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SUBJECT: Spinnerbait Fishing For Redfish??????

Submitted by sharkcoach ( from TEXAS on

Question for fellow fisherman. I finally had a first for me today, caught some good reds on a charskirt spinnerbait. For those of you out there that fish w/spinners for reds, what type do you reccomend? Thanks for any info...

  1. EBHunter ( from TEXAS says Spinner baits
    My fishing partner mentioned spinner baits this morning while we were fishing West Matagorda Bay. We were using gold spoons and figured that spinner baits should work for redfish.

  2. Troutman ( from TEXAS says Sharkcoach help!!!
    I am from wharton and was wondering if i could get some tips on fishing around matagorda. if so please email me.

  3. Jedi ( from TEXAS says Spinner Baits
    They work great. Nice because you can control the depth easily. I always use the small ones, but that's just my pref. I use the little Colorado blades if it's (H20) clear and calm, willow leaves if it's dirty. Spinners are becoming popular...keep chunkin' 'em.

  4. sandman from TEXAS says Titanium
    Get the titanium ones. Those big reds will make short work of most of the standard ones.

  5. Gary Zoch ( from TEXAS says Rigging Suggestions
    Like many anglers that have made the switch from bass fishing exclusively to pursuing reds, I saw the spinnerbait as an obvious extension or in some situations improvement on spoons.

    The "flash" characteristics of the blades were the first thing that I noted as a similarity and then tried to "leverage" to my advantage. The blades are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. By having a number of different combinations in the boat, you can select the best choices at a given time, based on baitfish working in the water. I like tandem combinations in the shallow water I normally pursue reds because, the two blades offer better "lift". The other advantage of twin blades is being able to present both a gold and silver "flash" simultaneously.(I normally prefer a gold blade as the larger blade in the combination).

    The skirt will certainly work however,I prefer to replace the skirt with a 3" or 4" grub (either a curly-tail or grub). If you think about it, with this rigging you are presenting simultaneously in one bait, the two most effective lures available to a redfish - 1. a Spoon and 2. a Jig. The advantage of the grub is you already own the color combinations you have most confidence in luring redfish with (my preferences are 1. variations of red and 2. colors that imitate baitfish, variations of silver, pearl and chartreuse. One final thing I do with the grub selection, is use grubs that are loaded with scent (Berkley Power Baits are a favorite), to put some additional odds in my favor with the scent-feeding redfish.

    The last carry-over that I take from my bass fishing days is adding the extra hooking potential of a trailer hook whenever possible. This is a trick you can also employ on reds that are short striking your weedles spoons. I prefer to "nail" the trailer hook in place, by slipping a small piece of aquarium tubing over the "over-size" eyelet that your straight shank trailer hook needs to possess. One rigging tip for grubs in combination with trailer hooks is to make sure the grub tail is "hanging" underneath the "curve" of the hook(s)to prevent interference by the hook (this is critical when using trailer hooks).

    I agree with the feedback shared earlier in this thread that Titanium shaft spinnerbaits will be a good investment for guys that incorporate this bait into their (regular redfish)arsenal. I am also a firm believer that "confidence" is the most important thing you can add to any lure. This thread is a great step in that direction, lets hear some more success stories from guys out there! The application that I have not tried much that I believe is a "natural", is applying all the strengths this bait has in slower and deeper presentations - SLOW ROLLING for redfish! (How about it guys any success yet?)

  6. Jedi ( from TEXAS says yup....
    ....titanium sounds like a good idea.

    Gary, most of my luck with spinners has been in deeper water, slow rolling along the bottom. However, if I would stick to them (with confidence) in shallow water, I may have more luck. I always find myself switching back to my comfort lures...spoons, DOA, curly-tailed jigs.

    Good info bro.

  7. Wave/3 ( from TEXAS says Buzzzzz
    Try Buzzbaits in the shallow water for reds, but they don't last long!

  8. Fishin-Inc from TEXAS says Here's a trick
    Buy just the blades and shaft that is set up like a snap swivel. This gives the flex and wobble Then you do not need a $5 titanium and they store easily. They never break like a regular spinnerbait. Sorry I don't know the brand name off hand. They are usually by the crappie equipment. Probably 3 for a $1.00

    All you add is your regular lead head of choice in any weight or tail you prefer.

  9. sandman from TEXAS says Hey Inc..
    Are you talking about Beetle-Spins?? That's what I started out with. They worked OK but only for a few fish. Attaching a jig head and assassin to them works great. I have one Academy's own brand Ti spinnerbaits that was about $3 and it has caught over 50 slot reds and still holds its shape.

  10. Snookin ( from FLORIDA says saltwater spinner baits
    check these out, they hold up well for reds. they are big here in Florida. www.quasijig.com

  11. Ravenreels ( from TEXAS says Spinner baits for reds

    My name is Keith Fussell. I own Raven Reels in San Antonio , Texas. I have been designing and fishing with an inline spinnerbait for redfish for about 4 years. I call my bait the Red Alert. It is made on a flexible wire instead of the stiff piano wire and we all know what a red can do to that stiff wire. I also make the LOUDEST popping cork you will ever use called the SPEC-N-ATER. These lures sell for $5 on my website www.ravenreels.com and I will ship them anywhere.

    Not trying to sell anything, just letting others know what's available.

    Keith Fussell, Owner Raven Reels 660 SW Military Drive Suite J San Antonio, Texas 78221 210-834-5909 Cell 210-924-3999 Shop

  12. redshad ( from INDIANA says Spinnerbaits for Reds
    I don't get much opportunity to fish for reds here in Indiana, but when I have gone to Venice, LA, a #4 gold jig spinner, a jig head and an H&H cocaho minnow (black/chart) is all that is needed.

    High quality jig spinners can be found here: http://www.hildebrandt.net/products/jigspin.php

    or here: http://tackle.redshad.com/proddetail.php?prod=JS&cat=8

  13. ghost ( from TEXAS says spoons
    an article in gulfcoast connections talked about a flatsmaster spoon(weedless with a willowleaf spinner attached)-anyone know where you can get them? Thanks Ghost in Texas

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