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Weather and Stripers From: Optic Nerve (, NEW JERSEY
Jim, Thank you for the report and for all the helpful info you provided the other day. I don't keep track of weather forecasts, but wind speed and precipitation over water really gets notice when it's off. Here is a link to what causes strong winds you might find interesting. Notice you fished to the south this last trip. Think the best is over for the AH boats?

Over for AH boats? From: Jim Balicki (, NEW JERSEY
See my report for 12/4. All jig fishing off Brick Beach. See Sea Hunter report (on the Sea Hunter website) for 12/4. All bait fishing. But that can change -- I hope it does. If I go on a partyboat in Dec., I want to be reasonably assured that we will be jigging, not bait fishing. Keep tabs on the roeports. The AH boats will continue to run until the fishing is over, and probably so will the Gambler from Pt Pleasant.

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