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Ibsp From: Paul (, NEW YORK
Jim, was at the park last week. The fishing was excellent near the bathing beaches! At the low ebb tide in the cuts and holes between the sand bars got 12 bass up to 28". Most caught on vision surf eel[ mullet color]. Also had good luck with #2 deadly dick, mambo minnow and black bomber. All lures fished slowly!

Jim's favorite lure From: Bill K (, NEW JERSEY
Nice picture of you on the C-ck Robin web page. If you ever lose that Red Sox hat nobody will recognize you. That Ultimus lure is the same one you nailed them on a couple of years ago. I still have two but have always needed the extra weight of a Deadly Dick or Ava for the extra reach on my casts and haven't used one this year. It sounds like the frenzy from a few weeks ago is letting up. Full moon, strong tides etc. must have the big body of stripers off IBSP heading south. They can't chow down on sandeels forever in the surf. A week can make a big difference in the quality of the fishing.

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