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SUBJECT: Interstate not honor warranties...

Submitted by Super Dave ( from TEXAS on

The facts Ma''mm, just the facts.

Bought an Interstate Cranking battery size 24 in Aug 04. Taped the receipt to side of the battery. This afternoon picked up the boat and checked the cranking battery and found it was dead. It had 5 V on the voltmeter. It had set in the shed for about 40 days with the Perko switch turned OFF. Went to Interstate outlet on FM 1960 to exchange the battery. Here's the position they took:

"This is a normal situation.All batteries discharge in that time. We have to send a lot of batteries back to the factory for recharge after 6 months shelf time. Leave the battery with us. We will attempt to bring it back to life. The test shows it has zero cold cranking amps in it. That means it has no energy at all in it. We will have to hook another battery to it and then put a charger on the other battery to attempt to force energy back into the dead battery. Check back with us in a couple days."

When informed that I was in process of loading up the boat for a week trip and needed a battery like NOW, they said it was not their policy to replace a battery until they had tried all the remedies to "bring it back alive". When I asked them what they would do for someone on the road that had a battery problem in another city they said they would just have to wait for all the diagnostic work before exchanging the battery. I informed them that this was in effect no warranty at all and I would do all that I could to inform all that would listen that they were ripoff artists. It didn't seem to matter to them. I left with the dead battery and went to Walmart and bought another one.

To anyone reading this, I ask...Is their warranty policy reasonable? Would you buy an Interstate battery knowing this policy?

  1. llk ( from ALABAMA says Boo Hoo
    Go buy an Optima and stop crying!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Travis P ( from TEXAS says SuperDave
    You did right by going and buying another battery. You might call the number below in the warranty specs and let them know who you feel.

    I quit messing with people and buy stowaways from academy. They have out preformed anything I've had. Being you was standing waiting on some kindest and a loaner without attention, I would let them have it good. Boat / Car should be no different, you need to roll right NOW! You should get no less than a new battery from interstate and paid in full for the wallymart battery. See below:

    Battery Failed without Interstate Dealer Nearby One of the benefits of being an Interstate battery owner is our Dealer Locator. Whenever your battery fails, dial 1-800-272-6548 (1-800-Crank It), and you will be given three of our nearest dealers. The Dealer Locator is also available here on the Interstate Batteries web site. If no Interstate dealer is nearby (within 5 miles), (get a battery wherever you can) and call Customer Service at 1-888-772-3600. Be sure to keep the defective Interstate battery so that an Interstate dealer can find out what went wrong. If your battery is truly defective and no Interstate dealers were nearby, we will send you a refund check for the amount of time remaining on the warranty. Refunds must come from our home office in Dallas; our local dealers are not equipped or expected to give cash refunds.

    What does the Interstate warranty cover? The Interstate Batteries warranty covers failure of Interstate branded batteries due to a defect in material or workmanship, such as a bad cell or an internal short. If battery failure occurs during the free-replacement period, which is 18 months on automotive batteries, an Interstate dealer will provide you with a new battery at no cost. Some dealers may charge for their labor to replace the battery. You may locate an Interstate dealer by searching our online Dealer Locator or by calling our Dealer Locator phone line at 1-800-272-6548 (1-800-Crank It).

    What does the Interstate warranty NOT cover? The Interstate Batteries warranty does not cover expenses for installation, towing, electrical system tests, charging a battery, loss of time, or other expenses which would be considered as incidental or consequential damages. It does not cover damage to the battery caused by abuse or neglect (e.g., holes or cracks), a failure to keep the battery properly charged or maintained (e.g., failure to add water to a battery with removable caps), fire, collision, explosion, freezing, theft, overcharging (e.g., melted posts), or damage caused by use of special additives.

  3. fishnstringer ( from TEXAS says Stowaway batteries
    are my choice. I've had a Stowaway cranking battery on an automatic digital charger for over a year, while it sat in a boat stall (metal) with no intermittant use, or checking, and much to my surprise it was still full of water and fully charged. Don't ask me why my boat was unused for over a year unless you want to hear a grown man cry! I've had others that were dry and shorted out after several hot months, including during the summer. Most marine electrical publications will tell you not to let a battery drop below 50% in charge, thus they must stay on a charger. These new automatic digital chargers are right on. There is no excuse for leaving a battery without a maintenance type charger today, for the cost of the chargers and their availability makes it all too easy. BTW, Sam's has one available now. Good luck and don't buy anymore Interstate batteries. Stowaway is the only way to go, including the deep cell ones.

  4. kingbingo ( from TEXAS says trojan
    never had a problem w/ my trojans. if i were you, get on their website and try to find a phone # to a big wig in their home office.

    i would make a polite, yet firm stink about this and i bet they will take care of you.

    maybe someone on this board has a # or email for the high-ups in the company???

  5. Nick ( from Nevada says Warranty Info
    I work for Interstate Batteries in Nevada. The reason you were not given a new battery is because yours was not "bad." The operation loses money every time they warrany a battery that is not bad. When the battery is bad, we send it to factory and we get a credit so it's about an even trade. We lose a little money but a lot less then if we warranty a good battery. This operation is no different, they were just following procedure. What we do in Nevada is go through all the checks on the battery as well and for someone who is in the situation you were in, we generally give an econo or used battery for free while we test the other battery. When that person comes back and they want their old battery back we go based upon what the tests say after the battery has been charged and checked. If the battery is bad, then we warranty it or pro-rate it. If it is good, we give it back in exchange for the econo and everybody leaves happy. I'm sorry for any inconvience you experienced through this operation but please do not blame Interstate Batteries. This operation was merely following their procedures, but they could have been a little more hospitable. I hope you still choose to use interstate in the future.

  6. Sunpower Co. ( from Canada says Interstate warranty
    I have a customer with 20 Interstate UL16,s configured in a 24 v battery back with a Xantrex pure sine wave inverter/charger, back up gererator and a 1 kw wind genny. The inverter shuts down if battery reaches 22.6 or the generators starts to charge system. These batteries started freezing itermittently through the bank only 4 months old and at 20 degrees C. on Feb 3. I have been calling and talked to 6 different people at Interstate and no one calls back or has been to see these batteries. It is now April 13. Anyone else had problems with UL16's? How can batteries freeze under these conditions is beyond me unless they were not loaded properly. Pat

  7. L Dixon ( from MISSISSIPPI says having same problem
    Thanks for taking out time to share your woes, It's really a help to me right now as my interstate battery is fading out, and just before I got ready to head to Wal-mart my big brother said, " hey interstate batteries give free replacement, why their motto is, " you'll never be with out a battery with interstate battery." so find someone who sells them and they will replace it free." However, after your testimony and the person who use to work for Interstate Battery, I guess I will not go through the hassel. I will only try one place if I can find one but, that will be on my way to Walmart. Yet, in your case they could have done as Nick said their company does, and given you an econo battery while they followed their procedures. Thanks Nick for helping the consumer feel better about his treatment, and thank travis for the contact info. Thanks to humor and all other remarks, they really can be of help in time like mines. Sgin, I've been helped

  8. Chadapillar ( from MINNESOTA says Youre dumb
    A battery is a perishable item. It is certainly going to go bad if you neglect it. Which you did. I urge you to pull your head out of your ass.

  9. Chadapillar ( from MINNESOTA says ...and another thing
    There is always going to be a certain amount of key off electical load on your's best to disconnect it...just to give yourself a piece of mind. It can sit about 3 months before it self-discharges below a no-start condition. Read a book.

  10. KenfromCanada ( from Canada says and another thing
    You should be thankful they were willing to charge it up for you free of charge. A discharged battery is not a defect in the product, it is a defect in the user. Learn to read, get a charger and charge up the battery all by yourself.

  11. Mighty ( from ALABAMA says And you wonder why battery prices increase?
    "The test shows it has zero cold cranking amps in it. That means it has no energy at all in it."


    Every ounce of cranking energy comes in between 12.00V- 12.66 V. If your battery was at five volts and only sitting for 40 had a load on the battery. A battery will never self dis-charge that fast under normal conditions....good or bad.

    You don't have a clue about the fundementals of batteries...and now you've used slander to give a company a bad reputation. They have an excellent product...i don't feel sorry for you at all. How could a company afford to free replace every jerk-off's battery who left the headlights on? It doesnt make sense to.

    You sir, are 100% in the wrong here.

  12. Batt Doctor ( from FLORIDA says Travis imbelished alittle
    Travis, completely left out the sentence that read...will warrant any battery that is found of defect but that is NOT MERELY DISCHARGED!

    He wrote everything else word for word but why would he jump the most important sentence in that paragraph?

    I agree with Chadapillar on this one.

  13. Batteryboy ( from FLORIDA says Do as I shout, not as i do
    Youre so wrong here you don't even know it.

    The customer is NOT always right!

    You prove that.

  14. interstatebattssuck ( from MINNESOTA says Interstate Sucks Anyway..
    Your better off getting a battery somewhere else. If you want a really good battery in your boat get an Optima Yellow Top, or if its a starting battery also get a Blue Top.

    I have had nothing but troubles with Interstate. Back when i lived on the farm we used to change out the batteries like oil filters, they just couldn't handle the cold and hot of a MN season.

    I got stuck with a dead battery in my truck one time, Interstate. Replaced it with a $60 Wal-Mart battery and it went for another 5 years until i sold the truck, and was still working good then!

    Ok, so why am i hear bashing? We bought a minivan and i didn't realize it was an interstate battery, but even then once i did find out i figured "well run it till it dies or becomes unreliable". Well just the other day the battery was getting weaker and weaker in the family minivan. I took the cables off and cleaned them, charged it with a trickle charger until it floated to 13.8v, everything looked good after taking the charger off it was right around 12.6v. Drove it around town, no problem. Parked it and let it sit overnight, came back out the next morning and checked the voltage, 10.8v, WTF? I thought maybe i had a bad key off drain so i charged the battery again and put an ammeter between the battery and vehicles cable. Microamps of draw, probably the memory keep alive for the stereo and the PCM. Let it sit another 24 hours, no change in draw but the battery was too low to crank fast again.

    Pulled it and put in a $65 battery from Runnings as Wal-Mart didn't have the battery size/style that i wanted. No more problems. Sat for three days and went and checked it, 12.4v and it cranked nice and fast. The wife's car still has an interstate in it, thats what it had when i bought it, waiting for that to die now.

    Did some websearching and came across this page, i was trying to find out what if anything Interstate would do for a warranty on it. The battery is only a few years old and it says 72 month warranty on the top. After reading this page and many others i will just recycle it, not worth the hassle.

  15. Shawnathon ( from MINNESOTA says I've been to Wal-Mart ...YIKES
    To: the guy who posted above me.

    Interstate hasn't had a 72 month warranty in over six years, that battery has served it's purpose, considering that the average life expectancy in the state of Minnesota is 53-60 months.

    You had a bad cell in your battery. Thats why it tapered off to 10.8V, it's toast. But under good battery maintence (water levels are something you should check). I've had perfect luck with Interstate (Johnson Controls Batteries). Theirs a difference in the internal plates. The grid pattern on the Interstate is very different from the Walmart/Sears/Pepboys/AutoZone/Champion/Checker batteries that Johnson Controls also makes. They do NOT break down under sulfation as easy or as fast as the standard Jonhson plate does.

    I have nothing to do with Jonhson or Interstate...i just really stand behind the battery. It's a good battery, with an excellent warranty that is also nationwide.

    I've been to Wal-mart (who hasn't?) and I perfer to talk to employees who arn't completely useless. I mean you're not going to buy any decent car parts at the same place that sold you some crappy socks.

  16. Brian Nagan ( from SOUTH DAKOTA says Optima Yellow Top
    Optima Yellow Tops have only a 24 month warranty. The first year being a free replacement and the second being pro rated. Now why would I spend three times the money for a 1/4 of the warranty that an Interstate has? The Interstate starting battery is 85 months!!

    The majority of the people that have posted have disagreed with you.... as for the say most dont have a real understanding of how batteries really work.

  17. Grant ( from Canada says Interstate Megatron Deep Cycle Battery
    I had a similar Bad Experience with an Interstate deep Cycle Battery. It in 2008 fifth wheel trailer and it had a bad cell.The RUDE Salesperson was Little help! Battery had been always maintained and barely lasted 2 years of use and that use consisted of 4 or 5 months of intermitent use and when we were not on the road it was plugged into a power source to stay charged. This was my first and LAST time I deal with Interstate. I have owned may other deep cycle Batteries in the past and they ALL Outlasted this one!

  18. Elliot ( from Canada says Hey Grant
    I wouldnt complain about 2 years ... anytime you surpass the free replacement period, you've done okay. The Deep Cycles are 1yr Free 2 1/2 Years Total. So u might have had some kind of pro rate left on it... but either way... im lucky if I get 3 years out of any battery in Canada.

  19. Don34 ( from RHODE ISLAND says A Battery is a Battery
    I think the guy who originally posted this is completely out of line. It sounds like the guys he dealt with were willing to go out of their way for him. He just wanted a free battery, a battery is a battery...its going to go bad if you neglect it. It would be pretty difficult to remain in business if a company handed out free batteries to every jerk off who left a load on it the entire off season. Get bent.

  20. Whick ( from NORTH CAROLINA says Stowaway batteries
    I have two stowaway deep cycle batteries in my boat since 2004. They still work my trolling motor. I did not keep a battery tender on these batteries but I did charge them up every few months. Now that I am changing my trolling motor to a new Terova I think it might be smart to get two new Stowaways.

  21. jman ( from ALABAMA says Interstate Batteries
    Worked for this company for over 10 years. They make nothing, merely a marketing company. The batteries are made by Johnson Controls which make 85% of all batteries sold in the U.S. , including Wal-mart,auto zone , advanced auto, o'reillys, costco,sams club, interstate , ect. All these are the same. Stop spending abunch of extra money just for the name. Buy the best price, frehest product.

  22. jman ( from ALABAMA says Interstate Batteries
    Worked for this company for over 10 years. They make nothing, merely a marketing company. The batteries are made by Johnson Controls which make 85% of all batteries sold in the U.S. , including Wal-mart,auto zone , advanced auto, o'reillys, costco,sams club, interstate , ect. All these are the same. Stop spending abunch of extra money just for the name. Buy the best price, frehest product.

  23. Mde3 ( from PENNSYLVANIA says Interstate Batteries
    I have had to replace the 91 series batteries in my cars 4 times in the past two years...My cars sit a lot between usages, and the batteries tend to go dead within a couple of months...the problem is that they do not recharge well once gone dead, requiring an "intensive rejuvination" process....Why do I need a battery like this? They sometimes will go dead after a matter of weeks when the car is not in use....I try to start and run the cars at least once a month.....very frustrating....Just curious if anybody knows where they are built. Didn't Deka supply Interstate with their batteries at one time?

  24. the Hammer ( from PENNSYLVANIA says any battery
    this can happen to any battery that sits around. Just running the motor will not cut it! ANYONE ever hear of a BATTERY TENDER???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!.That's what YOU need!!! GO get one after you stop crying .

  25. FL boy ( from FLORIDA says interstate batteries
    I got royally screwed by the company. Bought an Optima that dumped before the 3 year full warranty but they denied there was an issue with it. Brought it back again 2 months after the 3 year full prorate had expired and suddently it was found to be defective. Their solution was to offer another Interstate battery that was far less expensive and not one of their Optima batteries. I will never use another Interstate product and go out of my way to recommend to all my auto buddies to stay away from them. I think their product and their people suck.

  26. NWestTx ( from TEXAS says Best Battery Ever
    I found this site looking for where to purchase another Interstate Vehicle Battery. I purchased my battery in 2001 in California and had it tested last year. It had a great charge then, but unfortunately, it goes dead if it's not run daily. This is on my second vehicle, 98 Chevy Cargo Van, that has over 240,000 miles. This battery has the 72 month warranty. Too bad, they don't make these great batteries anymore. I'll check with Walmart,,,thanks for the information.

  27. Joel McGregor ( from TEXAS says No wonder our country is falling apart
    Did any of you people that attacked the original poster read what he said? From your responses you either did not or you have no comprehension skills. I'm not the smartest cookie but I can read that the battery was disconnected and only sat for 40 days. No battery should discharge in that period of time with no load. I don't blame Interstate for wanting to charge the battery and test it but they should have offered him a loaner.

    Mighty - the quote you had issue with was what Interstate told him not what he said. I used to work at a shop that rebuilt forklift batteries. Bad cells can self-discharge very quickly. Why would you need to load test a battery if static voltage told you everything?

    I have had good luck with Interstate batteries in the past.

    Maybe if people would listen to and think about what is said our country wouldn't be in the mess that it's now in.

  28. Customer Concern ( from COLORADO says Warranty Cold Start on Interstate Turbo Tract II Size 35
    After reading all of these reviews, I am really scared now that we just spent $113.00 on an Interstate battery. I am also stuck with it now. Now I have no back up battery either. It will not happen again, I assure you. I will always have a back up battery, that I will keep charged.

    I am also confused. I typed in the internet best battery and it came up with Interstate. I type insterstate and I get nothing but bad reviews. So which is is it? The internet can be a quick resource for information, but due to the fraud and malicous malignment on it it is becoming nothing more than another form of television, an unreliable, cut and paste source of information that doesn't hold water.

    All I have to say, if I find this $113.00 battery dead at any given time in any cold temperature or unused for a couple of weeks while I am on vacation parked at an airport,and I am given the runnaround and hardship in the replacement of it, I will never buy an interstate battery nor will I recommend one to another person.

    Moreover, if I wanted to make a good battery and have a good reputation in customer service. I would put in big bold letters this battery will discharge under no load over such a period of time. This battery does not function under these conditions. In order to maintain a charge of such and such it must be charged by vehicle or alternative source such as .... Then as a customer, I can make a decision based on my needs and value per cost.

    There was not a single piece of paper attached to this battery that was sold to me for the exception of the receipt of how much I paid for it.

    Despite the bad reputation I have just read about on dealers not honoring their warranty, this corporation better provide the dealer and the dealer better honor what the corporations provides them with and that is a loaner battery if one has to be removed and retested or charged for several hours. And you better have a replacement battery in stock if this battery has a bad cell in it. I will promptly report this to the attorney general and better business bureau of the US and the state of concern.

    Moreover you should monitor your dealers and if they lie to you and the customer, don't let them sell your battery. You are not doing yourself a favor for a few bucks as a corporation. We are dependent on our batteries in this country especially states like Texas that have almost zip sophisticated public transportation,that is, subways, railines, or high speed trains.

  29. ed2007 ( from MINNESOTA says Warranty
    A warranty is a warranty if it is broke they fix it NOW period. The other Mn guy u pull your head out of your ass because your an idiot but I would like to sell you some of my WARRANTED items

  30. hj ( from COLORADO says interstate batteries
    For the last ten plus years i have been selling interstate batteries. I have had numerous failures but have had fair warranty coverage. Lately that changed and so did the salesman. Now we get batteries delivered by a guy always (dressed) in a gray muscle shirt and I could almost see the scowl on his face before he even got out of his truck. After asking his boss to please have him dress properly, have a decent attitude and please refrain from moving my stuff around I got no response. Twice I asked politely. Third time i went to interstate coorporate. Fourth time i went to coorporate. That was it . Next time i saw this guy he came in and took all the batteries and shut me down. I think they suck. I could never operate my business like that. All i wanted was a little respect and this guy to dress decent. Now i seem to be selling napa batteries instead. keep up the good work ,hopefully youll put yourselves out of business soon. I called coorporate back to get some advice on another dealer. "Im sorry there arent any other dealer options." NICE

  31. 7yrs aint enuff ( from INDIANA says my 2 cents
    Just finished putting ANOTHER Interstate battery in my 2001 Ford F-150. The last one just up and died on me, how dare they make a battery that won't last more that SEVEN YEARS! That's right, 7 yrs ago this month I bought an Interstate battery, and now I've bought another one due to the last one saying enough is enough! Warranty? What warranty?

  32. Done with Interstate batteries ( from ALABAMA says Warranty not honored
    I took my 38 month old Interstate battery to the dealer, had it tested to verify it had a bad cell, and was going to get a new one with the pro-rate because it stated on the battery that it had a 65 month warranty. The dealer didn't have the same battery so he called the battery rep who told him the battery had an 18 month free replacement warranty and then a 36 month pro-rate period. That only adds up to 54 months of warranty. So, they tried to sell me a $117 replacement less $17 for the pro-rate. I took my old battery to Sam's Club and got a Duracell battery with a 36 month free replacement warranty for $87. I'm done with Interstate batteries.

  33. Injured ( from ALABAMA says WoW
    Wow. I just had the best time reading all of your posts. I was recently fired from one of the Interstate franchises for being disabled and I was looking for something to make me feel better, this did the trick.

    A few points:

    The warranty is the warranty, deal with it or don't buy one. Everyone knows what a pro-rated warranty is, if you do not, ask questions.

    If you do not know that your automotive/boat/rv battery needs to have a Battery Tender on it if you are not using it often, you are a nimrod and should be dragged through the streets by your hair until you understand why.

    JCI makes Interstate batteries along with 85% of all batteries in America. They have several qualities available and if you purchase one that is not right for your seasonality, again...dragged through the streets by your hair until you understand why you need more lead in your battery vs more acid.

    The guy who did not offer a battery to borrow when you brought yours in, he was probably pissed because you were too stupid to keep your battery charged and you were the 10th guy that day who needed to "borrow" a battery.

    All batteries are not created equal, all companies are not created equal. Even after being "separated" from Interstate, I would recommend their battery, but it would have to be the right battery for the job and for the zone. If you live in the north, pay the extra $15 and get a MTP. You will get more joy and less sorrow out of it.

  34. Bernard Bethea ( from TEXAS says Two dead interstate batteries
    My wife had a interstate battery replaced on her 05 BMW x5 the batter would die over night for no reason took it back to the shop who worked on the car the installed a new one same damn problem battery would not hold a charged feed up with this shop we took it to another one way the battery was going dead they keep the car for a month checking everything for shorts took the battery out and just ran a battery only test out the car sure as hell it went dead too second batter so that tells me they have a issue with these batteries and now I have to go argue with that shop for my money back and go out and buy a oem battery for the car don't Waite your time or money buying one of those things you will be sorry

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