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SUBJECT: 9 Mile Hole- Look Who Is Behind This Mess

Submitted by jim smarr ( from TEXAS on

Nine Mile Hole was sun setted by Texas Parks and Wildlife. The restrictions were removed. Thanks TP&WD.

Now Comes the Village Idiot and goes to Senator "Luccio "down in the Valley to get a Senate Bill SB 1854 introduced to restrict motorized traffic once again. This bill was just introduced so maybe we can get it killed before it sets a presedence of limiting motorized traffic. Somebody in Corpus please put your boy back in the cage. Please call Austin to raise
the issue with your Senator or Senator Armbrister
Chair of Natural Resources Committee.

Jim Smarr

  1. jim smarr ( from TEXAS says The Bill SB 1854 by Lucio

    79R10334 KCR-D

    By: Lucio S.B. No. 1854


    AN ACT

    relating to the boundaries of and prohibited acts in the Nine-Mile Hole State Scientific Area; providing a penalty. BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF TEXAS: SECTION 1. The heading to Chapter 82, Parks and Wildlife Code, is amended to read as follows:

    CHAPTER 82. STATUTORY SANCTUARIES, SCIENTIFIC AREAS, AND PRESERVES SECTION 2. Chapter 82, Parks and Wildlife Code, is amended by adding Subchapter P to read as follows:

    SUBCHAPTER P. NINE-MILE HOLE STATE SCIENTIFIC AREA Sec. 82.781. CREATION; BOUNDARIES. (a) The Nine-Mile Hole State Scientific Area, as described by Subsection (b), is a state scientific area established under Subchapter F, Chapter 81. (b) The boundaries of Nine-Mile Hole State Scientific Area are: (1) N 27 10.451; W 097 25.82 (North boundary of Nine-Mile Hole); (2) N 27 04.587; W 097 25.28 (Padre Island National Seashore Boundary); (3) N 27 06.109; W 097 25.21 (Padre Island National Seashore Boundary); (4) N 27 08.835; W 097 26.29 (Roloff Channel Entrance); (5) N 27 06.109; W 097 26.49 (201 Channel Entrance); and (6) N 27 05.132; W 097 25.90 (Nine-Mile Hole Channel Entrance). Sec. 82.782. PROHIBITED ACTS. (a) Except as provided by Subsections (b) and (c), a person may not: (1) operate an airboat, a jet-boat, or any propeller-driven vessel in the Nine-Mile Hole State Scientific Area; or (2) move, remove, deface, alter, or destroy: (A) an informational sign, including a depth marker, placed by the department in the Nine-Mile Hole State Scientific Area; or (B) a boundary marker of the Nine-Mile Hole State Scientific Area. (b) A person in the Nine-Mile Hole State Scientific Area may: (1) operate a vessel propelled by an electric trolling motor; (2) operate an airboat, a jet-boat, or any propeller-driven vessel in lanes of entrance and exit marked by the department; or (3) engage in an act prohibited by Subsection (a) if the act: (A) is necessary for law enforcement activities; or (B) complies with Section 81.504. (c) Subsection (a) does not apply to a person in an emergency threatening human health and safety that necessitates immediate entrance to or exit from the Nine-Mile Hole State Scientific Area. Sec. 82.783. PENALTY. A person who violates Section 82.782 commits an offense that is a Class C Parks and Wildlife Code misdemeanor, except that a person who violates Section 82.782 and has previously been convicted of violating that section commits an offense that is a Class B Parks and Wildlife Code misdemeanor. Sec. 82.784. GIFTS, GRANTS, DONATIONS, AND OTHER ASSISTANCE. The department may apply for, request, solicit, contract for, and accept gifts, grants, donations, or other assistance from any source to implement and enforce this subchapter. SECTION 3. This Act takes effect July 1, 2005, if it receives a vote of two-thirds of all the members elected to each house, as provided by Section 39, Article III, Texas Constitution. If this Act does not receive the vote necessary for effect on that date, this Act takes effect September 1, 2005.

  2. keep mack brown ( from TEXAS says So What?
    Senator Lucio, first off, is from Brownsville. Work on your spelling and research.

    Secondly, the bill is not saying that you can't enter Nine Mile, it's saying that you can't tear through there in 18 inches of water just because you can. You can use the entrance lanes, you can use a trolling motor (unless you think this is a conspiracy by Minn Kota to boost sales) or a pole.

    I think there should be as little government in our lives as possible, but I agree with the Senator, Parks and Wildlife Biologists, and others who say that something has to be done to start stemming the damage done to native sea grasses in Laguna Madre. If it means inconveniencing some of the yahoos who are irresponsible running their boats (these are also the same idiots who cut off drifts, buzz waders, and blow throw feeding schools), then so be it.

    One last thing: to call an adult Latino a "boy" is offensive. I thought Austin was some kind of bleeding-heart, liberal haven.


  3. Chacon ( from TEXAS says The first time this came up
    I was opposed to the no motor zones. However, I have grown used to it and, as a regular to this area, have seen the benefits of this act. The areas affected by the regulations shouldn't have boat traffic anyway. If you know this area, then you know we've had a grass problem for the last couple of years. We certainly don't need to aggrevate our grass problems with imprudent outboard use. It's pretty sad, but common sense isn't as universal as we'd like to think and in its place we sometimes need hard regulation.

    Jim, you and your organization may do a great job of looking after the rec's rights to fishing, but it's my opinion and desire that you not devote the time, money, and energy in opposing this piece of legislation. If you get a chance, go down and get a first hand look at the actual no motor zone and you might very well agree with me on this one. I hate unnecessary government involvement as much as the next guy, but this legislation may just be warranted.

  4. jim smarr ( from TEXAS says The Village Idiot is White not Latino
    I was not speaking about Senator Lucio. I was speaking of the chair of another fishing org in Corpus Christi who has pushed this insanity for years. Drift lanes are only a way to limit traffic. Sea grass is very important but we should not let enviornmental wacko's keep us from accessing our fishing grounds. TP&WD saw the need to sunset these reastrictions. Why does the Village idiot not get the idea to let us have access to this area. I am surprised Senator Lucio submitted a BILL TO LIMIT ACCESS. WE THINK THE SENATOR WAS SOLD A BILL OF GOODS.

    RFA Texas did file a lawsuit to restore access to nine mile hole. We dropped the suit since Coastal Fisheries at TP&WD was going to sunset the rule.Thanks TP&WD for sun setting the nine mile hole restrictions as yall said you would. Now we have a sportfishing group out of Corpus setting a very dangerous precedence trying to Legislate access going around TP&WD.

    THIS IS One Man out of Control.

    jimsmarr@ktc.com jimsmarr@austin.rr.com

  5. keep mack brown ( from TEXAS says Mr. Smarr...
    Thank you for the clarification, and I apologize about going off on the "boy" comment. I honestly believe you didn't mean it in the context I took it.

    I have to respectfully disagree with you about the no motor zone. I grew up along the Gulf Coast, and you can see the damage to the grasses by the props (the sad think is that it is a relatively recent phenomena; as more people could afford boats, more ignoramuses--ignorami?--owned boats). Though it isn't a panacea, no-motor zones were what studies reccommended.

    As I understand, the NMZ was sunsetted to study the effects before moving forward. Changes may be needed--perhaps a change to drift zones, as you suggest--but until then, wouldn't it be better to err on the side of caution?


  6. Wrong Wrong ( from TEXAS says You guys need to wake up
    Keep the govt from saying we can take a boat anywhere. You are crazy if you want the govt to setup a no motor area right now. I cant believe any one of you would consider it. Go worry abotu your garden.

  7. Jimbo from TEXAS says It Sunset with logic,,,
    If you will check, history will find the No Motor Zone WAS the study of effects before going forward. The "forward" is now here, and they cancelled going forward with logic from that study. Others, in many past years, tried for No Motor Zones with different reasons near the Rockport area also. When do we stop qualifying ALL the waters of Texas as NMZ areas,,,who's area is next? Don't fish ALL grass areas,,,is that what's next? Enjoy! With respect, Jimbo

  8. Fisher ( from ALABAMA says Corpus
    So just who is the village idiot from Corpus and what fishing organization does he belong to?

  9. CC local ( from TEXAS says To set the record straight on 9 MH
    Man…..the “Spin” people have put on this whole deal. The bottom line is this – Some people (with the support of CCA) wanted to wade-fish a flat without the shallow-water boats. People…..there was and there currently is NO grass problem in 9MH. The grass problem was in Redfish Bay - the Turtlegrass was being damaged in that area. Turtlegrass doesn’t even grow in the 9 Mile Hole. Anyway…..the theme to the 9MH premise was to do a study on the effects of NOT having boat traffic in an area. There was NO study done that I’m aware. OK….here is the first sentence in my “Proposed TPW Scientific Areas Redfish Bay/Nine Mile Hole – Draft” dated March 15, 2000. Page 7 – “This area was forwarded by the Corpus Christi Chapter of the CCA for creation of a fishing enhancement area in the Laguna Madre at a shallow off-channel secondary bay called 9 Mile Hole and sometimes called “The Graveyard”. End of quote. This was the first inshore mandatory MPA here in Texas. To recap – it was a successful attempt by a few individuals at establishing a state law to remove shallow running boats from the area they like to fish. Me….we definitely need to support good environmental programs but this 9MH deal was purely a “political” project and not an “environmental” protection program.

  10. Jim Smarr ( from TEXAS says jim (Nine Mile Hole)atkins was with CCA when he started this enhancement mess.
    Jim left CCA under turmoil. Jim Atkins now head of SEA is pushing this very dangerous Senate Bill to restrict motorized access in part of Nine Mile Hole. As we all know this started because he was upset with a boater for being on the same flat as he was. Everyone thought this would go away due to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department sun setting the issue. Please call Senator Lucio 512-463-0127 956-548-0227 along with Senator Armbrister Chairman of the Natural Resources Committee at 512 463-0118 361-572-8061 to oppose this issue. This will set us down a path we can not afford travel if we intend to save our rights as fisherman. Special intrest will take what they can without asking under the cover of darkness at all cost. Jim Atkins just ask Senator Lucio to tear up that Bill.

    Jim Smarr 361-463-1558 jimsmarr@austin.rr.com jimsmarr@ktc.com 361-463-1558

  11. Arty from TEXAS says ahh nothing like making friends
    smARRTY do you sleep with an eye open at night or do you and randy davis sleep together back to back. lmao

  12. Jim Smarr ( from TEXAS says arty-This is about losing access
    arty- idiot - We are trying to be serious. This will start Marine Protected Areas all up and down the Coast. Some of us are not willing to sit by and watch our rights be taken away by the likes of you or jim atkins. arty some of us do truly care about our sport. sad to say there are distractors like you. to bad you breath valuable air needed to stand and fight the sensless regulations put forward by village idiots like yourself and a few others.

  13. Arty from TEXAS says im sure jim will be happy to know hes an idiot
    check 6

  14. Jack Bennett ( from TEXAS says 9 mile hole
    OK As Mr. Gump (from Movie, same name) would say

    STUPID IS STUPID. Keep the Government out of our


  15. Rock ( from TEXAS says Well well well Arty
    You sure have contributed alot to this post. I'd say we can summarize who the real idiot is. That be you if you do not understand. What a complete total waste of a keyboard when you are in front of it. Keep picking your nose and coming up with brain shits for a snack. You deserve it. The real idiot, Arty.

  16. speckster ( from TEXAS says Government...
    If everyone was a little more involved in "THE GOVERNMENT", it might be a better thing.

    Maybe "THE GOVERNMENT" just needs to go away and let everyone do as they please? Don't think so.

    If you disagree with the 9 mile hole issue, that's fine. But, "if you're running down my country hoss, you're walking on the fighting side of me" Merle Haggard. Couldn't say it any better myself.

  17. Jim Smarr ( from TEXAS says Speckster getting people involved is job one or we will be fishing in the bathtub
    Speckster getting the public involved in government would solve most problems. Unfortunately two fishing guides in a cuss fight over how to fish a flat has gotten us to this insanity. I guess the other 800,000 anglers don't matter as long as one man gets what he wants. "We the people" not a single fishing guide with a vendetta should be the solution. I can not believe an entire organization would support losing access to fishing grounds because the leader is "mis guided" no pun intended.

    Jim Smarr 361-463-1558 jimsmarr@austin.rr.com

  18. Joe Fisherman ( from TEXAS says This thread should be moved to the political board.
    Enuff Said. Baammzzzzzz!

  19. Jim Smarr ( from TEXAS says HEY JOE your fishing rights are being taken by politics-
    Not getting political about fishing will have you not fishing. The Enviro's would love to be the only ones making the rules. Wake up people you are about to be covered up with political MARINE PROTECTED AREAS!!!!!!!!!!!! NO FISHING NO NOTHING ZONES!!!!!!!! THEN I GUESS YOU WILL ASK HOW THAT HAPPENED IN A BACK ROOM IN AUSTIN WHILE YOU WERE LOOKING THE OTHER WAY BECAUSE YOU DON"T LIKE POLITICS. All Politics are eventually local.

    Jim Smarr jimsmarr@austin.rr.com 361-463-1558 Texas Recreational Fishing Alliance rfatexas.org

  20. Ed (SKI) ( from TEXAS says Nine Mile Hole
    It seems to me that a little information is a dangerous thing. I fish this area often and enjoy the peace and quite. I remember what it was like before the boundries were set up and I feel it is a much nicer place now. Partnering with the State seems to work on many issues like these. I doubt that many of these posts have ever fished this area. If they had there wouldn't be such nonsense posted. If someone feels the need to gripe about the government please go elsewhere. Jim, there is NO loss of access, just a restriction on how you fish the area. It is easily drifted, poled, or trolled from a boat. It is nice to have a place to go if I feel like walking a few miles for tailing reds and not having my wade run through. This is just my opinion an yes I do know what they say about opinions.

  21. Jim Smarr ( from TEXAS says ED I am Alarmed about Ray Allen and Jim Adtkins setting Marine Protected Area's in Place with SB 1854
    Follow the money trail. Funds are available for MPA's. 10% can be withheld by the monitoring group out of the grant funds. MPA's are right down Ray Allens road. He loves to say we need more of them along with Pam Baker with Environmental Defense. Jim Adkins has gone to bed with some real greenies. Ed this MPA deal will kill recreational angling in many prized fishing areas if let go unchecked. I would love to have a private fishing area with no traffic but the waters belong to all Texans and Americans not a few elitist. Just look at California as it lost prime fishing grounds to environmentalist. Being passive on major issues will destroy our ability to access our Fishing Grounds. Texas RFA lobbying efforts cut funding for the first MPA project which would have seriously impacted Harbor Island, Estes Flats, Red Fish Bay and the Brown and Root Flats. How soon we forget what we almost lost. Ed in areas where sea grass is being damaged replant it. There is new technology that simplifies repairs instead of wholesale shutdowns of fishing areas.Ed I like you wade fish for miles on end. I have encountered discourtious anglers but just smiled and waded on. I have not made it a personal vendeta to change access rules.

  22. Hard Head from TEXAS says Still trying to see where the SB says you can't Fish
    Jim, where in the SB1854 does it say anything about not being able to FISH? From what I've read, the SB is no different than what was in place prior to the Sun Set Ruling for Nine Mile Hole. That is FAR from a California MPA which says NO FISHING!

    Replant Grass? Who'll pay for that and with what? Add another TAX? Add another Stamp to our licenses?

  23. R DAVIS from TEXAS says I wondered:
    How long it would take Hard Head to weigh in and demonstrate his usual complete lack of comprehension of the subject at hand.

    I would explain it to you Hard Head, but it would be like, - well, remember dog / airplane?

    You lack the intellectual capacity to understand the grist of this matter, and lack the education to conduct a successful war of words. Bottom line, you are a stupid loser.

    Don't bother to respond, I am going turkey hunting. (Real turkeys, not turkeys like you).

  24. Hard Head from TEXAS says Monkey on a string
    Again, show me where it says No Fishing! I might be Stupid, but I can Read what is written! And no where does it say "No Fishing"!

  25. Jeff_S ( from TEXAS says No motor zone..
    I happened to me last weekend where I poled/used the trolling motor to sneak two hundred yards into an area only to have my fishing ruined by a guy running past me at full throttle a little while later. I would not be opposed to these types of areas.

  26. ImBanned ( from TEXAS says Boats and fishing
    Do boats really ruin the fishing for you? I remember some troutmasters catching trout out of the ICW and the best time was in the wake of a tug boat. I remember a Baffin Bash contestant catching an 8+ pound trout casting towards the motor on the back of another boat. Setting up MPA is asking for trouble in my opinion. There should be a vote and let majority decide, not a select few that are concerned their fishing wade is disrupted.

  27. Chacon ( from TEXAS says Hey, CC Local and Smarr
    There is no "spin" on this grass thing. If you have fished the Graveyard, then you have gotta be blind to not know there is a grass problem. Now, this grass problem (lack of grass) actually showed up AFTER the no motor zone was established, but we still have a grass problem even if it is due to natural causes. Nobody ever said anything about turtle grass or outboards creating the problem. I simply stated that under the grass conditions that we've experienced for the last five years it doesn't make sense to turn outboards loose into this area again. The area encompassed by the no motor zone is so shallow most of the time that running a rig, even a super duper, badazz, hey look at me rig, is impractical most of the year anyways. No need to explain this thing to me, I'm in the Graveyard at least once a week and have been for at least the last twenty some odd years.

    As I've stated, I KNOW how this thing went down originally and I was opposed to it. However, in consideration of how things have worked out and the fact that we're not only seeing more pressure, but more imprudent pressure, I'd like to see the No Motor Zone stay. It just seems like a good idea once I got over the insult. I can't see any direct or indirect route to a no fishing area, either. Basically, the aquatic version of keeping your 4wds out of the dunes. What is the threat that you guys are feeling?

    Jim, you are just a hard act to stand by. Fighting ANY and ALL restrictive legislation for the sake of being anti-legislation. I've read your stuff over the years, and you're so reactionary and contrary that it's just hard to jump on board even in those times that I might agree with you on the cause. The sky aint always falling. This "Domino" theory that ultimately ends up in world-wide MPAs and the death of the recreational fisherman is lunacy. Somewhere between the enviro-wackos and the sporting militants is where we're gonna find the answer and balance.

  28. speckster ( from TEXAS says Middle ground...
    You have to be a "sporting militant" in order to meet the "enviro-wackos" in the middle. Otherwise, there is no middle and no room to compromise.

    Surely you guys aren't so naive!

  29. speckster ( from TEXAS says Hard Head...
    Was your point just to 'dog' Jim? Maybe I'm being naive, but it seems to me the guy is at least trying to help.

  30. Jim Smarr ( from TEXAS says MPA's are dangerous-A $10,000.00 dollar fine comes to mind
    Once an MPA is established the Envioro's have a free for all trying to add restrictions. In the first nine mile hole MPA the Birders ask to stop All activity. Environmental Defense tried to help keep all traffic out. I was at the meeting in Corpus when these actions were purposed. This did make cold chills run up my spine. Removing motor traffic is only the first step down a long slippery trail. Texas RFA did lobby to kill funding for the Will Meyeres wholesale shutdown of the flats as mentioned above to motorized traffic. We were successful in killing the original funding at Coastal Coordination Council level. These guys wanted millions to start MPA's. Remember the 10,000.00 fine down south. The funds went into general revenue instead of repairing the damage.Even though the FED's stated in Court that the funds would go for repairs. Follow the money trail. TP&WD has gone on the record stating that the policy will be if you break it you fix it. We see this as a cash cow for the agency. You guys just wait until mpa's pop up and you get fined 10,000.00 don't say I did not tell you what is in the near future. There is a new sea grass task force being formed. We had to press really hard to have a seat at the table. You guys should look at the people chosen to determine your future on the flats. Most people that showed any opposition on the first task force have disappeared from the new one. Wake up guys this is serious.

    In a newspaper article Coastal Fisheries at TP&WD stated "Coastal Conservation Association is working on a limited Acces Plan for the Texas Coast". I have a copy of the entire article if anyone would like it as I have it in ditigaal format. I would be happy to email it on request. Guys again wake up before it is to late. We can replant sea grass instead of closing areas. There is federal funding available to replant. So far RFA is the only group inquiring about replanting grass instead of shutting down motor traffic. We will be seeking funding from Federal Programs.

    Jim Smarr Texas Recreational Fishing Alliance jimsmarr@austin.rr.com 361-463-1558

  31. greenie ( from TEXAS says Greenies, Mr. Smarr
    Are those also people who put so much time and effort into stopping commercial harvest of several species of fish? Aren't they greenies, too?

  32. Jim Smarr ( from TEXAS says Chacon Thanks for your thoughts
    Thanks for your comments. I understand standing to close to me could get you a few stray arrows. I appreciate your comments and realize We are not all things to all people. We are like the NRA we only fight when fishing rights are being challenged as NRA does for gun owners.

    There are many good employees at TP&WD. We only have problems with agencies when they look the other way on things like killing 22,000 acres of sea grass over on St. Joseph Island but worry about recreational anglers and prop scars. How many prop scars would it take to cover 22,000 acres? Filling in an 1,100 foot wide fish pass "Vinson's Slough" with hundreds of thousands of cubic yards of dredge spoils and looking the other way by six agencies upsets us. I may be un popular but guess what the passes will be reopened due to our pressing the issue in Federal Court. There is study with all the proper seals to back up what I just said. I can tell yall where to get a copy.

  33. Jim Smarr ( from TEXAS says Greenie I donated art work to support those efforts
    Greenie my art work was auctioned to support maintaining our recreational fisheries. The number is fairly large. One Marlin Sculpture sold for 10,000.00 at the POCO auction and all funds went to CCA. I personally donated several pieces to numerous auctions at CCA Banquets each year in my prior life. Most of the other Artist were given a 50/50 deal. I guess I was stupid. I have tried to do my part. I guess I am a conservationist as I released 90% of what I caught with barbless hooks on flies and soft plastics ect.

  34. Jimbo from TEXAS says Well,,,
    Just a point,,, when boating restrictions limit access from the general public toward special interest groups, then fishing does become impared to the general public.

    Explain why airboats are going to hurt the grasses. Does the sound kill the grass? Airboats are being restricted for what purpose other than irritating people. That IS a "keep out,,,no fishing law" for those fishermen with airboats.

    These special interest folk are being "pro-active" toward their own interests,,,and not for the general public. They are being restrictive toward the general public,,,and we, the general public, need to become "re-active" to these intentions. It will become a "No admittance, No fishing" zone to many many boaters. Who's area is next after the Nine Mile Hole? Maybe all of Redfish Bay? How about bays with just mud bottoms, to get new grass areas to grow? Restricting general public access is not the way to go! You can't do that with wheelchairs! Enjoy fishing! With respect, Jimbo

  35. Hard Head from TEXAS says Speckster, not dogging, just clarifying
    Jim and Randy are saying there will be No Fishing, but the SB doesn't say that at all. It plainly says No Motor Zone, just like it has been for the past several years. I'd be 100% in support of Jim's efforts IF the SB said "No Fishing".

    Also, the mentioning of the California MPA's is Not comparing apples to apples. Those are 100% no fishing zones, but you CAN motor through them. SB 1854 says "No Motor", but no mention of fishing! That is what I'm Dogging Jim and Randy on. Tell it for what it really is, and don't adlib.

  36. Jim Smarr ( from TEXAS says Hard Head -Fiddle while Rome Burns
    HH you need to have sat through the year’s of Sea Grass Task force meetings to understand the impact of no motor zones. Prevailing winds make these zones unfishable. In nine mile hole the prevailing winds put you on the west shoreline. Using a trolling motor would take forever to get you back to a run lane. Only people with the very shallow draft tunnel hulls can access this area. We conducted test with TP&WD on board with a redfish line majeck to show there was no damage to sea grass. The anglers that access this area know what they are doing. The area takes care of itself. As I said earlier Jim Atkins was involved in a heated cuss fight with another angler over access. He was on the board of Corpus Christi CCA at the time and they went to TP&WD with this plan to limit nine mile hole to see if it would "Enhance the Fishing Experience". We had 1400 signatures of Texas Saltwater Anglers against the project but were bulldozed by CC CCA. RFA filed a Lawsuit to stop the "Enhancement Experiment to benefit one angler". We were told by Coastal Fisheries they would sun set the MPA so we dropped the Lawsuit, now see what happens. The envioro's are at it again with help from some folks that have a history of wanting all motor traffic off the sea grass. Hard Head a lady can't be a little bit pregnant. If this passes we could be seeing the birth of MPA's up and down the coast. We have fought the hard fight not just sat idly by and watched access be diminished. I am sure the general membership of CCA was unaware of what Corpus and Atkins pulled. We are for using a plan to re plant rather than restrict access. We have been led to believe sea grass can not be re planted. Guess what it can be done with new tech available. Laying a sediment sock in a scar can work very effectively. There are millions out there allocated for sea grass. Why do we not replant as other states have. Maybe our system is broken and the special interest have to much power. The every day Saltwater Angler has no clue as to the truth behind most of the MPA reasoning by fisheries management. Other States understand recreational fishing is very important to coastal economies. Other States are going after the funds as Texas sits on the bench. It is much easier to spew doom and gloom about us tearing up the playground instead of fixing it. No other sport would sit and watch their game be restricted when there was an alternate solution. Serious education about sea grass from our learning institutions along with boater education. We asked for a simple one page flyer be given out with a salt water fishing stamp purchases. Bill Harvey at Coastal fisheries said it would be to expensive. Hard Head there is more to this than SB1854 at stake. Bill Harvey wanted to put in Kayak only areas in the redfish bay area and did as in light house lakes trail. He is now a fishing guide using a kayak service. The regulations for further implementations were halted as TP&WD was embroiled in a conflict of interest due to Harvey’s master plan. Now we are starting all over again with reviving a sea grass task force with a limited number of members. Many of the original members were not asked to rejoin as we understand it. Guess what all the proponents seem to have found their way back on the task force as we understand the current roster. I had to go to the top of TP&WD to be placed on the task force. How fair is this I ask. Again HH you don’t understand the far reaching effects of SB 1854 and MPA’s. HH standing up for what is right keeps me in a “Flak Jacket” most of the time but I feel it is well worth putting up with folks like you. I have not been paid one dime for travel or other expenses for years of standing up for the every day angler. It is done for gratis. All politics are local in the end. Some message boards have a no politics pleassssssssssseeeeeeeeeee disclaimer. Well when these guys are fishing in the bath tub don’t blame me. Go back to fiddling HH. I smell smoke and it ain’t coming from the stack at the Vatican as we have a new Pope.

    Jim Smarr Texas RFA-Chairman 361-463-1558 jimsmarr@austin.rr.com jimsmarr@ktc.net

  37. Hard Head from TEXAS says All I'm reading is the CURRENT SB 1854
    Not all the rest of the stuff you're speaking of. If there is more to be added to the SB and it's as you say, they I'm behind you, like stated before. But if it's to stay as written, then again, it's apples to oranges.

  38. Melon from TEXAS says Mr. Smarr this agrumentation with HH is going nowhere!
    You should know by now he is hard headed.. LOL

    Kinda like calling a pasture green. Then someone sprays the fenceline with roundup.Then you say look at that green pasture! HH would reply....There is a brown patch all the way around that pasture along the fence.Its not Green!

    Maybe you guys should look out of the box alittle. And stop being so center minded.

    But then he is HARD HEADED! LOL


  39. Jim Smarr ( from TEXAS says Melon- well said
    I guess the passion behind the issue made me respond. I know better than respond to folks that want to de rail the train of thought.

    Lead Follow or get the H___ out of the way has to be the cry when protecting our fishing rights.

  40. Hard Head from TEXAS says Jim, one last time
    I have NOT said one single Anti-RFA/Smarr thing in this thread. All I've said was that the way SB 1854 currently reads, it has Nothing to do with a fishing ban. You read to much into what I said based on past head to heads.

    Melon, go plunge the toilet in the cafeteria with your head.

  41. Joe Fisherman ( from dog house says HH that was not a nice thing to say
    Maybe Melon is just tired of seeing you two old geasers butting heads, when there could truly be something here at stake.

    HH,You are the most HARDHEADED fella we know here! Face it!Just facts! Just because you swim in circles does not mean Melon wants to follow!Lmao

    Artifiscial Always

  42. Hard Head from TEXAS says Just remember this Joe
    Should you step into the Mud at Arroyo Colorado, you might get the anchor thrown at you instead of a life jacket! lol

  43. cable guy ( from galena park roadside pollo bbq says battle of the nimwits
    HH: Melon, go plunge the toilet in the cafeteria with your head.

    Melon: err, I mean Joe Fisherman: Just because you swim in circles does not mean Melon wants to follow!Lmao

    HH: Should you step into the Mud at Arroyo Colorado, you might get the anchor thrown at you instead of a life jacket!

    i dont care who you are thats funny right there!

  44. Snarla ( from TAXES says Cable Guy,
    You been watching too many purple Barney movies to call that funny. Don't beer fart over it.

  45. Joe Fisherman ( from ALABAMA says Snarla just maybe he is a beer fart. : ) nmsg.

  46. greenie ( from TEXAS says Mr. Smarr
    Tact is a word you might want to ponder, as opposed to ballistic.

    Calling people "greenies" because they consider a no-motor zone, then trumpeting your own "green" tendancies, seems rather odd.

    You might very well be working against yourself, green or not.

  47. Jim Smarr ( from TEXAS says greenie
    Putting in MPA's for no reason is not acceptable. Ballistic is a good virtue when fishing rights are being diluted. So is caustic , abrasive and in your face kind of reaction from us warranted when rights are being toyed with. True sportsmen were the first conservationist. Any one who has met me and had an in depth dialog on these issues usually tend to agree. A few agencies,.org's and elected officials tend to run because they don't like the truth or fear the truth being out in the open.

    I enjoy what we do for fishing rights. Going with the flow to get along was not a class in the Lyndon Baines Johnson charm school. The liberal thought process of sometimes you have to give up something to get something is an Agency Cancer. We do not believe in giving up anything just to get along.

  48. ImBanned ( from TEXAS says I wondered:
    How long it would take R Davis to come in and show his true lack of professionalism. I wouldn't want my business behind your name with communication skills like that. If you even opened that idiotic mouth of your like that to a legislative person that had the power to make change, I am sure they would tell you to screw off. You need to learn to suck up your emotions and speak with clarity and facts, not disrespect. You need to like everyone, you just don't have to love them.

  49. ImBanned ( from TEXAS says By the way
    I am not affiliated with any org so by my actions it will not look bad on them. I can freely call you a prick. LOL

  50. Jim Smarr ( from TEXAS says Banned don't belong
    Randy has traveled at his personal expense to protect your fishing rights on numerous occasions during the last four years. The fact is that sb1854 will start a landslide of restrictions. People like your self I am sure you have taken the time to email their Senator or the ones listed above. I doubt it. You did though take the time to bash Randy for posting. There are two kinds of people on this planet those that do and then there are the others who never bother to write a letter or make a call much less vote. We at least post using our real names. To bad most of the comments against our stand did not use a real name. We are very aware this board is monitored by all agencies. The fact that several of you enjoy attacking people that are trying to maintain rights is laughable. Randy is a Vietnam Vet who has scarificed much so you and I have the rights we now have as many more have before him and after him. Stop freeloading and get involved. Then you might be taken seriously.

  51. ImBanned ( from TEXAS says Hey, what can I say...
    Each person has their calling in life. I stick with my statement as follows:

    "You need to learn to suck up your emotions and speak with clarity and facts, not disrespect. You need to like everyone, you just don't have to love them."

  52. ImBanned ( from TEXAS says Also,
    I posted on this thread already against the MPA.

    #26 ImBanned ( from TEXAS says Boats and fishing Do boats really ruin the fishing for you? I remember some troutmasters catching trout out of the ICW and the best time was in the wake of a tug boat. I remember a Baffin Bash contestant catching an 8+ pound trout casting towards the motor on the back of another boat. Setting up MPA is asking for trouble in my opinion. There should be a vote and let majority decide, not a select few that are concerned their fishing wade is disrupted.

  53. greenie ( from TEXAS says Mr. Smarr
    Then you think there should not have been limits and size requirements on game fish? We gave up something for something.

    Agency Cancer? It might begin with those who buy and sell our rights.Wish I could afford to donate the kind of money you do, but then, I'm just a fisherman who can't even afford a boat.

    I'm green all right. Greener than your personal lies will ever know.MPA's are out of the question. But backing legislation for your own good, then backing off when it is for the majority's good, is unacceptable behavior.

    Just how high can that fence of yours go?

  54. Jim Smarr ( from ALABAMA says Greenie you lost me
    Greenie I donated these items at a cost of the casting fee of three to four hundred dollars each. I was not a man of means but did believe in releasing hatchery fish so I supported CCA at the time. I have since found out from TP&WD employees that one school of Red Drum entering the bay system could out perform the hatcheries 10 year production. There is good money in bad fisheries for some folks. As Far as fences and lies I have no idea where you are headed with those statements. I do not own a ranch with a high fence.LOL

  55. greenie ( from TEXAS says Mr. Smarr
    The fence you are sitting on. It plays out some ways to people on one side, other ways to people on the other.

    For example, your comment about "greenies" was obviously a dig, yet you proclaim to be for conservation.

    And, back to my question about limits. Your quote was "The liberal thought process of sometimes you have to give up something to get something is an Agency Cancer." Do you agree, or not, that size and number rstrictions are for everyone's good? Or are you against them?

    I do not need to be taken off the subject so that you may avoid a question.

  56. greenie ( from TEXAS says Also, Mr. Smarr
    Perhaps I think my tax dollars should go elsewhere than replanting seagrass year after year after year after year after year after year. Get my drift?

  57. j smarr ( from TEXAS says Greenie wcnet.net
    so now I know who I am dealing with. what a relief to know who and where you are. I will not waste any more time trying to reason with you. You chose to hide behind a handle as usual.

  58. greenie ( from TEXAS says ???
    Are the questions too hard?

  59. j smarr ( from TEXAS says We are talking losing access not limits stay on subject
    Liberals seem to change subject when they can't agree on current topic. stay on topic of losing motorized access. In the past when we asked if you would help you were to busy or didn't want bothered. crawl back under the rock you slithered out from under.

  60. Hard Head from TEXAS says Pot calling the kettle black
    "stay on topic of losing motorized access. "

    It is about access, so where did all the talk on No Fishing/MPA's come from? lol

  61. Jim Smarr ( from TEXAS says Hard Head we will attend the hearings will you
    HH sit on your butt behind the key board while the rest of us try to save your fishing rights. Access is a fishing right just like Matagorda and Galvaston Beach Access issue. Using a trolling motor against high wind is laughable and would kill time drift fishing. I forgot Randy said you "no comprende nada".

  62. Hard Head from TEXAS says Tu No savy no nada
    Access has Nothing to do with No Fishing! And I said the exact same thing to TOBA on the Galveston Beach issue.

  63. Melon from TEXAS says You guys are still at it! Ha!
    We should change this thread to 9 ways to butt heads! ROFLOL

  64. Hard Head from TEXAS says Jim, show me where it says Fishing is a Right!
    Fishing in Texas is a Privilege.

  65. Jim Smarr ( from TEXAS says hh Answer the Question Are you going to Testify or Sit on Your ___.
    Your name should be Catfish all mouth and no Brains.

  66. Jimbo from TEXAS says Well,,,
    Seems we've gone through this "right/privilege" deal before. Maybe below is what you are looking for?

    A privilege is a right. And a right holds privilege. If we have a privilege,,, and we do,,, then we have a right.

    And to show where,,,try Merriam-Webster,,, "Main Entry: 1priv·i·lege,,,: a right or immunity granted as a peculiar benefit, advantage, or favor"

    And again to show where,,,try Merriam-Webster,,,"Main Entry: 2right 2 : something to which one has a just claim: as a : the power or privilege to which one is justly entitled".

    Does Merriam-Webster hold any State, or Judicial, or personal value with definitions? It is being used as a teaching/learning tool in Texas and other states. With respect, Jimbo

  67. acid burn ( from TEXAS says Goverment
    The people in Austin work for us!!!!! Therefore they should listen to "we the people". I for one do not like the ideal of a hand full of people telling me how to fish when to fish are where to fish. Besides a few years back this all got started over one person in one of those kiyackers getting caught up in a boats wake. No big deal until he made it a big deal. This is whats this is all about. Now we have to tell our side of the story. But what worries me is when is it going to stop. How much more do they want? I guess we shall see if this bill is not shot down. Give the an inch and they will take miles. Wake up people or you will soon see your fishing grounds go away. As for getting in the goverments face they need to be gotten in they face, let them know why they are there and do what is best for all the people and not a select few. As for you HH where do you get off saying one darn thing about fishing, living is Houston. You know not one think about what is going on down here. It might be best if you set this one out and quite making a fool of your self every time your open your mouth. Not every thing that is told to you is the truth. So Don just do all of us favor and just shut up. Atleast Smarr knows what he's talking about. He been there and done that, I can't say the same for you, except you are not a do'er.

  68. Hard Head from TEXAS says You're right acid burn
    I know absolutely nothing at all about anything, and I live in Houston, NOT! I work in Houston, don't live here. Now show me where it says No Fishing!

    Jimbo, you can Quote from Websters all day long, but there is a difference between the Right and Privilege issue here. With a Texas Fishing License, it is your privilege to fish. Without a license, is it your Right to fish? Loose your license and that privilege is taken away, just like Driving a car.

    Now to all of you, If you go back and READ what I have said above in previous posts, I told Jim I would back him 100%, BUT, he is saying this is a No Fishing issue, and the SB simple says No Motor Zone. I support RFA/CCA and any other organization trying to stop the No Motor Zone. But don't call it a No Fishing SB, when it isn't! Apples to Apples folks!

  69. Jimbo from TEXAS says I understand,,,
    So long-time public and legal definitions used in our society are out the window because they don't fit the moment,,,I understand. It just depends on what the definition of "is", is. LOL With respect, Jimbo

  70. B.e. sweet ( from TEXAS says 9 hole
    Could some one post a map of the area in question? it would help some of us concerned readers.


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