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SUBJECT: Fishing License /Non Resident/Question

Submitted by DannyMac ( from TEXAS on

Have a friend coming in from California for 8-10 days, plan on taking him fishing for trout and reds. Plan on 3 trips during his stay, not all the trips will be back to back, with all the changes made in the fishing license what does he need to buy? Thanks for your help.

  1. Hard Head from TEXAS says From TP&W
    Non-resident Fishing (Type 205): $50 This license or the Temporary (5-day) Non-Resident Fishing License is required of all non-residents who fish in the public waters of Texas. This license is not required if you are a:

    non-resident under 17 years of age; Louisiana resident 65 years of age or older who possesses a valid Louisiana Recreational Fishing License (includes Senior Fish/Hunt License); or Oklahoma resident 64 years of age or older. Temporary (5-day) Non-resident Fishing (Type 207): $30< Valid for 5 days in a row for non-residents.

  2. Fishin ( from TEXAS says They should double the fee for La residents
    We get charged an arm and a leg there for a temp license. Phark La and its license fees. Double them up here.

  3. Magnum ( from TEXAS says license
    Are you required to buy a saltwater stamp with the temp liscense? These chicks want me to take them fishing, but I hate haveing them buy a years liscense when they may only fish that one time.

  4. DannyMac ( from TEXAS says 5day temporary license/question for HardHead
    Thanks for the info on the license. Is the 5 day temporary license 5 days in a row?

  5. Hard Head from TEXAS says Not sure Danny
    Best thing to do is call your local TP&W office and ask. It doesn't say either way on their web page.

  6. waterspout from TEXAS says Yes

  7. DannyMac ( from TEXAS says Thanks Guys for the info
    Thanks, I will Take Phil to Academy and check it out.

  8. lbozka ( from TEXAS says TPWD Toll-Free Info Line
    For this or any other TPWD-related question you can always call the department's toll-free information hotline at 1-800-792-1112.

    Good luck on your trip

  9. Fishin ( from TEXAS says and
    You dont have to go to the store. just call the license number and get one over the phone at the moment you decide to go fishing : 1-888-895-4248

  10. Azwipe ( from TEXAS says See there...
    At least Boz know where to send the guy to...

    HH, if you don't know the answer... why ever start stroking the keys?

  11. Hard Head from TEXAS says And folks wonder why they can't get reasonable answers from the Site.
    Because of Shiatheads like Azwipe.

  12. Nick Nicholson ( from GEORGIA says True, HH
    Or you can even wind up being stalked by a jealous nutcase. Why post here when people like that spend all their time and effort trying to put you down?

  13. Hard Head from TEXAS says It's Funny
    Everyone said I was the cause this Board was so bad. I haven't posted very much in the past few months, and I see no change in the way the board has been handled at all! Go Figure! lol

    Most of these people need to look in a mirror as they type.

    Enjoy the squabbling, I'm out of here.

  14. DannyMac ( from TEXAS says HardHead
    I have been reading and posting on this board for years, and I appreciate your help, maybe our paths will cross some day and we can have a cold one. Thanks for the info and thanks to the fishin and Boszka for your help.

  15. waterspout from TEXAS says Hey wait ....................
    what about me I gave you the right answer, they all sent you somewhere to find out on your own. I want a cold beer and a dozen GOLD FISH!!lmao j/k

    And HH I'm the one that said sink the boat but I didn't know the bridge was that low..LOL! later!

    Goldfish alway,,The original!

  16. Hard Head from TEXAS says No problem DannyMac
    There are some great people on here, but the majority now lurk for fear of being ambushed for giving their thoughts and or opinions. I'm thick skinned and hard headed enough to not let it bother me. But it's a shame that the vast knowledge of those long gone will no longer contribute here.

    Our paths will cross sooner or later and the beers are on me.

  17. aggie salt ( from TEXAS says wooweee
    You have to love this site!! LOL!! YOu know you are always welcome Around the Cleaning table!

  18. DannyMac ( from TEXAS says OOPS!! Sorry Waterspout
    OOOOOPPS!! Sorry waterspout, BEERS AND GOLDFISH TO GO! Thanks for heading me in the right direction, now if the blasted weather will cooperate and provide us with a nice gentle SE 5-10, a couple of 4 tide days look out.

  19. BradP ( from TEXAS says Well
    I say you guys are a bunch of homos.

  20. DannyMac ( from TEXAS says You don't know me
    Brad P. why would you disrepect someone you don't even know. You don't know me and what I think or do. HH was correct about people not posting here because of comments like yours. I take a very simple approach to comment like yours, I just consider the source.

  21. Arty from TEXAS says nobody knows what its like to be bradp
    fat stupid and ugly. did i mention he is fat. lmao

  22. Hard Head from TEXAS says I rest my case. nm

  23. NickN from GEORGIA says Yep, HH!
    QRD, 'Nuff said, argument is over!

  24. Ol Hank ( from TEXAS says There you go Nicky boy!
    This has to be among the "without a doubt, most valuable contributions" to this TEXAS board so far! Trying to suck up to one such as Hard Head will not lessen your noose one bit you little bastarge!

    Sorry I've been neglecting you, please dont feel like the little forgotten red headed step child that you are, but you see, I've been fishing here in TEXAS waters! And I just haven't had the time to come down here and slam your lame Georgia butt!

    Back to the subject, congrats on the fine response you just blessed us with from friggin jauga!

    Tell Frank I said Hi!

  25. MiniMe ( from TEXAS says DannyMac
    The real BradP does not post anymore on this site check out 2cool is likely where you will find him. Check HH's comments as to why.

  26. Flounder Flinger ( from TEXAS says I havent checked in for awhile.
    Now I remember why. Some of yall are great folks, but some of yall, had your finger in your Croaker too long.

  27. NickN from GEORGIA says And it doesn't take much of the "Old Hank" garbage
    to kill the board either. I no longer respond to the fool. He or she isn't worth the effort.

  28. X-texan ( from GEORGIA says Non-res saltwater lic.
    Planning trip to fish Baffin Bay. I gathered that the $30 temp. lic. would cover 5 days, and with only a last min. phone call. Good info. Thanks

    Grew up in Kingsville, and been gone to long. Retired in Ga. (That's where Mama is from, and of course there are the grand kids.) Such is life!!!!!!

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