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Subject: Keller Bay/Seadrift, Texas

Submitted by Skipper (ip

Date Fished: 5/29/2004
Water Temperature: 78
Water Clarity: milky green/ clear
Seas: rough
Weather: Wind , wind and more wind.
Fishing_for: Trout
Boat: Kenner
captain: Skipper

Went to Southeast pocket of Keller Bay only to find the Memorial Day crowd fihing an area that sees very few fishermen. Didn't matter as the water was very fresh, and held very few Trout. Fished 4 hours for 1 dink, and one maybe???? ( knot broke from work hardening as I should have re-tied). Went to Seadrift Sunday AM and was surprised to see only two trailers had launched b4 me. Took the long bumby ride to South San Antonio Bay, and found decent water, but it too was very fresh. Almost gave up and packed it in, but decided to give it a try. Fished a tout under an Almieda cork for 5 Trout in the 16" size. Fished a Chrome Skitterwalker over grass beds for 1 24" Trout. Two or three dinks, and several blow-ups later and called it a day. The other boats in the area cleared around noon as I expected, and I had the South shoreline to myself, the Pelicans, Gulls, Mullet, and Mother nature. Best 5 hours I spent all weekend.

Fresh water for a fresh report....... From: Ned (, Texas
Thanks for the report, Skipper. It's been a while, and I was hoping that you were not fed up with weekend warriors reeking havoc. I think that Keller Bay Area has been fresh since May 16th. I fished it on Saturday the 15th, two days after all the rains and had one of my best trips to date. The next day Sunday the 16th I fished the same area, and I had one bite, a nice 24"er. The water was fresh. I thought it was interesting that it took two full days for the runoff to freshen things up and move some nice fish out of the area.

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