Submitted by Glenn & Jo ( from MN says Talk about multiple personalities...
Handles: Glenn (my first name) and Jo (Joni). I have also gone by imbass, and foad.
Marital Status: Yup, we are. For 15 great years. Got 2 kids, Jim, 14 and Marie, 12. Pretty good kids, but they are now be coming TEENAGERS! (shudder)

Occupations: I do computer hardware/software support for CAD systems for a Fortune 500 company, and Jo works for a Statement Processing/Programming Company. She's been with her company for 23 years, since high school. I was in the printing industry for over 20 years, and 2 years ago did the career change thing.

Hobbies/Other interest's: Top of the list is fishing (DUH!), but we also enjoy Curling. Yes, that funny looking sport where you slide down the ice sweeping in front of the stone.

Boat: A year and half ago, We "aqcuired" a 16.5ft Sea Nymph Fishing Machine. It had been submerged for about 5 years, had been painted with red barn paint outside, and white latex inside. so I stripped, repainted, floored and even refoamed it. Stuck a budget 1955 Evinrude 25hp on it. See UFM82, mines older than yours.... it's not the biggest or fastest, but we like it...And it's paid for!!!

Free Form: I've been here, sometimes just lurking for better than 3 years, and Jo is a fairly recent "addict". We live just outside of Minneapolis,Mn,Tundra. We have more lakes in this area than the whole Souf combined, and we try to fish all of them. Mainly Bass, but if it swims, we'll try to catch it. (Except them Southern Mudsharks) It's a great group of folks here, and the Web wouldn't be the same without Gerry's site!


1/6/2000 9:46:00 PM Submitted by Glenn & jo ( from MN says double, quadruple, double dag oops...
Our ages: Glenn, 37 and Jo, 40. Yup, she robbed the cradle...
And BTW, the Taters is Us was my idea...

Glenn, Taters is Us

Prediction: Terry Funk creams Bret Hart...


1/6/2000 10:19:00 PM Submitted by Wally ( from RI says I don't know why but everybody calls me Wally, so when someone asks
I tell 'em my name is Wally. I'll be 47 before I get to take my boat outta the boat house that my wife of 18 years insists is a garage. I thought I was gonna replace her this winter (the boat, not the wife) it's an 86 Tracker 1710 dual console with a Merc150 EFI. Bought her used in 88 and have had 3 motors, 4 lower units, 5 hummingbirds, 1 Eagle and 3 MotorGuides on it. I'm REAL tired of fixing instead of fishing. New one's gonna be a Ranger R 83 or bigger but it's a convoluted path to the purchase. I have a Grand Cherokee with 160,000 miles on it. That means it ain't worth enough as a tradeto replace it AND buy a new boat so OK, I gotta cut down the miles I drive (500-700 per week) so I bought a bug to commute and I'm trying to make a deal on a boat with the money I'm saving on gas. Not too complicated izzit?
I was a cabinetmaker for 22 years and hated it for the last 7-8 so I save for a rainey day which came in the form of my shop closing. Since I was the Union Treasurer and on the negotiating committee, I knew about the closing about 6 months in advance (Actually I only knew 3 months but I had guessed the other 3) Well when the shop closed I put my tools away and went back to school and that's just the kind of stunt to pull if you really want to learn about surprises. 4 months out of work, I found out I was going to be a father in 3 more months. I started entry level in pre press work and desktop publishing and design when she was six months old. She's 7 now and we are having a ball. She loves to fish though she doesn't believe people fish in the rain or the dark or the winter hey wait a minute, I think she's Reb.

I was always a motor head, built a bunch of different stuff, some weird, some didn't work but I probably owned 1 of everything detroit made from 48 till about 76 even if they was 10-15 years old by the time I got it just love to build wood, metal, electronics, models...

When it comes to politics I'm amoral I've never voted a party in my life, I vote the person. If this were 30 years ago you'd call me a redneck and maybe live to tell about it cept I had long hai since I was 8 yep the first time I gotta cut on my own I stated having it cut like my Granddad Chet kinda raised me or at least protected me from about 7 to 16 when the only protection I needed then was from myself.

I'm still a redneck if you understand the term, I believe we have to help others but I'll take care of my own myself thank you kindly. I got a funny attitude I don't ask for nothing and I give alot without being asked but if your a friend and you ask I get real mad cause what's wrong with me that I didn't recognise your need?

Rights? Everybodies gottem up to you to defend em I'll back you up

Opinions? I'll listen to em all but y'all gonna listen to mine maybe we'll debate

I'll read anything. That's one of my favorite pastimes. Hunting is another raised beagles as a youngster and started hunting over them with a slingshot Got my first shotgun at 8 but since I live in a state the size of a Texas city The idea of hunting here gives me the shivers but I'm a shooter (handguns) I fish for everything at different times and with different tackle. My top ten is SM LM salmon trout northern pike for fresh and Stripers blues tuna tarpon and permit for salt I've fished every state except Hawaii and especially love fishing someplace I've never been. I've only been around this board since I stumbled upon it a short time ago but I like the wit and repatee almost as much as I like the chance to dump on one of you, releasing some of my own tension, and thereby allowing some pimply faced geek who don't want to work, the opportunity to live one more day

If you ain't laughing with me, your laughing at me and either way, I'm a happier man for it.

Wish the best for all of you,



1/6/2000 10:25:00 PM Submitted by TheC.A.DMan ( from OTHER says OK....Here goes nothing.....my real name is..............
HA HA!....that title should just about get everyone to read this.
I have a feeling letting out that bit of info would not be in my best interest! Sorry, but I enjoy living!


You didn't honestly think I would tell you?....DID YA?


1/6/2000 10:45:00 PM Submitted by Mr. Bill ( from TN says bio
Handle: Mr. Bill is the name given to me by my best friends two adorable daughters. It's sorta stuck. No relation to the clay model formerly of Saturday Night game.
Marital Status: 13 years of wedded bliss to my beautiful Teresa, (who INSISTED we buy a new boat back on '96) As you can see, her beauty IS more than skin deep. No kids.

Job: I run the parts deparment for the City of Maryville in East Tennessee (population 20,000+, SALUTE!!! Backyard is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park) My wife and I also own/operate a few pieces of residental rental property here in town. Lots of work--but worth it.

Fishing: Mostly crappie on Tellico Lake (Little "T" river system). Also enjoy fishing for the 'gills on Chilhowee Lake, as well as the occasional smallie, trout and walleye/sauger. At least twice a year my dad, brother and sometimes a few others head up to Canada (Ontario) to fish for the northerns and the pickerel. My dad intoduced me to fishing long ago, and I've always enjoyed it.

Boat: '96 Crestliner 1800 Pro with a 90 HP Johnson and a canoe for the Little River

Other interests: Working on houses, we buy, fix-up and sell then start all over again, hope to be mortgage free after a couple more moves. Water skiing (same bud with the daughters that gave me the idea for the handle has a Malibu tournement boat--we ski a slalom course), bike riding (mountain and road), old bowties (currently a '66 Chevelle, 275 HP 327 CID, 4 speed w/bench seat, 4.11:1 posi rear end--I'm the 3rd owner, 73,000 miles), and staying in shape by doing a little weightlifting 2-3 times a week, also enjoy hiking and backpacking/camping.

Freeform: I'm very active in the local congregation of the Lords Church, teach Bible classes, head up a ministry where we go into the community and try to help those folks who aren't as fortunate with projects related to their house/yards (lots of satisfaction there). Born in raised on a 180+ acre farm in the northern half of the lower pennsula of Michigan--still love my 1938 John Deere "B". Dad and mom still live there, my mom's from Maryville, that's how I wound up here. Been to Alaska, want to go back and spend more time, Teresa and I are planning our retirement around that goal. I'm pretty happy go lucky and laid back. Enjoy this board and try to contribute to the Trailers/towing board a little. Hope to meet some folks from here one fine day.

   +++ from Brad  1/5/2014 11:20:59 PM
  1/6/2000 10:58:00 PM Submitted by Ozarkian ( from MO says Me, me, me, and more me....
Handle: Ozarkian, comes from where I've always lived, and I identify myself as a native of the Ozark hills first, a Missourian second.
47 years old, married to Mary for close to 17 years, no kids, two cats.

Occupation: wildlife artist, get to work at home and take lots of neat research trips. Home is a house we designed ourselves, in the middle of 40 acres, 15 miles from the nearest quick shop and a half mile from the nearest neighbor.

Fishing--first and greatest love is stream smallmouth fishing, but I do plenty of reservoir bass fishing, the ocassional tournament, and I love flyfishing for trout.

Other interests: anything to do with the outdoors, hiking, canoeing, geology, collecting Indian relicts, collecting maps, bowhunting; I also enjoy most sports, and especially love playing basketball, refusing to bow to age problems!

I own four canoes and a 14 ft. johnboat with a huge 6 horse motor. (I fish with my dad and brother, who both have bass boats, when I go to bigger lakes)

I'm not a Democrat, but I haven't seen many Republicans I'd vote for. Problem is that Democrats worth voting for are getting hard to find too. Not a liberal, but quite liberal on some issues, quite conservative on others. I guess you'd say that when I disagree with conservatives I disagree more strongly than when I disagree with liberals. I'm on this board about five nights a week, go to the fishing tactics and other topics board every time I'm on the net, and go to a couple of smallmouth fishing boards. I hope I don't find any more boards I'm too interested in.


1/7/2000 12:01:00 AM Submitted by Larry Bird ( from TX says Profile
Handle: Larry Bird- Yes i played basketball but i had this nickname before the real Larry Bird appeared. Name is Larry and they called me Bird and put the 2 together.I am 41.
Marital Status: Married 13 years to Rhonda with 13yr. old daughter

Job: Farmer

Fish: Love to Saltwater fish near Matagorda and Palacios and Rockport on the TX Coast. Have a 1978 Robalo CC- 18'

Other Interests: Golf, Scuba Diving, listening to Lucinda Williams,Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen

Freeform: I get a kick out of the people on this board, though i dont usually post much.


1/7/2000 12:57:00 AM Submitted by Dennis ( from AL says Bio
Handle: First name on this board, on rally pages Driffwuud. Married with 1 child, 2 step children and 1 grandaughter. Worked for the same company for 23 years. Present job title is Plant Engineer. I have 98 Javelin400 with a 200 Evinrude and fish every chance I get. Try to attend all rallies that work and money will allow. Height 5'9 weight 180 age 41 Other Interest: Scuba Diving And Eating

1/7/2000 1:18:00 AM Submitted by Scooter ( from ID says Larry, is your e address right?
Said it didn't want to send. You being the only other stupid farmer here, I just needed to talk to someone!


1/7/2000 1:27:00 AM Submitted by NealE ( from TN says here ya go
Handle...pretty simple--it's my first name and last initial...not too creative but oh well.
Not married...yet.

Job...Tech for Memphis Consumer Credit/Network Solutions Group Div.

Fishing...I swear to tell the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth---BASS only. And my boat is a '99 Sprint 286 with a 150 johnson.

Other interests...Wakeboarding, duck hunting, partying and drinking, not necessarily in that order.

Freeform...I'm 19, 6'2", 165 lbs.


1/7/2000 2:58:00 AM Submitted by Mullet Man ( from AZ says The Rest Of The Story
Handle: Mullet Man. Got the nick name by my high school buds. I was pulling a buddy skiing when a mullet leaps out of the water and smacks me in the face at about 35 mph. Had to pick the scales out of my mustache and teeth. Thought the mullet was dead as he laid on the floor board but after a few minutes he came to and started flopping around. Real Name: Tom S. Age: 36, 5' 10"
Married with one son age 12 Occupation: Unemployed since mid December. Worked on the Iridium Project had 4 positions in two years. I'm going back to what I enjoy and am best at. Audio/Video engineer.

Sold my boat when I left Texas 2 years ago. Use a canoe to fish on the rivers and small lakes in the mountains. Just took up fly fishing, mostly for bass and rainbow trout. Sure miss fishing for Speck,Reds, Flounders, Kings, Lings and Dolphin.

Been on the BFHP for about 9 months. Really like the wit on this board. It gives me a good laugh.

Also enjoy snow skiing, softball, and pick'n my six or twelve string. Got to listen to the blues and classic rock. Go D-backs .


1/7/2000 2:59:00 AM Submitted by Steve ( from KS says Profile.......
Steve.......going to be JHawk, thanks to Duster High
Married 6 years to wonderful woman who needs her space, she is amanager for one of the largest hotels in Wichita. (takes lots of her time). I am a small business owner, a very sucessful pest control company, which specializes in stored food grain pests. So when you all eat at some the fast food restaurants, (national chains), most of the seasonings have been inspected by my company for insects.

I fish Red-Man Plains, Kansas Buddys, and also whenever I can. I fish for stripers on Beaver Lake Arkansas about 5 times a year especially in Nov-Dec when they are on topwaters. We are currently building a new house on Table Rock, where we plan to retire in about 10 years. Currently I own a 99 Ranger 518DVX with 200 Optimax.

I have a PhD in entomology from KU. Got my degree while playing baseball, Spent 4 years in Cleveland Indians farm system. Simply cannot get baseball out of my system, but there is not much room for a .240 slap hitter that played 3rd. base in majors. Have tons of baseball memorabilia. Have been known to have 4 TV on, plus a couple of radios, just for baseball.

Also, my 17 year old daughter, was just accepted to the University of Oklahoma Med School, so you can tell it is going to be difficult around here during the major sport seasons.


1/7/2000 6:19:00 AM Submitted by Wally ( from RI says A bazillion pardon me s but after rambling on for so long
I guess I forgot my emails
imaging@concentric.net - work

esimm751@concentric.net - home

sheeesh wudda bonehead


1/7/2000 1:33:00 PM Submitted by Barbara ( from WASH, D.C. says I'll finally break down in the spirit of good will . . .
I found the BFHP in 1997 and decided there werenít enough women posting or folks willing to admit they lived in DC, so Iíve used my real name and domicile ever since. Iím definitely a BFHP addict who has found a second home but I frequent several other boards.
Iím an opinionated, cantankerous, sarcastic old crone who has never had a ring through her nose. Iím quiet, shy, sociable, garrulous, naÔve, optimistic, worldly and cynical. Iím also a liberal, moderate and conservative devilís advocate who hates intolerance and people who try to shove their philosophies down other peopleís throats. I distrust all politicians, religious leaders and institutions in general.

I live in the city because I hate to commute and spend as much time as I can in the sticks. I enjoy all kinds of fishing, have two brothers nearby who own bass boats and an uncle with a 30+ ft. cruiser docked at Solomonís, but I mostly wade alone for smallmouth.

I used to want to be an artist and writer, but instead Iíve been a caterer, dog trainer, bartender and office manager. Iíve worked for construction companies, international relief organizations, computer consultants, lobbyists, government agencies and a saddle shop to name a few. The most absurd thing Iíve ever done was to be sent with a group of people from DC to Seattle on a GSA contract to upgrade their PCs from Windows 3.1 to 95. My current incarnation is a legal secretary for a real estate attorney, but I still havenít decided what I want to be when I grow up.

I need and enjoy what anonymity I have left, so I wonít post my photo on the web. Iíve only met Ozarkian (and a few guides) from the BFHP so far, and Al knows that if he thinks of revealing anything else about me, Iíll have to kill him. I will visit Ed one of these days, as promised, but only to have a cook-off with Jody because I specialize in spicy food ;-)

My vital statistics are NOYDB!

None of this should be much news to anybody whoís read my posts. Any gaps can be filled in at http://www.riversmallies.com/staff.htmlre I also have an article posted on the Upper Potomac River.


1/7/2000 2:33:00 PM Submitted by Tsuriki ( from WA says Checking in..
Handle: means Crazy about fishing in Japanese. Real name Greg.
Job: President of investment/holding company. Have subsidiaries involved in fresh/fozen seafood and pasta/sauce/soup production/sales. Also director of international research for parent company (Japan). Look for new food companies to aquire.

Maritial: Married for 23 wonderful years to Yumi (arranged/introduction marrage in Japan). No kids, but a German shephard/golden lab "son" named Tommy. (short for Tomiro).

Born and raised in Fresno, CA but call Seattle, WA home. Have lived in Tottori, Kobe, Osaka, Tokyo and most recently, Fukuoka Japan off and on for about 16 years.

Boat: 17 food aluminum Jetcraft, 130hp OMC, 9.9 4 stroke Merc, but sold it in Japan as it was just too expensive to bring back. Looking for Boston Whaler or other "fresh/salt" water boat. Seattle boat show is at the end of this month so hope to have a new one soon.

Fishing: Trout fishing since I was "knee high to a grasshopper". Now into Steelhead, Salmon and recently Bass. Biggest Salmon 46lb Kenai River King. (also Halibut and Sturgeon are on the list). Fished for Bonito, Mahi Mahi, Baraccuda, sailfish, seabass, Bass and other species in Japan.

Other interests; Camping (motorhome) and BW photography.

Freeform: 51, 5'8 Ĺ", 175lb and still wanting to lose a couple more lb. Have traveled to Canada, Hawaii, Guam, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, France, England, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands. Love to travel and meet new people and see new things. Love Thai food.

Really enjoy the BFHP, not only the NF page but also the Tactics page to help me with Bass fighing. All of you are really great and I enjoy reading/learning from your posts.



1/7/2000 5:24:00 PM Submitted by Hooker ( from TN says Hey all
Handle: Well it's my last name,,,,First name Randy
Martial Status: Yep and with children,,,,,been with my wife for 12 years and we have 4 kids 1-18yr who thank god is headed for the army next Friday ( watch out Uncle Sam,,,he is your problem now :),,,,),,,,got 2 16's,,,,one who was state champion casting kid 2 years running,,,,,,and then there's my bud who just turned 5,,,,he is like american express,,,,,can't leave home without him.....

Occupation: Engineering Tech for local hospital

Born and raised in Tennesse

Boat: well it blew it's top for the third time,,, so 3 strikes,,,it's out of the ball game

Fishing: Fish alot of local T's,,,,my luv is smallies,,,but will settle for LM's,,,I also crappie,,,cat,,,and sometimes trout fish,,,,I fish mainly at night starting in Feb,,,,so if u Yank's can't do it all night long with the big dogs,,,,better stay on the porch and whimper

Other Interest's: Deer Huntin,,,and building my own baits

Free Form:Boys and Girls,,,,enjoy life,,,,it is short,,,not enough hours in the day at times,,,I live for today and not tommorrow,,,because it might not be here,,,,Gone Fishin/Gotta Luv It


1/7/2000 6:10:00 PM Submitted by Fishbrains ( from TX says Bio
Fishbrains the handle says it all, I got fish on the brains, at least that's what my oldest daughter thought when she gave this name.
Married to my beautiful wife for 20 years last month. 3 daughters 24,18,& 17 years of age. Me, I'm old compared to most of you youngsters, 46 & weighing in @ 165 & 6' tall.

Email addy says it all too, deckman, been a wood butcher ever since I got of the army back in '76. I have a deckbuilding company doing outdoor projects, add ons, some remodeling too. I also have a new part-time job with my new online tackle store, www.alsfish.net Not a big money maker, but sure is fun playing with all the new tackle. I will opening a small tackle shop also in the next few weeks.

Other interest are watching sports on the boobtube, fishing, enjoying the outdoors ( while fishing of course ), my new conservation project a beach clean-up on PINS with a local high school & the local chapter of the CCA, & I'm now a certified BFHP junkie too, I also have another website about fishing in Texas www.catchin.com

I like fishing for anything that swims, used to be strickly a bass fisherman (caught many you yankees would have hanging on your wall), now I try to do more saltwater fishing both bay & surf. I got to thank my grand dad for taking me as a kid for he was the one who got me hooked on this sport I so love. Grew up fishing on lake Erie for yellow perch & local ponds, rivers, creeks or whatever held fish. I live just minutes away from one of the best little bass lakes in central, the hog farm. I like to go there for an hour or so before work, catch a few hogs, go butcher some wood, stop back by on the way home for a few more. Now I make it to the coast at least once or twice a month to catch reds, trout or whatever. Best day, the hog farm 2 years ago, easily over 100 lbs. of bass in 3 hours of fishing including 2 over 10 lbs.


1/7/2000 7:09:00 PM Submitted by c-a-d-s mommy ( from FL says no one cared except me son
Because your are known to be a sissy and homo.

1/7/2000 10:33:00 PM Submitted by TheC.A.DMan ( from OTHER says F.U. Ed .....your all talk.....bring it on big man!........n/m

1/9/2000 1:59:00 PM Submitted by Ann ( from AR says I was borned a poor white child.....
in the backwards state of Arkansas 38 years ago. I grew up believing grammar was someone married to Grandpa, syntax (sin tax) was a lottery which was the devil's work, and asphalt was a very personal affliction of the backside.
Twelve years ago, I married a blonde god that I truly believe hung the moon. My darling husband (DH for short) has been the only Dad my lovely 16 year old daughter has ever known, and they are so very much alike that it scares me.

I am president of our marketing/brokerage company. We are currently developing an e-commerce site and are working frantically to make it a reality.

I love the thrill of catching fish but don't have the heart to kill and eat them so we console ourselves with catch and release. We once owned cattle until I gave them all names and made pets of them. My DH finally decided I was not cut out to be a farmer and sold them. We have 3 dogs and 5 stupid cats, most of which were given to us anonymously. My favorite pet is a 200 pound St. Bernard that thinks he is my personal lapdog. Thankfully, they are all outside critters.

I laugh, tease, joke and find humor in almost everything. Love and laughter is what makes my world go round and life is too short to hold grudges. I am terrible at writing and composition which makes it hard for me to express myself so others can understand my scatterbrained ideas and thoughts.

My dream is to retire in five years, sell everything we own, and move to a tropical island. I could live happily in a grass hut, as long as I never had to endure cold weather again! :o)


1/14/2000 5:37:00 PM Submitted by B.o.g. ( from TX says My bio as promised to Minnesota Bill...
My real name is Bob Masters. B.O.G. stands for Big Old Guppy. I used to be Bayou Bob, but I was so severely gut-hooked by that expert cyber troller Robert Williams and (subsequently) by the grand master himself, Obi-Wan-Chuckanobi aka Charles the Outsider, that I felt I just had to change my handle to Big Old Guppy...shortened to B.O.G. to use fewer key strokes. Since changing, I have not taken the bait on any cyber trolling presentations....well, hardly ever!
I am big...6' 3" and weigh about...well, let's just say that if you follow the WWF's Mick Foley, I look like him except I dress nicer and I don't have long hair and a beard. Actually, Foley weighs in at about 287 and I have him beat by a "few"! And, oh yeah, I still have both my ears! LOL

I am old...probably the oldest fool that frequents this here BFHP...but I'm still young at heart...young enough to really get a kick out of all the fol-de-rol you young whippersnappers dish out hereabouts! I've been married all my life to big, old, mean-Momma BOG and we have six children ranging in age from 29 to 39! We also have 8 wonderful grandchildren who I don't get to spend nearly enough time with, but I try to see them every chance I get. Our oldest children are twin girls, one lives in Ft. Worth and one in Waco. Next is a girl who lives in Austin. I have a girl who lives in McAllen; a son who lives in Round Rock and a son who lives in (Arrrggghhh!) Sacramento, Calfrooty!

I retired from the USAF in 1983 and have been working for the state of Texas since. I'm a contract manager in the Services to Aged and Disabled programs area, and I really, really enjoy working with the elderly and seeing some of the good things that we as a society are capable of doing!

My passion, my absolute passion is bass fishing (or crappie or sandbass or hybrid or perch fishing) whenever I can. I'm still working at an age when most guys are fully retired cause working enables me to not only stay young at heart, but also affords me the spare change to pursue my bass fishing disease! Actually, my wife says I'm not a fisherman...I'm really a lure collector! I must be because I just can't stop buying lures. It's addictive I tell you! Anyway, I have a new Skeeter ZX185C with 150 Yamaha that I tear up the local waters with...no more than 15 to 20 minutes away are some pretty good fishing holes. I usually fish about 150 to 200 times a year. Mostly, I fish Palestine, Fork and Rayburn...but occasionally, I fish Nacogdoches, Athens, Tyler, Pinkston, Monticello, Holbrook, Quitman, and others. My largest bass to date is an 11.2 lb. from Fork, plus I have caught 10 over 8 lbs. Still looking for that elusive 13+ lb one so I can get into the Sharelunker program here in Texas.

That's about it, except education wise...I have a Master of Arts in Mass Communications (1972) from the University of Denver. Taught Speech Communications at Tarleton State University for awhile, but decided I wasn't cut out to be a teacher. I have been on or over just about every country in this world, and I no longer have any desire to travel any further than where I can reach in my truck dragging the bass boat behind! Been there, done that! Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home, Toto! So, I wish all you gaddabout's well and enjoy the wide-eyed wonderment you can experience while world traveling in your youth...me? I'll take Texas!

God bless you one and all, and I look forward to someday meeting up with you on the lake!

Yours in Cyber Wonder Land,

Bob Masters


4/6/2000 1:38:00 PM Submitted by Gene from GA says Test

4/6/2000 1:41:00 PM Submitted by Tammy Williams from CT says Okay, here goes...
I am the 39 year old wife of Papa Bull. Went to UCONN (go Huskies!) for Pharmacy, but fell in love with computers instead. I am now a Senior Systems Analyst for a third party logistics firm. I was born and raised in Stratford, CT and grew up boating Long Island sound. I remember catching my first fish with my Grandfather, I believe it was a striper, caught it on a shiny silver lure, I was so happy that I was screaming and scaring the fish away! As I sit here at my desk I see a picture of my beloved 10 year old son C.J. with a large striper and of course two pictures of my sweetie Robert with larger stripers. I have never caught a keeper. When I go out fishing the sun, moon and stars align such that every Sea Robin (sea dogs I call Ďem) in the world is wherever my hook is. They bite every time you cast, relentlessly. The cuteness of their croaking wears off after the first hundred or so. So to say I love fishing would not be accurate. I have however promised my husband that I will be out there every Saturday this season "paying my dues". But I like boating in general, I love cruising, entertaining, swimming, picnicking, steaming up the windows in the cabin, etc. There are lots of fun things to do on a nice boat! Hope to meet some of you this summer on our boat!

4/6/2000 1:45:00 PM Submitted by Sunny from TX says My Bio
Handle: Sunny-cause it's my real name
Marital Status: Married 12 days to Chad (Snap is his nickname), 1 kiddo, Dusti (a girl, 4 years old from a previous marriage, yeah, do the math)

Job: I am a domestic goddess

Fishing: Mainly LM, but also hybrids, white bass, crappie, and catfish to eat. To be honest, I only watch Chad catch fish, cause he is always frontending me and stuff....I got some tricks up my sleeve though (thanks @)

Boat: We have a '00 20'Beachcomber (pontoon) with a 90 Mercury on it. Bought a pontoon for the safety with the kiddie going and all.

Other interest: Is there any? No, for real, spending time with my daughter is high priority, and internet surfing.


4/6/2000 2:18:00 PM Submitted by Jim S. from AL says My Bio contribution
Handle: Simply my first name and last initial. Haven't come up with a nickname I really like yet.
Job: Mechanical Design Engineer for Boeing in Huntsville Alabama. I design flight and ground support hardware and experiment integration on the SPACEHAB program. It's is basically a logistics and laboratory module that flies in the Shuttle cargo bay.

Maritial: Divorced last year. Have an 8 year old daughter who loves to fish as much as her Dad.

38 years old, born in FL but raised in North Alabama and consider it home. Also lived in Texas for several years and like it almost as much as here.

Boat: 1996 Stratos 285ProXLDC with a 175 Johnson Fastrike.

Fishing: Been bass fishing 15 years now, tournaments almost as long. Call Lake Guntersville my home lake. Also enjoy fishing in Texas (Fork, RayBob) and in Florida.

Other interests: Golf, Boating, Baseball

Freeform: Really enjoy the BFHP, been visiting this site for almost 4 years now. Have meet alot of great people from here as well as at the 6 Rallys I've attended. Though I don't post very often on the NF board, I get a chuckle out of reading it.

Thanks again Gerry for giving us this forum!!!


4/6/2000 2:41:00 PM Submitted by capt_dalton ( from AL says Hi All
New comer to this place, but I think I found a home. Well, here goes: Handle - capt_dalton, My name is Chris Dalton and I hold a USCG OUPV License (six pack charter) It's my Yahoo ID as well. I was goin' fer CaptD, but it was taken , along with every thing else I tried.
Marital Status - I married cutest Damn Yankee in the south, Sussi Q, on July 13,1996. We were wed at Alabama Point, barefooted on the beach.

Job - I've been in CAD Design since 1989. I also network/pc tech. Usually work through contract companies on long term projects. Everyone convinced me to get my capts. license in June 1999. Trying to kick the eng. tech job and go capt. full-time. Right now I work eng. 4 days a week captain 3.

Fishing - Primarily offshore in the Northern Gulf of Mexico. Been fishing since age 3, now I'm 31, till July anyway. I fish the SKA Division 7 tournament trail. My personal boat, Shawnodese, is a 19' Cape Horn sporting a brand new Suzuki 200. I charter a 1977 Viking Convertable SF, KEEPERSYZE II, out of Dauphin Island, AL. If it swims, I'll figure out a way to catch it.

Other Interests - I play drums and guitar, (more for my enjoyment than anyone esle's) and still deer hunt a little.

Freeform - I consider myself an educated red-neck. I'm 5'7" short and weigh 188 lbs. (Built like a lighter-knot stump.) Love anything to do in, on or under the Gulf.

Looking forward to meeting all who venture here.


4/6/2000 2:41:00 PM Submitted by Mark from TX says Bio.....
Handle: "Mark" - use to be Stickbowhunter, but was changed because of the thrashing that I took.
Marital Status - I have been married to my lovely wife and best friend for 5 1/2 years. Tana and I have a 2 1/2 year old son and another one on the way. The due date is 6/1/00.

Job - I work for a large Fortune 500 company in Plano, TX as a Telecom Analyst. Do I like it.......well that depends on the day. Have been at this position for about 1 1/2 years and am ready for a change. I have worked at the company for almost 10 years and am looking forward to getting that 4th week of vacation in Jan 2001.

Fishing - I grew up fishing farm ponds with my Dad and still love to fish them when I get the chance. When I can find the time to fish I fish for Largemouth. My personal best is an 8.2 pounder from Ray Roberts. I also like getting into some schooling sand bass. ALL MY FISH ARE RELEASED!!!

Other interest - My favorite thing to do is archery. I love to hunt and I shoot alot of tournaments. I shoot a recurve that I had made last year. I have shot in 3 tournaments this year, 2000, and have placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in Traditional "A" class. I also enjoy camping, shooting, and just about anything else outdoors. The Inlaws live in Colorado , so we usually make 2 trips a year up there. Once in the summer for camping and fishing and one in the winter for skiing. Sure is nice to have that FREE place to stay in the mountains. Also enjoy NASCAR and my favorite driver is Dale Earnhardt.....GO #3!!!!

Freeform - I am 29 years old, 6 foot tall, 160lbs, brown hair (with a little gray), brown eyes. I really enjoy watching Dallas Stars hockey and attend as many games as I can afford to go to. My favorite drinks are Miller Lite and Jack/Coke. I am a pretty shy person at first, but once I get to know someone that changes and if I get drunk all shyness disappears. I have been known to do some pretty crazy and sometimes stupid things when I am drunk, especially on Tequila.

Well that is me and I really enjoy spending the day with everyone on the BFHP. I am really looking forward to meeting some of you at the Ray Roberts Rally.



4/6/2000 2:42:00 PM Submitted by splitshot ( from TX says Won't miss it this time
Handle - splitshot
Marital Status - married just six 1/2 weeks now to a wonderful lady and her 5 year old son. Met her when I was contracting two years ago here ih Houston.

Job - I am a printed circuit board designer. I've been contracting my skills around the country for the last 16 years 'til I found this job just North of Houston. Now I work directly for the company 'cause I love it here and wanted to settle down again.

Fishing - Was brought up bass and pickerel fishing in Massachusetts and New Hampshire lakes. Since I've been back and forth across the country many times, my fishing has diversified. I've caught bluefish in Connecticut (what a blast) Chinook Salmon in Oregon (best - 29 lber), Shark in the San Francisco Bay (best - 4 footer), Sailfish in the Sea of Cortez ( 96 lber, 98 lber and 105 lber). Since I've been in Texas I've only fished the salt for Red Snapper, Specs, Reds, Flounder and Kings. Also spend a LOT of time showing my little guy how to catch bluegills.

Other Interests - Include golf, bowling, poker, beer and rooting for MY NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS, CELTICS, RED SOX and BRUINS (no PJ, not UCLA) in that order.

Freeform - 6' 1", 190 lbs, hazel eyes, brown hair and a white moustache ( also Charles, a full set of teeth) :>). Almost 53 yrs old going on 30. My roots are in the North but my heart is in the South. Wasn't born in Texas but I got here as fast as I could. My boss turned me on to the BFHP about a year ago but we have a deal, I can only post when there is nothing going on workwise here at work. I can only post today 'cause I'm waiting for a EE to give me more info. Don't own a boat but plan to have one before I die. Last, but not least, I absolutely HATE not being able to go to Ray Bob this weekend, I was really looking forward to meeting some of the folks from BFHP.


4/6/2000 2:57:00 PM Submitted by Mark from TX says Forgot one thing......
My website URL......

Please stop by and check it out. Also, if you don't mind please sign my guestbook.

Thanks, Mark


4/6/2000 3:59:00 PM Submitted by Smib ( from MD says Okay, I've finally found it, here it goes....
SMIB = Southern Maryland InBred (Wannabe)
Job: Senior Project Manager for Government Contractor (Sand Crab as my retired Navy Master Chief Father would say) I have worked as a farmer, paper boy, plumber's apprentice, laborer, Truck-driver (long-haul/ Household Goods), Warehouseman, Operations Manager, Fleet Manager, and finally... Senior Project Manager. Yes, in that order.

Education: too much, yes college educated, but have to deny it down here in order to fit my profile.

Marital Status: 9 years to my wonderful SMIB wife (has all her teeth, what a catch!!!) We have a 12 y/o daughter, no not mine, but yes she is, I'll kill anyone who messes with her. We all reside in Southern Maryland

I was raised as a military brat all my life. I lived in Southeast Asia, Sicily, East Coast, West Coast, well, pretty much every damn everywhere. Born and raised in Middle Georgia, still call it home.

I just bought a '00 20' Stryper Walk-Around and I can't wait to get out in her. I'm naming her Gertha Mae in honor of my Grandmother who passed away last year.

Just sold Ole' Nelly, she was a 1979 16' Lund Bowrider I converted to a fishing boat. She had a 1979 85hp Chrysler that finally decided it was time to retire. I'm still a little teary-eyed about letting her go.

I enjoy fishing, skeet shooting, skiing, golfing, and white-water rafting and I'm a devout NASCAR fan. First race I went to was the 1970 Daytona 500. I was a season ticket holder since 1983 at Richmond and Dover till the prices got out of hand, along with the fights and un-knowledgable fans.

I fish mainly salt-water, but I was raised fishing freshwater in Georgia by my Grandfather. He was, and still is one of the greatest single factors in my life, unfortunately, he passed away in 1989. Love catching Rockfish (Stripers) and anything else I can hook up with in the Chesapeake Bay.

I'm an AMERICAN, not democrat or republican (although voter registration says I'm a republican). I believe in the death penalty, less taxes, less government, and if you don't like America, then LEAVE!!!! My beliefs are based on you get what you EARN!!! I've had a job since I was old enough to pick cotton and tobacco (5 y/o). I started at the bottom, and now I'm climbing to the top. I don't have time for no bleeding heart liberals, to me, they just want to run everyone's life. I've done fine by myself so leave me alone, and yes, a gun IS the best insurance against criminals and no, no one will ever take my guns from me.

I think I'm done, I'll start ranting and raving if I keep this up.


4/6/2000 4:10:00 PM Submitted by Texas Girl from TX says Here's Me
Handle: I'm a native Texan (and damn proud of it) and a female -- hence, Texas Girl (tried to make it as cryptic as possible but couldn't come up with anything else. My real name is Kelly, and I have no other aliases on this board -- one's enough to keep up with.
Vital Stats: Hometown -- Arlington, TX but lived most of my life in Mansfield, just south of here. I'm 33 and have been divorced for 4 years from a non-Texan (he's was from Chicago -- what was I thinking?). Fortunately, one good thing came outta my marriage -- my 6 year-old son, Daniel, who is the light of my life. He's blonde like his momma, and if he grows up to be at least as tall as me, he'll surpass my height of 5'11" in a few years! Yep, that's pretty tall for a gal!

Job: North Central Texas Council of Governments -- one of those quasi-governmental regional planning agencies. I work specifically with the Area Agency on Aging which is responsible for overseeing federal and state dollars tagged for folks over the age of 60 throughout a 14-county region in the D/FW metroplex area. And yes, I've heard every old folks joke there is known to man...

Fishing: I started fishing when I was in the womb. No kidding, have a picture of my mom 9 months pregnant with me sittin' on the bank fishing her heart out. My most favoritest fishing partner is my dad. He taught me a little about fishing, and a whole bunch about life as we would while away the days sitting in his little flat bottom boat. Nowadays, I'm either wetting a hook with him from his boat which is a Cobra, or in either a Nitro or Ranger owned by a couple of my regular fishing buddies. I mostly bass fish, but have been known to hang turtles, carp, a few crappie, fewer catfish, and lots of those pesky fishsticks.

Other Interests and Little Known Facts: Anything outdoors -- my daddy taught me to have a love of the land we live on and to appreciate God's green earth. I grew up surrounded by horses and cows and I even dabbled in barrelracing until high school activities drew me away. I'd love to get a horse again someday. I'm a devoted Rangers fan (good riddance Juan Gonzales)! I also enjoy watching my kiddo play t-ball in the Spring, camping, scrapbooking, movies, listening to good music, and surfing cool sites like the BFHP and EBay, although I don't have a PC at home, just here at the office. Sure is hard to leave here at 5:00 everyday wondering what antics you low lifes are up to after hours!!

Rules to Live By: If you can't be good, be good at it. And, if you have anything bad to say about someone, come sit next to me!!


4/6/2000 4:35:00 PM Submitted by JP from TX says Curriculum Vitae
OK, Here goes.....
Age: 36. Married 11 years to my beautiful wife, Charleen. Have a 3 year old son (Ian James) who wants a Snoopy pole (going to BPS in Grapevine to get him one). Graduate of Louisiana Tech (Go Techsters), 1988. Hometown: DeRidder, LA. HomeNow: Carrollton, TX.

I am a computer systems engineer for Lacerte Software Corporation, owned by Intuit, Inc.

I have a 1992 ProCraft 180Combo w/150 Merc Black Max. Mostly fish for stripers (live bait).

Other Interests (aside from wife and son): Hunting, shooting, auto mechanics, ham radio.



4/20/2000 4:49:00 PM Submitted by Boom-Site Elf from AL says Boom-Site Elf
Nom de Plume/Handle - Boom-Site Elf, inspired by "Secret Santa" activities in while in high school, which (as Santa's trusty sidekick, the elf) afforded an opportunity to chat up cheerleaders waiting to sit on Santa's lap. Lost the job after a member of the senior girls dance line failed to see the humor in my response to her inquiry of "How far is it to the North Pole?" while on Santa's lap. (I told her she was sittin' on it.) Managed to graduate with the class of '76. Alternate real-life handle: Zeke (it's on my bowling ball).
Marital/Family status: Married my high school sweetheart (the second time around as an item) back in '83. It's been ten of the happiest years of my life. We have two extremely bright and creative children (whose aren't?) who keep us guessing (neither of us can find the owner's manual for either kid and, once the tags fall off, they're non-returnable).

Job Info: My job has always seemed to be to keep people happy and productive. Currently that involves PC/Desktop support at a large company in St. Paul (saving the world, one user at a time). In the past it involved customer service in many forms: includind 12 years in the Cash Register business (installing, training, writing user documentation and specifications for Samsung ECRs), serving in various capacities for a small multi-hotel outfit in the Twin Cities area (I did it all, right up to a director's position in the corporate office).

Fishing background: I am a social fisherman, fishing from other people's boats, from shore, and through the ice in the winter. Ice fishing has been a bust the last three years here in Minnesota, since ice in the area has not been safe until right about the time the state says you have to take the ice house off the lake. As of June last year, we own an '82 SeaRay 260 Sundancer that we keep on the Mississippi where it meets the St. Croix river. I plan on bringing my fishing tackle on board this year, now that I have the hang of piloting the damned thing. All those switches, pumps, bilges, and blowers are too confusing for a guy who prefers to fish w/ earthworms and a bobber. It was not uncommon to hear cries of "Zeke, get off the boat!" on the upper St. Croix even hours after beaching the thing. A triple-A gold card don't mean squat if your boat won't start 25 miles from the marina. Just began to relax and enjoy the boat about when it was time to take it out of the water for the season.

Other information/Free form association: 5'10" 240 (Over-fed Long haired leaping gnome), profoundly myopic, with big, flat Norsk feet (10.5 EEEE). Suffer from negative buoyancy, yet once a Red Cross certified life saver (since expired). Former skier, guitar player, bartender, bouncer (listed as crisis management on my resume'), cross country runner (100 lb. ago). Current boater, paintball player, hunter, snowmobiler and Dad (none of which I do well). Been a resident of Minnesota, with occasional exceptions, "Since back in the late fifties". Currently straddle the Minnesota/Wisconsin border, claiming asylum as a displaced scandinavian (second generation american).


4/22/2000 12:31:00 PM Submitted by Boom-Site Elf from MN says Minnesota, hats off to you!
Not to be a 'Bama slammer, but I just noticed that I managed to list Alabama in the "from" field on the bio, above.
Wrong state, sorry.

BSElf, From Minnesota, the land of the loone.

Train of thought "still boarding at the station".


6/30/2000 12:58:00 PM Submitted by Dogman from LA says Change of Name
I used to be known as FishLips. That info is already in there.



7/3/2000 9:04:00 AM Submitted by Fluker from MO says This is me!
22 years old, 6'6" 210, former (as of this March )college basketball player.
Hometown - Southwest Missouri, still have 1 year of school left so I move back and forth.

Work - I am a Desktop Analyst/Programmer for Bass Pro shops Corporate offices in Springfield. (When I am not in school)

Hobbies - Fishing and Basketball mainly. Have been fishing for around 6 years now. Gonna start in some bigger tourny trails this next year.

About me - Jack of all trades I guess you could say. Farmer (grew up on 3000 acre farm), Computer geek, Jock, Outdoorsman. I look talking business/fishing with people. Lastly, i really appreciate all the help from the people on this board.

Good luck and good fishing.


7/13/2000 4:12:00 PM Submitted by Jj ( from TX says Was a Jaw-Jerker now just a JJ...n/t

7/13/2000 4:43:00 PM Submitted by bigfish tx from TX says here it is!
handle: "bigfish" something i'm always after "tx" lone star state of course
marital status: married for 18 months now to my wonderful (and understanding) wife patti, wondering why i didn't do it sooner, greatest move i've made yet!!

job: small antenna sales for a major telecommunications company. satellite antennas, and no, not the ones on top of your houses, the ones that broadcast that signal up to the satellite and come back down to your house!! worked all over the world for 2 years installing these antennas, have got to fish in kuwait, greece, and what used to be known as borneo. nothing like east texas bass fishing, and women for that matter!! wife works at tyler jet, and after 2 years, i've still not been able to get any free tickets to the texas motor speedway to see the tyler jet motorsports pontiac race!!

fishing: NEVER enough, can't get enough, will never ever get enough. i've bass fished for over 20 years now in east texas, entered my first tournament at age 13 and was actually on the board with a limit. have won 2 tourneys this year, just recently (last 2 years) have gotten back into bass fishing pretty seriously. my father in law sold me his boat, '93 model 482V w/175 mariner and i'm in it every chance i get. have affectionately named it, with my wifes approval, "the other woman".

other interests: hunting dove, quail, pheasant, and recently deer. also, working on how to make a living in the fishing industry, sure not gonna be from my winnings!! haha

free form: i'm 33 years old, 6'2", 225 lbs, (was 180 lbs before i got married). have got the most beautiful and funny 11 month old girl, jenna. she is what i look forward to every day!! i actually went to junior college with gene graddick and got "reacquainted" with him here on this page, small, small, world. have talked with thad, triton mike, and split shot, looking forward to meeting all of these "characters".


7/13/2000 10:21:00 PM Submitted by basscat21 from NJ says bio
Handle: run a basscat Pantera II, the 21 comes from my number it College, I played LaCrosse.
Marital status? aaaaah was engauged once and had a few scares, but like to fish and hunt to much.

Job/life: age: 36 work for Dept. of defense. Its a job. Pop was a Career Army Col. so I lived all over the place. Graduated HS in Hawaii, moved to NJ and went to college. Played Lacrosse, was the Capt. and leading scorer. Degree: LaCrosse No really a BA in Business. Stayed on at the Base my Dad retired out of. Hunting is good.

Fishing: I have fished local buddies since 89', Redman, Foxwoods, NJ Federation, MBAA (national on the Hudson.USFA. Was the alt. for the regional in 92 for federation. Fish a couple times a week.

hobbies: making Traditional archery equipment shoot a long bow and recurve, Fishing, Playing LaCrosse as long as my knees hold up. And working on the family property in Walton NY.


7/20/2000 11:44:00 PM Submitted by Senor Bull Fighter from Mexico says Mi bio
I come from the edge of TJ. I grew up eating fresh meat from my padre, Senor Senior Bull Fighter. Now I roam the world in search of great battles with bulls. I have noticed el Papa Bull here. When I am not bullfighting, I am watching tv.

7/21/2000 10:15:00 AM Submitted by Tboss from WA says Bio
Handle: Short version - Tboss is short for Trailboss, name of my first boat ('15 whaler SS) got it willed to me from my great Uncle in Montana who was the trailboss for a large cattle rancher around the turn of the century.

Marital Status: Married the girl next door, we've known each other since we were kids - 2 daughters now, 4 & 6, married about 8 years.

Job: Operations manager for 500,000sqf Distribution Center, 112 employees - union boys.

Fishing: Puget sound for Salmon: Blackmouth, Silvers, Kings, Sockeye & Humpies. Halibut, Lings, Cod. Dungeoness Crab & tiger shrimp. Lakes for trout, Kokanee & Steelhead. Some smallies & largmouth East of the mountains on the Columbia river. Recently upgraded the old whaler for a new Trophy W/A (3 girls in the boat - needed a pottie) Kidneys couldn't take the pounding the old Super Sport like to dish out on the Sound.

Education: University of Washington Alum, University of Puget Sound Alum. have both undergrad & grad degrees - law school drop-out (we have enough shysters - didn't want to join that club)


7/26/2000 8:51:00 AM Submitted by Darlene from MA says I would rather talk about you.
I am 26 years old and teach second grade in my hometown, Atholl. I got my degree from Fitchburg State and am working on my masters. I run six days a week, and enjoy playing volleyball, hiking, camping, and rock climbing. When I'm stuck in the city I prefer reading to television and dancing to unwind. I have light brown hair, green eyes, I am 5'6" and weigh 110 lbs D

7/26/2000 9:32:00 AM Submitted by Wildman from DE says Just the facts
I am a native Delawarean, 45 years old, and currently going through a divorce. I'm 6' 3" tall weigh 185, have brown hair (with too much grey) and hazel eyes, and have a full beard. I have one 19 year old daughter that lives with me from my first marriage. I have met a lady recently who seems to be what I wish I had a long time ago, but time will tell. I fish just saltwater in the Delaware Bay and have a 17' Manatee with a 70hp O/B. Catching flounder, weakfish, blues and striper are my main focus and as such eat what I catch. My main hobbies are photography and sports. I have coached a girls softball team in Milford Little League for 10 - 12 year olds for 10 years and really get a kick out of watching the kids grow up and become young adults. My handle, Wildman, was given to me by a former neighbor who thought it was fitting because of my zest for life and love of a good party. That kinda sums it up.

Still likes a good party.


8/4/2000 1:19:00 PM Submitted by Red Ned from CA says OK here goes
Ned is my given name (rather not give last name cuz I'm not sure about internet security). Chose Red Ned when I found out how to register and after the name of a pirate in the book Riptide.
Born and raised outside the town of Sanger, Tx. and lived there until about a year ago. Family had a couple hundred acres that the govt. chose to build a lake on/over so what was ours is now at the bottom of lake Ray Roberts, (when I get back to visit I do know a few spots that aren't on any maps, they're kinda hard to find though). Moved to Ca. a year ago when the small software company I work for merged with another and I was transfered. Plan on getting back to Tx. ASAP!

42 years old and single. Don't forsee any changes, especially here in California. Will wait to get back to Tx. to find the right gal.

Fish 100% for bass but haven't had time since coming out here. Even sold my 97 Ranger w/ 200 on it but will replace in near future I hope.

Don't follow politics much but hope GWB wins as I can't think of anything Gore could do to help our country out.

I think this is a really interesting board with lots of diverse people.

Red Ned


8/4/2000 1:46:00 PM Submitted by Litetackleman from AL says I might as well tell you my story too
I grew up on Lake Sinclaire in middle Georgia,been fishing since I could hold a stick. I prefer light tackle and finesse fishing , hence the nickname, I Moved to Montgomery ,Alabama when I was a teen and began fishing the Coosa and Tallapoosa rivers as well as Lake Martin, and Lake Jordan. I go to Orange Beach , AL about twice a month and get my saltwater fix, but I mainly fish for big river Spots, looking for that Deca-Spot to get my name in the books...Caught a fer 6lb.ers, still trying. I work as an Environmental Consultant for a small engineering firm. I am 28 and soon to be father for the first time. Not very political, Kind of a less is better attitude toward governmental programs......Thats Me...LTM


8/4/2000 2:33:00 PM Submitted by Litetackleman from AL says Oh Yeah my boats
I have a second generation boat I grew up in (my earliest memories fishing in), My dad habded it down when he moved to Orange Beach, it is a 1976 Sabre trihull rigged to the hilt for trolling, crappie, striper, whatever....with a Johnson 88 Special and an old evinrude 24 volt bowmount but stick steer trolling motor. My other boat is a 17 foot Express alumaweld with a Yamaha 50 jet foot, and a motor guide 65lb bow mount, for runnin da rivers and rapids. It puts me on fish that see maybe 20 lures a year and 15 are mine.....I repair reels and rods in my spare time for friends and favors.....I tried to do it for the public but it was a pain in my arse.......Thats it .......LTM


8/4/2000 3:27:00 PM Submitted by Els from IA says Bio
Handle: Nickname from work. Last name Elsberry. So Els.
Marital status: Not married close a couple times but dodged the bullet.

Job: Do maintainence for a chain of Mexican Restaurants. After the factory I worked for 27 years closed down. Bitter not me.

Fishing: Bass. Secretary of local club. Fish the Mississippi River plus lakes here in Iowa. Fish Beaver Lake in Ark. when visiting my Mother in Bentonville. Other. Use to go to Canada every year to catch big Pike and SM Bass. Can't go now. Bitter not me.

Interests: Used to sail a Hobie Cat when younger. Now I fish the lakes I sailed on. Keep tropical fish, African Cichlids. Two cats grey tiger male Vern and yellow tiger female Missy (brother and sister) Use to snow ski in Colorado every year. Bitter not me. Raced motorcyles in the early 70's. All types. Short track, half mile,MX and enduro. Of course should mention BFHP and all the great boards. Thanks Gerry. Had to sell my 884 Nitro when the job went. Bitter not me. Non- boater now but fish with friends in the club.

Freeform: Like Bill, just celebrated my 16th annual 39th birthday in June. 5'3" 225+ but who's counting. Losing brown hair but still have more than 2 younger brothers. Had back surgery middle of July so have alot of time on hands. Post on boads some if I feel I can help. Check here at least twice a day. Too much time. LOL I guess that's me.

GL&GF Els ><)));>


8/6/2000 9:06:00 AM Submitted by Bucket mouth from MO says Late.
Better late then never.
Married for 11 years,1 stepson,19 years old.

I've been a lineman for quite awhile.

Navy brat, have lived all over the country.

Boat: 95 17 foot quantum. 120hp.

Fish for anything with fins, some bass tourneys.

Basically a conservative, liberalism just doesn't ring true with me. I'm also not very good with words but will usually say exactly whats on my mind. Will pull no punches.

Been on the board for about 5 months.


9/15/2000 9:41:00 AM Submitted by Sam from TX says Me
Allright: I'm 36 years old Been married 5 years to my second wife I have 4 children to 14 year old boys One 12 year old girl one 2 year old girl I am an onsite coordinator for an IT company My hobbies are fishing and most any outdoor activity. I am a native Houstonian and I really enjoy conversing with all you lepers.


10/5/2000 12:47:00 PM Submitted by Jj ( from TX says Was
Jaw-Jerker...now just a JJ...see Jaw-Jerker for BIO...
Warning...don't believe everything you read :>)


10/6/2000 8:56:00 AM Submitted by Hound Dog from GA says Bio
OK - Ok........here it is. Handle---Partner gave it to me cause I had a habit of sniffing out BIG bass!!! Marital status---like most of ya, I'm hooked Job---I work for GE appliances, make ya stoves!! Fishing---BASS, and the occasional saltwater species, but mostly lunker BASS. Other--- got a Bro. and a Sis. 2 stepdaughters, and no pets!!! I own & operate a '84 RANGER/150 MERC. Drive a '99 Chevy silverado.....anything else, just ask me!!


12/14/2000 6:00:00 PM Submitted by Legate from TX says Legate bio
Born and raised Houston Texas, 7/30/59. 41 years old. Married 22 years, 3 kids 1 basset hound Sr. Programmer Analyst for American National Insurance Company in Galveston. I grew up bass fishing and only bass fishing. Since moving to clear lake to take the job in galveston, i have changed all of my gear to saltwater. I'm hooked. A regular on the 2coolfishing.com message board. Been lurking over here for about a year. I don't have a boat yet, 1 in college and 2 in high school. My boat has to wait.


12/15/2000 2:47:00 PM Submitted by Dog ( from LA says Bio
Handle:I got the name Dog because from I worked on the road as a recovery agent I could find most anyone and made special efforts to find people others could not . Marital status: I have been married for 13 years to my present wife(#2), she is a true "Southern Lady" and spoiled rotten ! I have 5 step children(they are my kids I hate the step part)and we have a son together and now have 5 grand children almost 6 . My wife is 5 years my senior , I told her once when she turned 40 I was trading her for two 20 year olds , she recently turned 40 but I know better than to tell her now LOL ! Job: Executive Vice President of a repossession agency , been repossessing for almost 13 years , I joined the USAF at 18 , I worked in the timber industry(packed a mean chainsaw) after the military and also a monument co. digging graves . General: I am 35 and slowly losing my hair on top , Im 6ft. and weigh 200 lbs and gaining , I smoke a pipe because cigarettes were killing me faster than I was ready to go . I don't drink or do drugs , I had enough of that in the Air Force i guess to last a lifetime . I have not found anything I cannot do but plenty I don't want to . I'm easy to get along with unless provoked(situation determines response) , fairly gullible as I trust anyone until given reason otherwise . I am a stickler for rules but if a better way is out there I will go thru hell to find it. I hate being wrong but accept it as a true learning experience . Hobbies: Fishing , hunting , war games and now you can see I'm "Hooked"(watch it I may not be so easy always LOL)on this Board .


12/18/2000 10:15:00 AM Submitted by David M from VA says bios
Handle- David M, used to be Osprey. started to register and someone else had taken it.
Personal- Single, 34yrs, Procurement manager of local VDOT HQ.

Boat- 93 nitro 170TF Rick Clunn Edition w/ 90hp OMC

Interest- Fish for Bass mainly with a occasional trout stream trip. Other interest include guns and hunting both big and small game. Avid grouse hunter and deer hunter. Basically the year is divided into two seasons, hunting and fishing, although fishing never really goes out of season for me.



12/21/2000 12:26:00 AM Submitted by The International Lepper from Australia says Well
From Western Australia Hence International Lepper
54 yy

Married 31 years to Mrs Bob. Neither of us have ever remembered an aniversary till about 2 weeks after the event

3 little Bobs all grown up and left home

1 grand son (that we know of)

Storeman in international air cargo Sidelined due to back injury.

Boat is a 19' plate ali ex commercial side centre consol. In the sick bay for last 2 years in sympathy with me. Needs motor rebuilt due to bearing failure on backbone like me

Fishing is shore saltwater tossing lures

Likes camping etc

Drives a 4.2l diesel Nissan Patrol 4x$ SWB

Been haunting the BFHP for a few years and the temptation was too great not to join in and add some international flavour. Originally to stir up CRUDMOUSE.


3/2/2001 2:15:00 AM Submitted by withaY from TX says Bio
My name is Dayle, withaY. Now you know how I came up with my handle.
My claim to fame is that I can honestly say that I most likely get to Ray Bob more often than anybody on this board. Last year I figure I missed less than 10 weekends total. Note I said get to Ray Bob, unfortunately I didn't say I go to Ray Roberts and FISH. My wife, Debby, and I bought some land in '99 that adjoins Ray Roberts and we spend nearly every weekend there working on something. We currently have it set up as a weekend getaway, but plan to build our retirement home someday. We keep quite busy keeping a place in Ft. Worth and at Ray Roberts in shape, but it is worth it. Both of my stepdaughters are grown and married, so when the weekend comes, there is nothing to keep us in the city.

It is just awesome to get out of the city and to the lake on weekends. Many a night I've sat next to my roaring campfire, just taking in all the sounds (owls hooting, frog croaking, some kind of bird which sounds like a horse, coyotes howling, etc.), and thought about how envious you lepers must be when you finally get to read my BIO :>)

I'm 40 and been married to Debby since 1987. My two daughters are going on 27 and 25. I was a software engineer for a local Ft. Worth aerospace company who hasn't programmed in six years. That is what happens when you get promoted to what they call "team lead".

I fish out of a blue and white Glastron open bow Ski and Fish I/O (very nice boat to fish out of except when it windy). My largest bass (at Ray Bob) is 6 1/2 on an ultra-light slider rig. I lost a 10+ on a slider when the hook straighten out while it was taking line out.

I grew up in Minnesota and went to school at MIT - Minnesota Institute Technology. I moved to Texas in 1984 and haven't left. So what am I classified as? North or South?

I've seriously thought about attending the Mini-Rally at Ray Bob this spring, but since I'm not a regular posting leper, I'm sort of apprehensive. I've been lurking around the BFHP for a couple of years now. I've posted couple of stories on the boat ramp page and also a couple of jokes on the non-fishing page as the Jokester from Texas. I just don't have time to post, but I enjoy keeping up with what's going on on non-fishing page.

My most recent interest (or hobby I guess you can say) has been astronomy. I got a telescope for my birthday last January. I've enjoyed the moons of Jupiter, the rings of Saturn, and Orion Nebula to date.

So, if you see somebody bobber fishing from shore on the west side of the Ray Bob peninsula, that's us taking it easy after a hard day's work.



5/1/2001 2:14:00 PM Submitted by TX Top Dog from TX says Me.
I hail from San Antonio, TX where I was born and bred. My favorite lure to fish is a Top Dog in Baffin for big reds and big trout, hence my handle.
I am 30, and have been married for two years to the day (at least on the day I am writing this). No kids, yet.

I am a degreed Biologist and have worked as a Pharmaceutical R&D Scientist for the past 5 years.

I love to fish...doesn't matter a lot for what...just as long as it's a fish. I like speckled trout, reds, black drum, flounder, black bass, stripers, catfish, heck...even a gar puts up a heckuva fight!! I also love to dove hunt. I am even fortunate enough to have an attractive wife who enjoys all of these activities also.

I just sold my last boat and have ordered (and will be fishing out of by June) a 23' Bay Ranger (white with deep green metalflake) with a 250 hp Yamaha. I love to meet new folks, if you see me down in the Corpus area...be sure to stop me and say hi!!

I am a volunteer fire fighter with the Bexar Bulverde VFD located just north of San Antonio and am currently in training to receive my ECA (Emergency Care Attendant) certification. I don't have any desire to do this for a career, but I certainly want to be able to help others.

I am very playful and like good, quit-witted conversation. I also like astronomy, good music, and kickin' back around the campfire.


5/1/2001 2:41:00 PM Submitted by nickbear from FL says Me Bio
5/1/2001 11:18:00 AM Submitted by nickbear from FLORIDA says My Bio Handle- nickbear, The names of my two beloved Lab dogs. Home- Seminole County Florida just far enough away from the tourists in Orlando.
Marital Status- Celebrated two year anniversary on March 20. She is a public school teacher.

Kids- I am having too much fun at this point in life. The wife thinks different.

Job- Unemployed, living on unemployment insurance..somebody has to pay for the boat. Now really, hope no one is watching, I work in project accounting.

Boat- 2001 Godfrey Marine Fish and Cruise Pontoon boat, yes pontoon boat, with a C-60 Yamaha. Also have a canoe and kayak.

Fishing- Bass in the St. Johns River. Crappie in varius lakes. Catfish in the retention pond out in the back.

Form & Figure- 5'11' and just over 200.

Anything Else- I am down to earth, easy going, and nothing bothers me more than people who throw their trash in the water.

Favorite TV show- Seinfeld

Education- BA in Communicative Disorders

Sports- Love the Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Sabres, Orlando Magic, and the University of Central Florida Knights.


5/1/2001 3:49:00 PM Submitted by TexacoRide from VA says Handle Change...
Only about a year late, but I am the smart mouth formerly known as Kris. :)

   That's it, hope you enjoy~ from Brad  1/5/2014 11:22:40 PM
 5/1/2001 8:15:00 PM Submitted by Chickfisher ( from AL says It is me!!
So here I go...
Handle- Chickfisher, This came out of a group effort on the BOAT RAMP page. I could not come up with anything good so everyone helped. Since I live in Brevard county Florida, near Stickmarsh, someone mentioned that I should be called Stickficher. This got changed into Chickfisher since I liked that a little more.

Home- Like I said Brevard County Florida.

Marital Status- Not married but I have found the one.

Kids- Only the 4 legged kind

Job- Insurance Agent

Boat- 2000 Gheenoe with a 25hp Johnson (now we can play the what in the world is a Gheenoe game)

Fishing- Bass in the St. Johns River. Redfish in the Indian River Lagoon

Form & Figure- (this way I know how scared to be when you get mad at me) 5'8" 125lbs. (yes I guess that I should have been the stick fisher)

Anything Else- Well, I work hard and I play hard, and please don't ever get offended by anything that I say. I am only kidding.


5/25/2001 9:58:00 AM Submitted by Reel Work from TX says This bees me....
So here I go...
Handle- Reel Work, Name of my boat...31 years old, 5'11 - 185... and I'm lean, mean, drinking and fishing machine!

Home- San Antonio, Tex for 4 years now, originally from Houston.

Marital Status- i have never been married but I am with the one I believe - she's loads of fun, easy going and likes to fish!

No real Kids but I do have a Dog (Dutch) and Cat (shiner - yes, as in Bock)

Job Don't have one but wait, it's a life! Military of 12 years. :-)

Boat- Wellcraft V-20 Step lift with 145Hp volvo I/O

I love fishing locally Striped Bass at Calaveras when time is an issue but prefer Offshore action out of Port Aransas for anything that will tug, make my arms tired and bring a smile with some friends!

Well, like chickfisher said, I work hard and play hard, and please don't ever get offended by anything that I say. I am only kidding. Don't mean to steal anything but when someone else says it perfectly, why mess with it! :-)

Thanks! Chris


5/25/2001 11:11:00 AM Submitted by spinnerB8 from VA says At the request of the Hi Sherriff...
here goes.
Handle: spinnerB8, cause that's what I throw when not throwing everything else in the box

Age:47, 5'10', 220 (not fat, big boned)

Marital status: once married to a Sucubus, then to the Devil incarnate then was lucky enough to to find and divorce The Ice Queen.

Occupation: Television Producer/Director.

Lots of freelance with TNN Motorsports, ESPN and The Duce,Sunshine Sports Network, etc.

Hobbies: George Dickle, sailing, cooking, golf (13hcp), marlin tourney fishing, music and stuff

Boats: 15' Sea Nymph w/25 hp Suzuki, MinnKota tm. 15' day sailer ( sold the 27 Hunter a couple of years ago

and had the have some kinda blow boat)

Passions: Enjoying the single life, travel and bassfishing

Favorite places: all of Switzerland, Sangre de Cristo mountains in southern Colorado, Islamorada,Fla and Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Freeform: Not lookin' but hope one day to find that special one. The one that'll be around long enough

to fetch my teeth out of the glass, wheel me out to the front porch occasionally and change my Depends as needed.

Seriously considering buying a live-aboard.


5/25/2001 2:39:00 PM Submitted by Treble Clef ( from OK says Let me try
The handle comes from a combination of my two favorite activities.. fishing and music. I love to fish and I have a recording studio in my house. I play a variety of instruments and all types of music.
Married going on 6 years now. Will be in October 2001. I am 25 years old. I am 6-0 and 275#'s. You could say I am a country boy. Corn-fed and tough as nails. (so they say)

Without giving the name.... I work for a company that can be found on 90% of TV's, available to 100% of internet capable PC's and on millions of coffee tables world-wide. I work in the design and development area for this Entertainment based data provider. (figure that one out)

Fishing: I have a 2000 ProCraft Pro 175 with a Mercury 125. I enjoy Bass and Crappie fishing and the occasional sandbass outing.

I was born in Tulsa and have lived in a neighboring community ever since.

I greatly enjoy the outdoors and sharing time in it with my wife. She is not much for fishing, but it gives me practice for the day I go pro (ha ha) since I'll have had an observer on my back deck since the get go.


6/26/2001 5:19:00 PM Submitted by Ms.maytag ( from TX says I don't know about this.. but here goes
My handle is connected with my husband our phone hardly rings.. Married status.. He is my third ,and the best, we have been married 14yrs on july 29, we have 2 children a daughter 13yrs going on 20 and a son 9 who loves rpg games.. final fantasy series is his favorite. I am orginally from northern Ca. upon gratuation moved to Lake Tahoe, Nev. worked for Harvey's casino for 10 years then moved to las Vegas for 6 yrs where I met mr.maytag. Moved back to no. Calif for 5 yrs. then to Houston area where my husband was born and raised.. been here (no of houston in Conroe 3yrs. I am 49yrs old 5'2" and 115. red headed as most know so is my daughter. I was a blackjack dealer for most of my working days.. I am now hard at work being a wife (not hard work) mother (a little harder) and teacher(hardest one). which means I homeschool and have done it for 4yrs now. we have pygmy goats 7 of them 10 chickens, 3 cats. 7 silver feeder fish that my husband brought home and I put in our empty 30 gallon tank.. He fishes I don't ... our son tries . daughter would rather ride her horse. Almost forgot our dog Shep.. a 200 pound great pyrennes mix... I love to tease and joke around.. I love to read, craft and cook: hate housework.... I love country music and rock and roll classics.. and mowing the lawn.. that's about it except.. kiss kiss


6/27/2001 11:24:00 AM Submitted by Fearbait from PA says My Bio
My name is Craig Fear so the handle is not tough to figure out. My nick name in high school was actually Fearbate and it is a long story how that started. I was given the name by the track team when I ran long distance- Cross Country and track. I grew up in West Chester, Pa and currently live in Downingtown(closer to Lancaster).
I am 35 years old 6'1" and 210lb(+-) depending on the time of year.

I went to Indiana University of PA near Pittsburgh (the home of Jimmy Stewart) and got my Criminology degree. I ran security for a department store for five years out of college. The store was in a very bad part of Philly. I got tired of chasing crackheads and the riff raff so I moved on to selling insurance. I currently work for an agent.

I have never been married but I live with my girlfriend of three years. We have two black children. Tucker, an 8 year old lab and Maya, an SPCA special that looks like a small black shepherd. She is 1.5 years old and has more energy than any other dog I have met. I would put here up against any dog in a race.

When I got out of college I bought a Waverunner and that was my hobby for several years (no one is going to talk to me now). I spent all my free time out in the ocean alone on that thing. Had a lot of incredible flipper interaction and even saw humpback whales once. Then it blew up on me.

When I was 26 a friend took me to Canada fishing and I fell in love with it. I like to fish for anything but I don't own a boat. I have been to Canada four times and once was a fly in trip. I also do some deep sea fishing for blues but my favorite is fishing for stripers. I like to do a lot of canoeing/ camping. I do most of my freshwater fishing on the Susquehanna River from a canoe for smallies. Also do a lot of trout fishing.

My other interests are roller hockey, hiking and reading(novels).

Finally, I came across this sight earlier this year trying to figure out where to fish in Florida on vacation. I started lurkin then postin my two cents here and there. I love hanging around here and would be honored to fish with everyone sometime. I believe it was BOG and Dog who kind of took me under their wings.


7/10/2001 8:54:00 PM Submitted by Packman from OH says O.K., here's my bio...
Packman's Bio... I was born in the great year of 1957. A good time to be born for one reason because I was fortunate enough to miss getting drafted and going to war, but I very much respect and appreciate those who did serve. A good time to be born also because I grew up during a time when our country was undergoing many changes in music, lifestyles, dress, etc. etc. Some were good and some weren't but it was a COOL time to grow up.
Before going any further, my name is Kevin. The Packman name came out of my love for the Green Bay Packers who I started following around 1964 and have been loyal to ever since especially after seeing teams like the Cleveland Browns moved from one area where the fans just loved them to another city. The Packers won't move and hopefully they won't fold and that's why I invested some money in the team because they are owned by the fans.

O.K., sorry to go on there too long probably. I grew up in a small town in central Ohio and I still like the small town feeling. I think cities are good to visit and explore but wouldn't want to live in one but since I never have, that's just my opinion.

I graduated from THE Ohio State University in 1979 with a B.S. in B.A. with an Accounting major. I have been working for a little over 20 years for a small family owned commercial construction company and now I'm the Treasurer for the company.

In 1983, I married my lovely wife. Unfortunately, that was the same year my father died. He was the one who taught me how to fish and I still cherish the days when we used to fish together. My wife and I have two children, a daughter born in 1986 and a son born in 1989. It doesn't seem possible but in a few years my wife and I will be celebrating 20 happy years of marriage.

We enjoy (of course) fishing, camping, and playing or attending or watching many other sporting events. We have a Lowe 17 ft. Fish 'n Ski boat right now that the whole family enjoys for all water sports.

Almost forgot, our other family member is a yellow lab named Reggie who is 3 years old now.

Guess that's about it except for the fact that I really enjoy this site especially everyone on the non-fishing site and hope to make a rally someday to meet everyone in person.


7/11/2001 3:39:00 PM Submitted by RipDaLips from TX says Awwwwww.........here you go.
Nunya D@mn Business. lol

Nuff Said


11/22/2001 6:16:00 PM Submitted by Frankfas1 ( from NJ says Bio
My name is Frank Schrader. I'm 54 years old come Dec 29th of this year. I'm married to my lovely wife of 27 years, Cynthia. We have three kids, 2 boys and a girl. Almost forgot, Mackensy the dog, Boston Terrior,
I'm retired since 1992 due to bad back.I drove tractor/trailor for the postal service. Prior to that, I was an auto mechanic, a school custodian, steelmill worker, electrician, plumber, factory worker, self employed, unemployed, You name it, I probably did it. I even tried being a gigolo. Made no money there.

I have a 28 ft boat used for saltwater fishing. I know, the boat don't help the back. But I'm not giving up the only enjoyment I have. I also go camping every weekend down the shore in New Jersey. That way I get to do both at the same time. The people from the campground where we have a seasonal camp site, are great people, like you here on this site. Once you are accepted into the group, you are just like family. All for one and one for all. Being with them on the weekends is like going to a rally. One long party every weekend.

Enough already, need more, call me. I live in Pa. home phone is 215-945-9205. Ask for Frank


11/22/2001 6:20:00 PM Submitted by Frankfas1 from AL says Forgot my EMAIL addy
and my RED letters.
EMAIL me at Frankfas1@aol.com.


7/2/2002 3:23:00 PM Submitted by TexasGeorge from TX says Thought I did do this before i got kicked off the board???
Born on July 31 1960 in Duluth Minn. Father was KIA in Vietnam and my mother kind of lost it afterwards. Was adopted by my grandmother and raised in Ky from age 6 to 18. After High school I joined the Army and became a tank mechanic. Spent 2 different three year tours in Germany and a tour in Desert Storm. Rest of the time in either Ft Knox Ky or Ft Hood Tx. Was a mechanic, motor sergeant, instructor, and military hardware tester. Retired as an E8 after 21 years in 99. I am an ASE certified auto mechanic but it pays less than database administrator does, so I have been working as a military contractor since.
Was married to my high school sweetheart and have two boys from her (ages 21 and 11). We divorced in 96 after 15 years. Hence the need to work after retirement i.e. she gets half.

My 11-year-old has been living with me the last two years and is the apple of my eye. I try to do a lot with him and he is doing well in school and sports. We have a Border Collie named Buddy.

My significant other has been living with me since 96. We spend all our free time together. We have a travel trailer on a local lake and we usually spend weekends there. She loves to fish and is very good at it.

Hobbies include: fishing (mostly bass), hunting, working on cars, welding, auto restoration, RC airplanes, guns, travel, goofing off on BFHP, etc. You get the picture.

Middle to far right on political issues. Listen to 60s-80s Rock and Roll and country (Thanks to being divorced lol.). Have a 2000 TR 20 Triton and 2 Ford trucks (97 F150 & 2002 F250) and a 1967 Pontiac GTO 400 CID/ His Hers shifted TH 400/Candy Red with black interior.


7/2/2002 8:45:00 PM Submitted by Won Hunglo from TX says Won Hunglo
Handle - Won Hunglo. Got that nick name in a bowling ally 20 years ago. I was at "rock and bowl" with my Jr. High School freinds and we all entered the free drawing for a record album. I put in many entries such as Jack Meaoff, Mike Hunt, Pat McCrotch Fucter Goodman and(drum roll please)....Won Hunglo. Won Hunglo was drawn that night. Ever since then I have been Won Hunglo. Thank God Jack Meaoff did not get drawn. "The Great Won" was added when the Houston Rockets drafted Hakeem Olajuwon. He was called "the great one" by the media. My friends started calling me "The Great Won". I could not get rid of it so it stuck with me.
Marital Status - No wife. No kids known to exist.

Job - Health, Safety & Environmantal Representative for one of the largest Chemical plants in the Houston TX area.

Fishing - I fish for bass year round from my 2001 Ranger 518vx. It is power by (drum roll please).......A 2001 200 FICHT!.....Yea thats right. A FICHT!

Other Interests - Paintball. I love playing paintball. If you do not like it I will light your ase up with my 2002 WDP Angel C & C at about 12 balls a second. Chicks dig the Angel. Nuff said. Freeform - BFHP! Good people, tons of information and cheap entertainment. What more could you ask for.

The Great Won


9/25/2002 12:25:00 PM Submitted by Desert Dweller from WA says Hey, It's my Turn.
So what, I'm late so sue me.
Handle: Uh duh. Desert Dweller. Used to be Spooled Again but Gerry messed up that. I mean just try to post using that and see WTF happens. hehe I've used many others but so what, every body else does too.

Single: married for 16 years . Two boys: Spooley Jr. (6'-4") and Lil' Spooled (6'-6").

For the money: Road Whore managing contracts for Fluor. Next assignment: Kuwait

Fish fresh mostly on Lake Conroe where I own a home. No fine boat now. Sold it cuz I travel too dang much to let it sit and depreciate. Like to catch good table fare fish. None of that crap you gotta soak, marinate, and then beat three days with a baseball bat.

Other interests: What guys like and I don't need to spell it out for you retards either.

Freeform: My name is written in the Lambs Book of Life. I been posting on wmi.org for too long and all agree to that I am sure. Most of you guys either hate me or depise me and I can certainly live with that. I wouldn't want it any other way, otherwise yall would be pesterin me. hehe!



9/27/2002 10:36:00 AM Submitted by Shad Rapper from TN says You really want to know?
OK, name: Scott W. Age: 45 Wife and two kids, boy - 12, girl - 10. System Support Manager for high security educational test production and distribution facility. Design, test, install and maintain all software and hardware designed to pick and pack variety of testing programs for assessment of academic acheivement for about half the states in the union from grade 2 through high school and guarantee 100% accuracy. Drives a five year old red Dodge Ram. 6'2", 210 lbs, dirty blonde. Graduated Willis High School in 1975 and got BSIE (Industrial Engineering) degree from Texas A&M (Whoop!) in 1980.

Boat: 19' Red/white/silver metal flake 2001 Startos SS19Extreme w/ 200HP Johnson. Will do about 75 mph which is about the only fun I have sometimes since I rarely catch a fish. Fish Boone Lake in Tenn mostly but occasionally go to other area lakes in east Tenn. Relocated because of job in 2001 after living in Texas all my life. Born in Houston.

Loves ice hockey and any tv show that my wife can't stand. (That means it's good!). Can't ever fish enough. Fish about 3 times a week and love night fishing when all the water turds and turd choppers are off the lake. Interested in getting into lure making, particularly jigs and spinner baits. Only owns three pairs of shoes, unless you count my cold-weather fishing boots.

Fished about 6 tournaments and always seem to finish just one or two places out of the money.

Shad Rapper


10/2/2002 1:20:00 PM Submitted by Neal Edwards from AL says update
Guess I'll update my Bio since a lot has changed since January '00.
I moved to Tuscaloosa, AL in September '02 to take a job with Gulf States Paper Corp. After 22 years in Memphis, this was a huge change. I work in Information Systems Support, supporting a ton of different software applications from the basic O/S to more complex software products such as Citrix and Pecas, and networking through both NT and Novell. My long term goal is a systems administrator position.

I had quite a few side jobs that I did for pocket money in Memphis. Couple of small insurance companies, a mortgage company or two, and a few individuals. Basically I just did network maintenance for the small offices and PC repair for a few different individuals...working pretty much on a referral basis. But it put a little extra cash in my pocket. I still haven't got any side jobs lined up down here in bama, but I really haven't tried to push that yet, or had the time. This new company it keeping me BUSY! I didn't know what work was till I got down here.

I graduated from Christian Brothers University in Memphis in May '02 with a B.S. in Information Technology Management. Now that I'm down here in 'Bama I'm seriously thinking about going back to school for an MBA. When I graduated with my undergraduate degree, I never thought I'd go back for a Masters. But now, looking at where I want to go in life, I think the masters would definitely help me attain my goals. And on top of that, I've met a few of the guys from the local Kappa Sig chapter and I really feel like the old guy. I didn't realize how much fun college was till I started missing it. Going to college parties as Alumni just don't cut it. So I'm really thinking about going back to school down here. UofA has an MBA Tech program that is supposed to be really good. Probably be a good way for me to meet people, too, since i'm now several hundred miles away from all my college buddies and fishing partners.

Hobbies: Bass fishing, duck hunting, wakeboarding. Now that I'm in bama, hopefully I'll get to start fishing Guntersville on a regular basis. From everything I've heard, that is the place to be. In tuscaloosa, I've got 4 or 5 lakes within a 15 minute drive of my apartment. I haven't found any new honey holes yet, but I'm working on it.

The only thing that rivals my love of bass fishing is duck hunting. I manage a duck club in Hickory Ridge, AR. I've got 750 acres of rice/bean fields on a really low lying farm. This is completely levied all the way around. Once my farmer gets his rice out, I close off the pipes and turn on all three wells and make one big lake for the ducks every winter. Last year I hunted 38 days out of a 60 day season. Probably won't get to do that this year....matter of fact, I know I can't. Being in bama is really making it more difficult to manage things with the farm, since i'm 5 hours away now instead of 1 1/2.

My boat, as I think most everybody knows, is a '99 Sprint 286 Pro Tournament edition. It's got a 150 Fastrike on the back. Great looking Red/Gold color scheme. It runs pretty good for an 18 footer/150 combo, but I've got the need for speed. Gotta get an Ally. My dream boat is an Allison XB2003 ProSport with a 225X promax on the back. It'll smoke anything on the water, and seat 5. I like to wakeboard, too, but I find myself using my boat less and less for skiing/tubing as several of my buddies now have real ski boats.

Tow vehicle is a '02 Dodge Ram. Yeah, this new body style is ugly and it has IFS under the front like a ford or chevy, but it is still a DODGE. Been driving mopar every since I turned 16. I traded a big bad white '01 Offroad Ram on this new truck. It had a big set of mud tires, ARB sahara bar bumper, milemarker winch, etc. It was set up nice for playing in the mud/gettin' me around the farm in AR. But as I said earlier, I'll spend a lot less time duck hunting this year and a lot more time on the road so it makes more since to have a city 4x4. That doesn't mean it won't get used, though. I bought my truck and my boat to USE and that's exactly what I plan to do.

Marital Status: uh, still single...got a lot of things I want to do before I get married....and a lot of toys left to buy (like that Allison).

Freeform: Guess I'll update my physical appearance, too. 6'1", 180 pounds, hair is no longer bleach blonde...it's back to it's original color, dark brown (platinum blond just doesn't look professional).


....obviously bored today....


2/13/2003 10:41:00 AM Submitted by Crowbar from TX says For Woodreaux
Handle is a high school nickname that has stuck with me ever since.
Born May 4, 1970 in Austin and have lived in central Texas my whole life with the exception of a year and a half I lived in Lubbock.

I am married to a wonderful woman who for some reason sees fit to put up with me. We have been married for 8 years. I have 3 kids. Stepdaughter-22, stepson-17, son-7. Also have a grandson, who turned 3 last Tuesday!

We have 2 dogs, 1 cat and 8 feesh. Ginger-golden retriever, Sassy-weenie, Bevo-orange/white tomcat, feesh-asst. African cichlids.

I have pretty much always been involved w/ the construction industry. Started framing and since have done just about everything that goes along with residential construction, with the exception of electrical work. Electricity is NOT my friend. I am currently a building inspector for the city in which I live and for another town nearby.

Fishing, hunting, camping and household projects pretty much fill up the gaps between work. Pretty non-descript, but I like it and don't want it any other way.



12/12/2003 12:55:00 PM Submitted by Eric Smith ( from IL says Bio
Handle Is of course my first name and last initial EricS
I was born on 05/20/76 I have a very beautiful wife and no kids

I have two dogs a bird.

I have an old jon boat that I have made into a rather nice bass boat I have pics if you would like to see.

I fish for bass and I also do local tournaments and trails.

For money I am a 911 police telecommunicator. I get to talk to everyone who is calling for help and the best part I think I am one of the only people who tell cops were to go and what to do, and they dont even ask why.

Well I will update later



12/12/2003 1:54:00 PM Submitted by justfishit! from GA says Here goes.........
Plethora of information!!!!! Handle: I seem to have fished with so many whinners complaining about why they don't catch fish. So I seem to say "just fish and shut up"! Real name is Trent. I am 6'4" and 250. I ain't little to say the least. 32 years old.
Marital Status: Been married for 10 years to an incredible gal. I couldn't be happier. The wife is currently 10 weeks pregnant with our first child. We have been trying for years to have kids with several dissapointments. We have never got this far in the 3 other pregnancies, so we are very happy.

Boat and Fishing: I have a 2003 195xl Stratos with 200 Yammie. It's a dream!!! I am still trying to sell my first boat (Tracker 185 w/ 40 hp) so let me know if you want it. I used to be a great golfer, but gave it up for fishing. I have grown up fishing, but never had time due to golf. I have now switched from golf to fishing in the last 8 years or so. The best times in life are when I'm on the water with family.

Jobs: I was in the golf business but made a switch about 2 years ago to my wife's family business (Unique Property management of vacant homes). It was a small family business back in the 80's but now has grown out of control.

Other Interest: Really anything outdoors. I will pick the clubs up again one day, but for now it's fishing. I go camping when ever the weather allows.

That's about all for now!


12/12/2003 6:54:00 PM Submitted by Got2fish from MO says I'm a little late, so here goes.
Name: Brad

Born: 7-2-56

I've been lurking around here for a little more than a year I guess reading what ever caught my eye, and the NF board stuck out like a sore thumb. In a good way lol.

Maritial status: I'm on #3. I culled the first two, well maybe they culled me, but anyway I'm pretty sure I'll keep this one, she's a keeper.

Children: I have a 20 year old daughter that will be getting married on Feb 7 of 2004 and a beautifull soon to be 2 year old "Jan 5th." granddaughter.

Job: Ford Motor Co. going on 27 yrs. The last 5 years as a Health and Safety Trainer/Safety Rep.

Vehicle: Ford F-250 SD

Boat/Motor: Triton TR-21, 225 Yamaha

Other intrest: Fishing and Hunting, I never seem to have enough for both.

Hopefully I'll be able to attend a Rally and get to meet some of you folks.


12/14/2003 12:52:00 PM Submitted by fatboy from OH says my bio
Ok here we go on my bio.

Handle ; fatboyÖ I ate my way to it. I am 6í and 300 lbs. Big boned. :) I was born in 1955. I have moved around but have lived most of my life in Ohio. My name is Randall.

Marital status: I am on my second marriage. First on was about 8 years with 2 kids, both girls. My oldest will be 19 next mo. And goes to the university of Cincinnati. my youngest is 17 and still in high school. My second marriage is 11 years and going strong.

Job: I am a truck mechanic. For the last 18 years with one of the largest truck leasing co.

Fishing: started fishing in my mid 20`s for mostly pan fish. Got bit by the bass bug about 10 years ago.

Other interest: my dogs, got 3. One cocker (belongs to my wife) and 2 golden retrievers pick me:). I also like to work in the yard and want the best looking house on the block. I like to work with my hands and enjoyed building my garage and doing all of my landscape ect.


12/18/2003 4:12:00 PM Submitted by RedeyeDave from MA says I guess I'm next
Redeye comes from the smallies I love to catch. They really glow when they are on the spawn! I'm 45 and married to a great woman and have been blessed with 4 beautiful kids. Three girls and a boy with ages 16,14,12 and the boy is 10. I sell high performance computer solutions. I own an old Tracker, but do most of my serious fishing off of my T partner's Ranger. We've been fishing the NH ABA now NH NEBA for the past 10 years. Got bitten by the bass bug when I was a kid, but got serious about it in 1987 when I received a couple of days with a bass guide as a Christmas present. Jim Brown gave me some pointers and a couple of years later we started fishing the trail. Looking forward to posting more, but I have been lurking around the BFHP for 3+ years. Go Norfers!!


12/18/2003 5:49:00 PM Submitted by samuel ( from TN says Bio
Name : samuel (i guess ya'all figured that out)
location : johnson city, tn

marital status : married 4+ yrs. 1 son 3+ yrs

job : civil engineering firm (we make sure that crap flows down hill and stuff like that.)(11 yrs and counting)

fishing : i fish in a local club (unicoi county bass club) i mostly fish local lakes (boone, watauga, south holston,douglas, and cherokee) and in the rivers around here (holston and nolichucky). normally take a few trips each year to buggs island, guntersville or lake murray. i fish out of an old '79procraft w/ '79 rude 150.

other interest : hunting, weightlifting, and a little golf.

freeform : i'm 34, 5'8" 170lbs. i've learned alot from this site: some good and some bad.


12/18/2003 7:50:00 PM Submitted by Crankyģ from MO says I thought I'd done this years ago..........
I'm not new to the boards.. but didn't visit this page much til about a year ago.
Handle : Crankyģ The wife gave me this name, it used to be Crankybait, but I shortened it . Since I threw alot of crankbaits and I got very "cranky" if I didn't get to go fishing much.

M Status : Married for 17 years to Donna. 1st for me and 2nd for her. We have 2 girls 18 and 16 (going on 30).

Job : Self employed, Fixing wrecked cars got my interest as a teenager, why I don't know, I have made a career of it. I have run my own shop here @ the house since 1990.

Fishing : I fished as a kid. I never really had a mentor to teach me fishing other than maybe my grandmother. She used to take us crappie fishing @ Lake Hehner in OKC. Canes poles and crickets. Girls, boyscouts and cars got my interest later in life. After I got married and the kids were old enough, we went camping alot. I love the water and we always had a boat some some type to fish from or tube behind. In Jan '98 I went to a local boat show and talked with the guys running the B.A.S.S. Casting Kids event and a month later joined that club. This year I'm the president of Mid-States Bassmasters. I bought a "tin" bass boat in '99 and have since ugraded to a Champ 191 ( should have bought it in '99... LOL) I fish the OK B.A.S.S. Federation, my Fed affiliated club and another local club. I have fished 1 MIBT and every IBBT. I have been on staff for the IBBT for 3 years.

Other Interest : Dairy goats... In '98 we got our daughters 2 dairy goats to raise and show in 4H. Since, we have developed quite a herd. '02 we had 46 on the property. Donna and I found we enjoy caring for and showing the goats and have kidnapped them and taken them to nationally sactioned shows. This last summer my oldest daughter had a yearling that took Junior Grand Champion Oberhasli @ an open show. That's quite a feather in her cap. Each goat has it's own personality, some are quiet and shy while others are quite obnoxious. Hand raising the kids is hard work, but watching them grow strong and healthy is a reward all it's own.

Forum : I have recieved good information from theses boards and have enjoyed the events and the people I have met from all over the country. This last spring I attended the Chip Rally. Woody and the leper gang made me feel @ home. I even got to catch some pike, which we din't have in MO. I may not post much, but I read just about everthing. Ya'll come up with some wild stuff... LOL I wouldn't trade a thing for the friends and times this BFHP has brought me..


12/18/2003 11:13:00 PM Submitted by DADDYFISH from GA says Here goes...
Handle - I have a fishing buddy for life. My dad had nothing to do with me (horses and women where his thing). No matter what ever happens between me & wife, I'll be the best DADDY ever known. DADDY LOVES TO FISH.
Marital Status - married 7 years--same high school sweetheart 15 years. Cooks, cleans, loves to fish, baits own hook, gets ya beer when needed, and damn good looking( I still get a boner just watching her get dressed.

Job - Drafter/designer for a custom cabinet shop.

Fishing - Grew up hunting & fishing, thanks to my uncles & granddad. Nowadays fish for anything biting, with 6 yr old son & lois. pinks anythings possible-- Boat- 12' jon boat with 5hp Mercury, 36lbs trolling, piranah 5 fishfinder, running lights, what else do ya need?

Other Interests - Just spending time with son & wife, both are addicted to fishing

Freeform - 6' 200lbs -- 31years old-- fish mostly Savannah river (Betty's branch) Clarks Hill LAKE and a few private ponds. Can't spell worth a shutz.


4/28/2005 9:38:00 PM Submitted by DADDYFISH from GA says Not much has changed...
same handle. same reason more than ever, still married to same high school sweetheart, same job, still have the john boat but with a 2004 5hp mercury on it (don't use it much now). Now have an old 84 procraft with a merc 150. gained about 20 pounds, still fish the same places. And still just enjoy spending time with wife and son. They are still addicted to fishing and fish more now than ever, with or without me. I still can't spell worth a shutz.
DF- BradC


6/14/2005 6:59:00 PM Submitted by coach from TX says Guess it's time I posted here
Handle - coach is the handle and it's because I use to be. Football was my primary sport but I have done most of them in the years that I have behind me. I didn't use a capital letter because I thought it might be shouting at everyone. That was back in the days when it took Woody three days to teach me how to e-mail.
Marital Status - Divorced for four years now and I have never had more fun in my life. Kids, yes I have two boys one 18 and the other 23.

Job - Well, my primary job is a high school teacher of physics and chemistry. The other is that I work part time as a lot lizard (that's a car salesman for those that don't know). I am probably going to give up the second job in July of 2005 so I can enjoy the vacations I have missed since I was divorced.

Fishing - LOL right now I am a bank fisherman but I do have a canoe. I only get to fish the rallies and such right now and every now and then I break away and throw a lure or two in the small rivers and creeks around here. I love to use the canoe and float through unknown waters. Just ask Crowbar.

Other Interests - I am a hunter, scuba diver and have always wanted to skydive. I also like to cook. I had to learn as I have been a Mr. Mom until the youngest graduated from HS this year. I may not be as good as some of those at the rallies but my grub will digest.

Freeform - I have been here since I don't know when and check in daily. I have been to about 4 rallies and 3 mini rallies and have met all sorts of people that I call friends. If it wasn't for this board I would have probably gone down the tubes but the folks here have given my life a new meaning. Thanks to all of you.


8/4/2005 10:20:00 PM Submitted by BrushHawg from AL says Just remember u axed 4 it
Handle - BrushHawg. It was kind of a last minute thing. It is a knock off name of my favorite bait. It was suggested that I go with weasel because of my initials (WSL) and it was high in the running till the last minute change. Fact is I donít care what ya call me please just donít call me late for dinner. lol
Marital Status Ė Married 12 Years. No kids 2-cats and a dog.

Job Ė Project Manager for an Ambulance Manufacturer. I have been with them for about 13 years total. The first round lasted 10-1/2 years and felt the grass was greener on the other side so I made a career change and sold Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks and Truck Parts for about 3 years. Sold cars for a short time. Found out that wasnít what I needed to be doing so I had an offer to go back to Excellance (Ambulances) and was glad to do so. Great company building a great product.

Fishing - Bass Prefer Smallmouth but they seem to be disappearing from the lakes around here. Started fishing in the early 80ís Fished a good bit till mid 90ís and didnít fish at all for about 6-7 years. 1st boat was a 16í Tide craft, 2nd was a 189V Stratos, 3rd was a 201Pro Stratos. Sold it to my brother when Wifey and I bought a house. Got back into fishing about 3 years ago fishing with a friend and Bought boat 4 last year. Itís a Skeeter TZX200 with a 200 Yamaha. By far the best one yet. I am blessed to be located close to some of the best lakes in the country. I live in North Alabama so I can choose Guntersville, Wheeler, Wilson (my favorite) and Pickwick. I spend more time on Wilson that the others but if anyone on the NF is passing through or wants to come fish let me know we can- not catch fish on any of em. LOL

Other Interests Ė NASCAR, A renewing interest in Drag Racing, and spending to much time on the BFHP.

Freeform Ė Came across the BFHP by luck a few months ago. Read the FP, OT and Boat Ramp pages at first then happened on the NF pages. ( The NF disclaimer caught my eye lol). Started reading and the rest is history. I think the people here are great. I appreciate the warm welcome from everybody.

A little about me. Iím a 43 year old Republican. I believe in God and Country. I donít push religion or politics on anyone. But will talk it you ya want, as long as ya donít want to argue it.

Well prolly said to much already. IF Iím gut hooked just cut the line and let the hook rust out. LOL

WSL weasel Sid BrushHawg


9/28/2005 3:26:00 PM Submitted by hammer from TN says refer to 152 for info
that was before I became a paying lewser update: I now have a 98 Triton 180 Premier w/ 98 130 johnson Same wife and son, just older Same job, just not must richer.


9/29/2005 11:24:00 AM Submitted by Stratos289 from AL says This me
Handle - Stratos289 happens to be the boat I currently own. But dangit, as soon as I register it someone gives me a better idea.
Marital Status - I am married and have been happily for 19 1/2 years. I have son that is 18 and attending college. And also a daughter that is 14 and a freshman in high school.

Job - Ain't much I won't do for money. LOL No seriously, I am a Cost Estimator for a metal fabrication shop in Fort Payne, AL. I had worked for 14 years at the bakery here and only left because they were shutting it down. I have been on my new job now for about 1 1/2 years and enjoy it immensely. The pay ain't that great, but we get by.

Fishing - I enjoy any kind of fishing, but my absolute favorite is Largemouth Bass. I have never caught a smallmouth, but that is one of my goals in life and I don't care how far I have to go to catch it. :) My first boat was a 16' Tidecraft but sold it and now about 12 years later, I have a 1988 17 1/2' Stratos.

Other Interests - I enjoy anything to do with my family. I also enjoy meeting people and making new friends. I enjoy building and working on computers. I used to think I liked to work on boat motors, but I am having second thoughts on that after all the trouble I have had with my current outboard.

Freeform - I am 6' tall, 215 and about the best lookin' thang you ever seen! LOL I am 39 years old and still working on my college degree. I am seeking a degree in MIS or a really good computer field. I feel like I have better than average computer skills and think I can make in this world as an IT manager or something along that line. My biggest fear is that once I do get my degree, everyone will tell me I am over-qualified. I have heard that from a lot of people in my extended family after losing they lost a job.

I think that is all for now............L8R



1/4/2006 9:44:00 AM Submitted by smalljawbasser from TN says ok, here goes
i'm SJB, which is my real name, not a handle. 6'5" of chisled granite good looks, i weigh 230 pounds of pure muscle. part time IT guy, part time double-nought spy for a secret gubbmint agency. i could tell you the name, but noone's ever heard of it, because it's so secret.

that's gonna have to be bio enough, cause of the part time spy gig. i wouldn't wanna compromise myself...


1/11/2006 1:19:00 PM Submitted by SteveP from MA says How did I miss this thread?
I'm SteveP. FirstnameLastInitial.
There's a Steve P. from FL too. Don't confuse us.

Marital Status - On my second marriage (5+ years, and she hasn't kilt me in my sleep yet!). I have two boys. Greg is 13 (almost 14), and Andrew is 12. Yellow Lab "Riley," and Toy Fox Terrier "Joey."

Job - I work on an escalation team, taking "hot" technical or politically charged customer issues. I work within one business unit of a "major Internet-Related" company. You may recognize the company logo as it's a bridge, and the company's name is derived from that of a northern-California city where the 49ers play.

Prior to that, I worked in Tech Support, training, field systems engineer, etc. My dream job is "barber." Low (no?) tech. no nights or weekend pager duty. no multi-million dollar, mission critical, geographically distributed (networked), fault-tolerant telephony operating systems to support.

Fishing - Mostly small- and large-mouth bass fishing on local lakes and rivers. I did the club fishing thing for a few years, and don't really enjoy "competitive" bass fishing. I enjoy going when and where I want, rather than fishing based on some arbitrary schedule that requires me to get up at 3:00 and be at a rainy, cold ramp hours away.

I have a 1999 Triton SF21 with 225 HP Merc. OptiMax. PinPoint TM and graphs.

Other Interests - I like to snow ski. I have a 2003 Harley-Davidson Road King Classic (FLHRCI), which I enjoy riding. I like to cook (& eat). We joined the Y, and I am beginning to enjoy working out & swimming.

Freeform - I still don't know how I missed this thread prior to today.


1/11/2006 1:36:00 PM Submitted by Rattler from NC says oh well,
Handle - (Rattler) loves fishin' stained water thus, most every bait I fish "Rattles"......ie. ...Rattler! 48yrs old born July1957
Marital Status - Married forever/Daughter 28/Grandson 2 1/2yrs old.

Job - Maintenance Technician: Troubleshooting, mechanical, electrical/electronic and PLC/programmers and computers. Alma mater West Virginia University Played Baseball growing up and through college.

Fishing - Bass fishing impoundments in Ga,Tn,Sc,Va,Ky and my home state of Nc. Just bought a 2005 192 super pro Procraft DC with a 150hpXR6 Merc. Not mentioning the boats I had in the past.

Other Interests -Plays golf hdcp-9. Also plays guitar,Played in many bands never got famous. Enjoys guns and targetshooting,hunting,archery,bass fishing.

Other-Other US Army 1st Cav Div. 2nd Bn A co 1/7cav. Armored

nuff said, I hope..........


1/11/2006 2:32:00 PM Submitted by Fisherboy from VA says Damn, I'm late getting to this one
Handle - My first tourney year, I won nine out of 11 events from the back seat. The guys used to say, "Who's that boy." My then girlfriend, later wife, now ex-wife started calling me her Fisherboy.
Marital Status - Two wives for 12 years and one 11-year-old daughter.

Job - Was the Managing Editor of a small daily Newspaper, then got myself called back to active duty. Still put out a paper, so it ain't bad.

Fishing - Bass 99% of the time. 2000 Pro-Gator 200V 225EFI

Other Interests - "Bikes and Beer! ... Guns and Girls!"

Freeform - "It ain't a manbag, it's a messenger's bag."

Bite Me Bucket!


1/12/2006 6:49:00 PM Submitted by Bucket from OK says Here comes Bucket
I went by Bucketmouth before I registered. Everyone shortened it to Bucket so I made it easy when I registered.
Single, 2 co-habitation experiments failed, haven't had the itch in a while. No kids, 2 mutts.

I have been in the mortgage bidness in some capacity for over 20 years. Currently a wholesale account rep for a large mortgage banking company. It is sales, I solicit/purchase mortgage loans from brokers and smaller banks.

95 Gambler 209 with a slightly modified 200 Merc. Thinking about selling it and downgrading to a smaller tin tub. Tourneys and going fast don't thrill me like they used to.

Bass fish most of the time, crappie fish on some heated docks and a private pond when it's cold. I'd fish for stripers and hybrids if I knew how.

I have recently started tweaking the libs on the potlicker board. It gets kinda bloody over there occasionally.

I aspire to know as much about life as ParDner, as much about boats as Danco, as much about women as Fisherboy, and as much about fishing as Triton Mike.


1/12/2006 9:47:00 PM Submitted by fishforcash from OK says Here goes
Hell everyone knows who I am LOL
My old bio went by the wayside when Ricky went away.



1/14/2006 3:21:00 AM Submitted by Bucket from OK says Dangit!
Forgot to fess up that I'm forty freakin four years old and my name is Jeff.


1/16/2006 8:18:00 AM Submitted by Rattler from NC says Double Dangit
Rattler lives in the Western North Carolina mountains close to the Tennesse border. An hour or two in any direction to some good fishin'.
Given name: Randall, but answers to Randy.

Just wonderin' if you read this stuff......


1/30/2006 2:21:00 PM Submitted by Chitpail from OK says I have come to conclusion (Bucket luvers is us)
That I cannot live as Bucket anymore. From here on out, please refer to me as "Chitpail".
Thank you. Formerly Bucket and now just a Chitpail to the rest of you.


2/1/2006 11:25:00 AM Submitted by jignpig ( from AL says jignpig
Born and raised in the old dominion state thats Virginia - to you yankees. My kin back there are commercial fisherman and Ironworkers, including myself. Married twice, two kids - grown, by my first and in Texas .All my ex's live in Texas. Used to train cutting horses worked all over Texas and in Arizona. I know some of you have heard of the King Ranch - worked there! Been in the construction business for about 25 yrs now - the last eleven I was a Project Manager for a commercial millwork co in Washington DC/N Virginia area - got away from that rat race and moved to the Big G last summer to be close to some a the best bass fishing around. Drive a chevy pickem up - always have since I bought my first at 14 which by the way is when I started working - Other ride is my 99Triton 20footer w/200merc opti- 44yrs old and still kickin. Maybe I'll see you on the water!



2/8/2006 3:27:00 PM Submitted by jignpig ( from AL says handles
Now Rebel...lewsers and lurkers have digraced my good name...proud to be a Rebel and the BFHP Rebel...If your ever near Big G give me a shout we'll do some fishing..


3/10/2006 4:48:00 PM Submitted by Tom Bradley ( from AL says Wannabe, Just for U -- Tbone
Handle: Came from a guy I used to work with in Jackson Ms.
Marital Status: Married "The Bride" in Sept. 1967. Still am. If that tells you that I'm an old fart, your most likely right.

Job: Right now unemployed. 35 years in LARGE Computer systems Customer Service.

Boat: Stratos 2003 19 Pro XL w/ 200 EFI Merc.

Fish: Anywhere in Alabama and a little Salt Water action in Gulf or Atlantic Ocean.

Other Interest: Keeping Larry Rosser straight @ AlabamaLakes.com and supporting the gals in their fishing efforts.


7/26/2006 10:44:00 AM Submitted by Mudfish from FL says Mudfish bio
Age: 45 Height: 5'10" Weight: 190 Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue Given name: Mike Yorio Hometown: Melbourne, Florida Marital Status: Happily divorced. Children: None Dogs: Many ("The Mudhounds") Where I fish: StickMarsh/Farm 13, Miami Garcia, Lake Washington/St.Johns River, Lake Okeechobee. Occupation: Engineer Other interests: Bull riding


7/26/2006 10:54:00 AM Submitted by Mudfish from FL says Sorry for repost, forgot to leave spaces.
Handle: Mudfish
Given name: Mike Yorio

Hometown: Melbourne, Florida

Age: 45

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 190

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Marital Status: Happily divorced.

Children: None

Dogs: Many ("The Mudhounds")

Where I fish: StickMarsh/Farm 13, Miami Garcia, Lake Washington/St.Johns River, Lake Okeechobee.

Occupation: Engineer

Other interests: Bull riding


7/26/2006 11:38:00 AM Submitted by Dolomite from TN says Dolomite Bio
Dolomite - It was given to me while I was in the Navy(96-2000) as a nickname, its originally spelled Dolemite after the 70's movie about a Pimp, but I had to spell it as Dolomite because Dolemite was already taken when I first started using it online.. I have been Dolomite ever since on any forum and chat progam I have ever used. Married - Soon to be 9 yrs though we have been together for 11 her name is Desiree, I'm 28 as of yesterday and she is 26, 2 Boys Jacob 8 and Julian 3, we have an adopted daughter name Niki who is now 18 engaged to one of the 101st and has her first child on the way, she is attending school to become a beautician, we adopted her when she was 15, and our 4th "child" is a Golden Retriver/Blue Healer mix named Jersey Caleb he's 2.5yrs old and still acts like a puppy but we love him to death!
Computers - I work for Comdata, I also Lifeguard for the City of Gallatin in TN (home of Old Hickory Lake) and yes I'm chasing the dream of becoming a Pro

Fishing - Mainly Bass Fishing, Occasionally in the winter I can be found chasing stripers for fun, also when the kids are with me if it gets too slow we break out the worms and crickets and go after the gills...

I love to be outside period, Fishing is my hobbie and passion and hopefully my job oneday.

Yes I'm chasing the dream, I quit my job working for Caterpillar Financial (CAT's Finanacing HQ) in Dec as my first try, I picked up Stratos Boats, Yamaha Outboards, Gamakatsu, Spro, HighRoller Lures, Gambler Lures, and Secret Weapon Lures as Sponsors. With a little money there and personal money saved up, I quit and had planned on fishing all of the Stren Series tournaments starting with the South East, I made it through 2 tournaments when financially things flipped upside down at home, a large portion of the money I had saved for this and to make it through the year had to be spent helping family and I didn't make anything in those tournaments so I had to drop out.. It hurt bad.. and I was very frustraited, not by my performace but because I had to back out so early, my current plan is to save up next year and go at it again in 08, Stratos has dropped me as they did all their prostaff.. thats all i will say there though I'd like to say more, but there are alot of positive things looking up for me in 07 that I'm very excited about including a new sponsorship and hopefully a new job. Thats bout it.. I'm still sponsored by all the other mentioned companies but looking for some companies that can offer more then free product. And thats all I have to say about that...

Picture include so ya'll can put a face with a name.

Jason C. Moss aka Jc aka Dolomite.

see # 67161 for a pic


7/26/2006 11:47:00 AM Submitted by Ellie from FL says Ellie Bio- to make Wannabee happy today
Handle - started on the OT page as Matilda, was introduced to the BFHP by my boyfriend when all the brewhaha with B.A.S.S./FLW was going on. Then when the making of the BFHP movie came about, I became Elvira, then my newest bestest friend christened me Ellie and that's who I is.
Marital Status: Was married for 15 years-not a good time. Been in a relationship for 18 years that is currently on the rocks...he stole my heart and still has it - not sure if we can work things out though..oh well, one day at time, if God means it to be, it will. Have 3 children. Jennifer, 33, lives in Louisville KY with her husband Paul, and my granddaughters - My blonde princess, Kaitlyn who is 5 1/2, and my 2 year old red-headed spitfire - my Kayleigh-bug. Son Jake, 26, married to Nichole parents of my boo bear, Andrew who is 14 months old, they live here in Tallytown. My baby boy Matt - 22, will be a senior at Shorter College, in Rome, GA, on a baseball scholarship and art scholarship. My children and grandchildren are my true joys in life!!

Job - Have worked with the State of Florida Div of Treasury 30 years Feb 9th, 2006. Can't wait to RETIRE!!! Head of the accounting secion - fancy title, just not a lots of money - but it's a job and benefits, so I have to consider myself lucky for that.

Fishing - Never realy did much fishing til 4 years ago - once my son went off to college and my friends got me goin over to Lake Seminole. My boyfriend fishes tournaments all the time, so have been around fishing alot. Still learning how to take a fish off the hook, and if fishing for bream, can't bait the hook with live bait. Have had a blast though with my friends fishing and learning. Have only caught a baby bass, would love to catch one of size.

Other Interest - working on my website, reading, just hanging out with my friends at Seminole Lodge

Live in Tallytown - been here since New Year's Eve 1971 - grew up on a farm in northern Indiana. Celebrated my 53rd birthday May 14th, Mother's Day.

My new friends on the NF page are like family to me, and am really trying to make it to Guntersville this year to meet some of ya'll in person. Some of the best I have met!


7/26/2006 12:36:00 PM Submitted by Wade Fisher from TX says Better late than never
Handle: Wade Fisher. Was the only way I could enjoy the bays when I first got hooked on saltwater fishing. Given name is James.
Marital Status: Been married twice, and divorced twice. I have two great kids (one from each marriage). My oldest is a daughter, 21 years old whoís married and has a daughter of her own. My youngest is a son who will turn 13 in just a few days. He lives with his mom, but is close enough to spend most weekends with me and my significant other. Iíve spent the last ten years sharing lifeís experiences with Mary, my S.O. who I commonly refer to as Ms. Fisher on the NF board.

Job: Until about a year ago, I trained manufacturing personnel for an oil tool company in Houston, focusing mainly on machining the trade. Decided I needed a change of pace last year, so I transferred into a test lab within the company, and now spend my days testing down-hole tools. (Packers and drillable bridge plugs)

Fishing: I really enjoy saltwater fishing and can be found on the bay or beach front anytime after the water hits 70 degrees. I have a 16 foot Arkansas Traveler, referred to as ďThe Puddle JumperĒ and an El Pescador 200 HPS. Fish the Galveston bay complex primarily, but usually plan one trip a year somewhere down the coast to fish new water with old friends. Weíve done South Padre, Corpus Christi, and Port Mansfield. Next trip will be closer to home, probably in the Rockport area.

Other Interests: I spend a couple of months in the woods every year in pursuit of deer and pigs. Season starts in October with archery and goes into January finishing off with rifles. Since we have the flounder run during this time frame, things get pretty hectic in the fall. Winter months are spent catching up on all the honey-doís I put off during the spring, summer and fall. I like to think Iím pretty handy at woodworking, so my honey-doís are usually remodeling the house one room at a time. Iíve only got one room left to do before the house is completely redone. When that happens Iím sure weíll look to sell and get into something else for me to work on. LOL

Freeform: Iíve been hanging around here for six or seven years and have found a great deal of entertainment provided by this group. Iíve also met a few of the lepers in person and can say that without doubt, they are some of the best folks Iíve ever had the pleasure of sharing time with. Iím looking forward to the day I can finally make it to one of the rallies and shake hands with more of you.


7/26/2006 3:56:00 PM Submitted by JamesB from AR says James B Bio
Handle: JamesB, First name and first initial of last name
M status: Married

Job: RETIRED on the shore of Lake Dardanelle

Fishing: LMB and Crappie

Boat: Lowe Pontoon and Triton TR186

Other Intrest: Stock Market and Investments

Freeform: Retired at the ripe old age of 52. Moved from Tx. to Ar. Just loving it. Hope everyone can enjoy retirement some day. Never know how I had time to work.


8/11/2006 11:52:00 AM Submitted by Dammit from TN says Information fer ya
Real Name: Kelly Higgins
DOB: 12/28/66

Residence: Nashville, Tn..since '00. I spent most of my years near B'ham AL, but was birthed in Indiana and lived there until my I was 9. (Mom re-married)

Marital Staus: Married to the greatest woman in the world..her name is Joy. She is a kolledge Pro-fessor in Nashville. And can out fish me 3/5 times..

Handle: Dammit..I know I jumped the gun on it..forgive me. But dear old Dad really did call me that..in jest of course.

Job: Plumber at heart..now a Project Manager/Estimator for a commmercial Plumbing/HVAC/Electrical contractor. Hence the computer time..haha

Hobbies: Fishing (bass mainly), College football-Roll Tide, Pro football-Titans..when in Rome do as the Romans, Bud Light, Maker's Mark, and lovin' on the wife.

Kids: I have one son and he is 11 years old..my man. He is also the son of the ex-wife--who's middle name is Satan. Step daughter who is 22 and in college.

Boat: Right now is '03 BassCat Sabre..is for sale by the way.

Other: Just enjoying having a good time, fun stuff with the wife and kids, harassing friends, poking fun at myself.

I don't know what else...ya'll ask if I left something out..


8/3/2007 10:52:00 PM Submitted by luvfishin ( from AL says Good Grief!
I was gonna read and then post but it may take all weekend. Here goes nuttin'
Handle - LuvFishin - I really want a new one. I'm 5'11" and 255lbs so "Luv" don't fit. Renae says 99.9% of the time I'm just a big ol' Teddy Bear but pizz me off and I turn grizzly. Let's see what evolves though... and then I'll get a red name!

Marital Status - Married since '85 to my high school sweetheart Renae . We have two girls, Melissa and Ashlie. Both teens and both driving. Those three are the love of my life (on earth) but I'm drowning in the deep end of the estogen pool here! Help!

Job - I'm a Systems Engineer for a NASA contractor. I do IT projects. The pays good. I quit IT for about 5 years to be a PI. I was a good one and did training to PI's across the world. But laws changed and I couldn't do what I wanted to do legally anymore. So it was back to IT and working for The Man.

Fishing - I try to Bass fish. I love crappie and cats too. I fished A LOT from the time I was 10 until the kids came along. Sold my boat in '93 and didn't fish much until this year. (The girls are almost grown, so I can get back to it). I have a Tin Triton. It's too small so I'm wanting to get something bigger.

Other Interests - I sing, play drums and bass in our church band. And I love sports especially college football. Big Bama fan.

Freeform - Found you guys back in April or so and fell in love. Hopefully, one day I'll be a leper. LOL!

Recommendation: We need a trusted member or two to collect real names and a phone number so we don't have to wonder about folks anymore.


5/19/2008 1:31:00 PM Submitted by TheJigMeister from AL says Update
I once was LuvFishin (above) which was shortened to "Luvie". I didn't really like that much. Some call me "Bo" and that's fine. I changed my handle because, well, I've set a goal.. BE the JigMeister. I'm getting there slowly.
I throw/pitch a jig a lot and have several personal bests doing it.

I've traded the Tin Triton for the Boluvian Cruiser. A Procraft 186 with a Merc 150 Optimax.

"The angler formerly known as Luvie"


5/21/2008 12:48:00 PM Submitted by Wannabe from MS says Public service announcement
I just wanted to point out that Luvie was and is properly pronounced - Lew Vee, which is in no way as ghey sounding as Love-E, which is the common pronunciation. Sorry, there's just no way to make TheJigMeister sound hetero.


9/4/2008 12:25:00 PM Submitted by Ellie from FL says UPDATE...and after he "literally" picked me up off
the ground....the heart begins to heal....and just when I truly believed all the good ones were taken! or they dayuum sure didn't live in my neck of the woods! :)


9/21/2011 6:45:00 AM Submitted by Wackoman from Mexico says That was great! nm
Nearly 9 years.


5/18/2012 12:35:00 PM Submitted by Wade Fisher from TX says Lot of history on this thread .........
Some folks, who through their contributions here on the NF bored, have become virtual legends.

I stop be here on occasion to revisit those who have left us and to be reminded of those we're glad are gone.



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