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Subject: Ibsp, A13, New Jersey From: Mike rye (, NEW JERSEY
Thanks for all the reports this year jim merry ho ho and have a great new year

Next day report, 12/23 From: Jim Balicki (, NEW JERSEY
How many times have I wrote this same report? Went back to the same spot,a day later, and caught zip! Did not see any one catch anything, although the guy next to me said he saw the next guy, down the the line, get a short.

Bass migration From: Bill K (, NEW JERSEY
I have to wonder if that "migration of fish from up north" is going to happen. There are evidently many stripers near the Shrewsbury Rocks which is not far off the beach from SeaBright and Monmouth Beach. I don't hear too much about those fish moving toward or down the beach. I've caught bass in the surf in January before, even when there wasn't as much bait around as there is now. Maybe there's still hope. What is disturbing is the distance between the two spots......Monmouth Beach and Island Beach with not so much activity in between.

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