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SUBJECT: Boomvang Tuna

Submitted by Capt. Dennis ( from TEXAS on

Had the opportunity to make a charter trip out to the Boomvang Spar over the weekend 12/7-8. Conditions were definitely in our favor with the low pressure moving in and the new moon. Tuna were eager to bite as we put 20 yellowfin in the boat and still headed in early. We started fishing at around 8:00 pm and headed back in at 3:00 am. The guys also pulled in two nice Dorado, a Bull around 40lb and a Cow at around 25lb. Seas were a little rocky but it was worth the run. Just wanted to let the ones that have the range that it is still great fishing out there when you get a weather window. Oh yeah! The blackfin were as thick as could be and nailed a diamond jig on every drop.

  1. New Capt. ( from TEXAS says excuse my ignorance
    Capt Dennis Where is Boomvang Spar? How far is it out of what port?

  2. Jhowell ( from TEXAS says Boomvang
    100 nautical miles SSE of Freeport. Give or take a few miles.

  3. Capt Stu ( from TEXAS says Yellowfin secrets?
    Capt, what's your technique for the Yellowfin? The one time I got out there, I couldn't seem to keep out of the Blackfin and was lucky to get 1 yellow. Using Diamondjigs. thx

  4. Capt. Dennis ( from TEXAS says Yellowfin tuna
    If I divulge to many of our secrets I will be needing a new job. The boss likes our success rate. But I am going to throw out some of the basics and still hope I can go back to work next week without getting my butt chewed.

    1. The moon has a lot to do with our tackle selection for the night. If there is a bright moon, more stealth is required. Lighter tackle,lighter line and better knots. The darker the night is, the more forgiving on the stealth mode.

    2. Start jigging with diamond jigs near the platform after circling to see if the tuna are up. This will get the blackfin going and the yellows will soon arrive to see what is going on.You can use some of the blackfins for chuming.

    3. Chumming is a necessity. Do not throw handfuls in. Only a couple of pieces about every minute is all that is needed. A few handfulls at first isn't a bad idea.

    4. Flourocarbon leader is a must. Use anywhere between 30-60lb test. We are also using 50lb Suffix Tritanium line (Green color)on our reels.

    5. Experiment! Try different tactics. Use cut bait, flying fish or artificials. They have a tendency to change there meal preference. Some days they will only touch flying fish, others will only be chunk bait.

    Special note: If the tuna come up and look at your bait and turn away, something is spooking them in the way the bait is presented.

    OK! That should get you going with a little better success rate. And as a last piece of info don't be afraid to make long drifts. We drift up to four miles from the platforms at times. If you have the fish up they will usually follow you. Keep as many anglers lines going to keep their interst.

    Hope I don't get fired but I really don't mind helping people catch fish. Must of picked that up from McTrout and EJ.

  5. Capt Stu ( from TEXAS says Muchas gracias
    Many thanks for the tips.

  6. Bill Mathis ( from TEXAS says Who do I contact for a charter to Boomvang?
    Capt. Dennis---Who do I contact to charter a yellowfin tuna trip to Boomvang? It looks like there is enough interest to your tips to gather up a group. Also if a group needs an extra, let me know. Bill

  7. Capt. John ( from TEXAS says Nansen and Boomvang tuna
    We went out on 9-3-06 and returned labor day, We started fishing at about 5:30 pm and went ahead and fished all night. We started at boomvang and the blackfin were thick, and hit the diamond jig every drop. With an occasional yellow, I was pleasd with the turnout. Then at about 12 am we moved over to nansen and with every drop of the line we pulled in something. after about 3 hrs of nansen we called it a night and gave them a break. At about 8:30 a buddy of mine's rod bent over and immediately put the belt on him....about 10 minutes later we had about a 35 lb Mako in the boat. Needless to say, the fish are definately in abundance at Boomvang and Nansen.

  8. Rookie Fishy ( from TEXAS says Yellowfin
    When is the best time of the year to go catch yellowfin tuna?

  9. Tucker ( from TEXAS says Charter 58' Viking
    I make trips for fun out to Boomvang all the time. Hit everything from Blue Marlin to all the Tunas. I can take some people out for a good time no doubt on a top of the line enclosed flybridge 58' viking. Email me if interested. Name of the boat is Tucker Tales. Twin 3412's cats with all the electronics you could ever want. Won't be cheap but not too many owners with boats like this willing to take out and meet new friends to fish.

    Email me at


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