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SUBJECT: Poco controversy

Submitted by salt-laker ( from TEXAS on

Any of you out there witness any of the animosity at Saturday night's Poco Bueno banquet. Heard it was pretty intense. A few choice words were spoken about the winners of the inshore division. @!$%CASTNET%^&*!!!!!

  1. Fishbone ( from TEXAS says Double controversy
    I also heard that the team Younger Brothers were implicated in a cheating scandal.

  2. BooYah ( from TEXAS says Scandal
    Inquiring minds want to know !!! Aint Skeered..

  3. salt-laker ( from TEXAS says Protests
    Two different protests were filed. 1. on team Nervous water and 2. on team younger brothers. The Brothers team's boat ran a ground, they called for help but when the help arrived they gave team brothers a lift to their destination instead of pulling the boat off. They were pressed for time. Now on the other hand team nervous water? I'll let someone else chime in on that one.

  4. darthwader ( from TEXAS says "Poco Bueno Fishing Scandals"
    I would like to respond to "Salt-Laker" and "Fishbones" inaccurate comments regarding the "Cheating Scandals" at this year's Poco Bueno Inshore Fishing Tournament, especially those comments directed at the "Younger Brothers". Fabrication is much too easy, why don't you guys try contacting one of the team members, a tournament committee member, or the guy conducting the Lie Detector Tests?

    Let me give you the facts:

    1. We did ground our boat early on Saturday morning.

    2. We called friends to bring our "back-up" boat to the area we were stuck in.

    3. We waded the entire length of the lake we were grounded in.

    4. After completing our initial wade, we transferred our gear and supplies from the grounded boat to the back-up boat, received no "rides" or any other form of assistance.

    5. We always waded together or fished off of ONE boat.

    6. We completed both "Weigh-In's", were forthright with all tournament committee members, and PASSED the Lie Detector Test.

    Tournament rules stated that each team had to fish off of one boat. We were unsure how the tournament committee would rule on this scenerio, but, were willing to accept their decision without question or PROTEST. We fished hard like most teams did. I feel that the individuals who have chosen to spread these "scandal rumors" are ill-informed, significantly short on their facts, and basically "sore losers". My brother and I are good people and winning a tournament by cheating is not in our fabric. I think most people who know us would agree. END OF STORY!

    Haven Young (member of the "Younger Brothers")

  5. Salty ( from ALASKA says Yea right !!
    Hey listen , if thats your story go with that!!! It sounds good and it might buy you a cup of Java.

  6. La Pesca ( from TEXAS says "sore Losers"
    Mr. Young, In knowing the team that protested, I can assure you they are anything but "sore losers" they are just good fishermen. They actually are hands above you and your brother as far as finding fish are concerned. They do not have to find out where people are fishing and try and beat them to a spot. Kinda funny you saw them spanking the fish on friday, and then on saturday well you know the rest of the story!

  7. wifey ( from TEXAS says true sportsmen, endangered species
    to argue with a fool, who can tell the difference? did you expect an apology?

  8. luv2fishinpink ( from TEXAS says Was this for the 2010 tournament?
    Was this for the 2010 tournament?

  9. Nathan ( from TEXAS says Boo-hoo
    From an outsider looking in, it sounds like the "poor looser" theory is right on. Anytime there is a competitive event, no matter what the event is, there are those out there that can't accept losing. Why not just tip your hat to the other team, congratulate them and try again next time. Stop the whining and the excuses, nobody wants to hear it!

  10. POCDude ( from TEXAS says POC Controversy
    I did not know you could have friends help bring you another boat in the middle of the tournament. I guess there will be a lot of people getting their boat stuck next year only to have their friends around the corner with a backup boat. It may not be cheating, but look for a change in the rules next year to overcome such behavior.

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