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Subject: Between the Channels, New Jersey

Submitted by Cliff (ip

Date Fished: 12/10/2006
Water Temperature: 45
Water Clarity: Clear
Seas: 2-3'
Weather: Sunny, Wind West 10-20 with Occasional Higher Gusts
Fishing_for: Striped Bass
Boat: Sea Hunter
captain: Rob

A brief stop near the CG station this morning consisted of shorts only so with reports of ample life outside Rob made the move to "Between the Channels" in search of larger fish. When we arrived the sky was alive with birds as the herring were being chased to the surface by hungry stripers. I started the day with a 6" white shad and had immediate action and continually switched back and forth between the shad and an AVA 37 for the remainder of the day. For a brief period at slack tide I tried a 3 oz. blue Mega Bait jig with excellent results. Todays catch ran from 13" schoolies to keepers weighing in the mid-teens, along with a couple of large bluefish. After a few trips without a keeper, I managed to land 3 keepers out of the 36 bass that I managed to deck today. Quite a few keepers and a large amount of "slot fish" were mixed in with the youngsters. The fish were loaded with herring, spike weakfish, and a few of the larger bass had eaten small blackfish. We finished the day as we started, leaving them biting. Tight Lines! (TINKNOCKER)

between the channels From: spoonhead (, New jersey
Hey Shelby- Remember "between the channels" when it WAS "between the channels" about 20 years ago.. Wall to wall boats, all railed with people in 10 degree weather and -WHITING HEAVEN underneath.. sack fulls even for knuckleheads..I remember"doug the bug" having a sack full tring to have them swim off from squan beach. They were all over the place and then 1 year POOF--gone. Man I miss the whiting run. Used to go on the P II on the PM 1/2 day trp and just sit on the ridge with chris and wait till it got dark, then hit the beach and fill a sack in 30 min.

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