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Subject: ., Louisiana

Submitted by Scott Avanzino (ip

Date Fished: 7/20/2005
Water Temperature: .
Water Clarity: .
Seas: .
Weather: .
Fishing_for: .
Boat: .
captain: .

The bite for us has been insane the last 4 days..the average take on tuna for our last 4 days triips has been 10 fish at 40-80 pounds with a 120 pound and 179 pound fish also landed..and this is for day trips!!..goes to prove those that blame a full moon for slack fishing are making excuses..we also live baited a 250 pound blue marlin on Monday that spit the entire bait after a brief run.. we were ready for him after we saw him crashing chicken dolphin nearby//the hook point buried itself in the back of the dolphin so when we came tight on him after a 30 second drop the hook never set..made up for a day of dissapointment by landing a 179.05 pound yellowfin..yesterday's bite was wide open..I am still riding the high of what I was part of today, still in disbelief and from all the cokes I drank today and way too wound up to sleep even at 400am..I finally took my first ride on the twin vee cat under less than ideal conditions and I am a believer now..blew away my wildest expectations....It is true what they say about how this boat..correction, how this floating tank handles the sea..I will never look at waves in the marina again as a indication that the day is unfishable..If the rest of you dont beleive me, charter this thing and see for yourself..rough or calm there will be no dissapointment with the ride alothough there is no cure for the spray except to hide or dress I like the slow and steady and dry boats.. Whether you choose to believe the rest, that is for you to decide but bear in mind John took 200 megs of digital pics today for his Septemeber article on the sublject in the Louisiana Sportsman Magazine; further - there are now 18 ultrasonic tags in eighteen 30 to 80 pound Gulf yellowfin tuna ..On to the fishing for those not yet cryng BS..with a hurricaine in the Gulf, myself, Sonny, Casey Forchag, special guest photographer and master netter John McQueen and a rep from MMS/USGS went out in search of yellowfin tuna to hook, fight, net and tag..covered 148 miles today mostly in a 5-8 ft headsea, consiting of a slow long period roll with a 3-4 ft chop on top..I stood flat footed holding on to the t-top leg awaiting the pounding that never came..rougher than yesterday but not by a whole lot..never blew over 20 today but darn close at times..and no rain bands either..arrived offshore about 9:30am and put out the baits..nothing but rainbow runners for the first hours and a few snip offs before we located the hot spot..then for the next 6 hours we went to work on the the end of the day we had released 26 yellowfin tuna (sixteen from 30-80 pounds - 3 untagged due to them being gut hooked, five 20 pounders too small for the study and 5 juveniles) we also caught 4 bull dolphin.. a man has to eat..Took a little bit of time to get used to the netting of unruly tuna boatside in sloppy seas and with a 3 ft net instead of a gaff..Failed to net the first tagger fish as we had never tried before but after we got to working together we were unstoppable..I think 3 hours went by where no one said a word..just did thier job of driving or hooking or coaching or fighting or netting, and implanting tags ..I drove most of the day and then bullied my way to the rod when Sonny or Casey hooked a tagger/dragger was awesome being such a selfish bastard.. it's only fair since I never get to fish I always have to drive them then ofcourse periodically fix and maintain them.... Unreal bite too..seems like all the deepwater rigs are hot right now..for us at Location 2 it was doubles and doubles and doubles and a few singles..made for some difficulty in handling doubles but we from a dead boat was a concern but that cat just layed and very stable all day..I know nothing fell of the console all day. This project is a year in the making and will be quite a newsworthy deal when it is completed over the next 2 years..our role is to assist the USGS through the MMS to tag for a study centering on the behavior of school yellowfin tuna (40-80 pound class) around the deepwater rigs..MMS want to know how long they hang-around a particular site, if they move from rig to rig..if they are the same fish that head to the secret winter spot come February..the tags last a year and cost 1000$ a peice, so they are surgically implanted and sutured into the belly meat so that they dont slip out..if you clean a yellowfin with a 1" scar on its belly, please look for the resembles a black lipstick case with a number etched on one end..please notify me if you recover one and tell me where you caught the fish, pretty sure there will be a reward for them..the fish range from 30-80 pounds and 60-115 cm in took a year to get this project going and phase one is now a success..will keep you posted on what happens next..good news for bluewater anglers not wanting to run more than 25 has moved way in from the last few days..and the coming weather break looks to last through Sunday..Paradise Outfitters..985-845-8006

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