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Subject: Off Island Beach State Park, New Jersey

Submitted by Andrew Sokol (ip

Date Fished: 11/6/2011
Water Temperature: .
Water Clarity: Good
Seas: Calm
Weather: Chilly start to the day with air temperatures in the mid 30's. Light & variable winds most of the day but by afternoon a southerly breeze. Warmed up nicely with a cloudless sky to the mid 50's.
Fishing_for: Striped Bass/Bluefish
Boat: Golden Eagle
captain: Rich Falcone

Jason and I hopped aboard the Golden Eagle for a day of jigging. Broke Shark River Inlet and made the steam south until we were well inside Island Beach State Park and joined the fleet that were working scattered patches of bird I started with a plain A47 and Jason with a green tailed A47. Nothing on the first drop and a short wiggle and Jason was soon putting a fat 33" bass on the deck. I soon followed with a big bluefish. We then both hooked up again at the sametime with bluefish. My next fish was a 35" bass. Jason's next fish gave him a limit of bass with a 31" that he released. I caught one more bluefish and lost another before the bite turned off as we came upon slack tide. Once the tide started moving again the bite came back strong. Well strong for most but me as it seemed they didn't want my plain jig. Those with red or green tails were into fish. I eventually changed to a red A47 and promptly missed 3 fish. I then put on a green and was able to catch 3 more big bluefish. Jason on the other hand was doing a number on bass catching another 5 up to #23 which he kept (others being released). There was some controversy over the pool. Jason's fish had a fatter belly and was slightly longer but on the balance scale it appeared that the other fish just narrowly beat him out (Note, I didn't witness the pool weight as I was getting the car but trust Jason's word). Jason asked to have the fish placed on the scale again but to put each fish on the opposite side of the scale that they were initially weighed on. The other person & his family started making noise about it wouldn't make a difference & refused. Jason however still walked off the boat a bigger man and with a healthy dose of good karma by his act of unselfishness and his passion to pass on the sport-Towards the end of the day there was a 8 year old would had not caught a fish, Jason hooked up and without and prompting from a soul he yelled for the young man to come over and Jason passed off his rod to this young boy and helped/coached him as he fought and eventually landed a nice 32" bass. This young man's face lit up brighter than the sun the whole time. End of the day I totals; Jason had 8 fish (7 bass & 1 blue) while I had 7 fish (2 bass & 5 blues). Everyone went home with at least 1 bass (90% of the people limited) and well over 100 bluefish were caught.

Real Class From: Ryan Marshall (, New jersey
That showed real class, Jason! I myself have gone fishless on several trips by helping or handing my rod off to friends I sometimes have to drag to the boat. Once they start fighting the fish, their eyes light up and I wouldn't trade that for anything in the world.

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