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Subject: Bogue Sound/Emerald Isle Surf, North Carolina

Submitted by Dr. Bogus (ip

Water Temperature: 59
Water Clarity: .
Seas: .
Weather: .
Fishing_for: Trout
Boat: .
captain: .

Bogue Banks/Emerald Isle, NC Totally Bogus Fishing Report, for 18 March 2000.

Weather: And It's Just Spring, mere days from now!!! Eves 40's/50's Days 70's Warm and sunny. Forecast however, is for some showers and cooler temps over the weekend. Surf: Clean and clear and calm. Surf 59 after dipping down to 53 early in the week, sound (BC) 64. High 6:12 AM, Low 12:25 PM Solunar: Sunrise, 6:14 AM, sunset 6:19 PM Moonrise, 4:54 PM, moonset, 5:30 AM We are gaining about 2 min. of daylight/day. Next full moon MAR. 20, new moon APR 4. Where we are: Emerald Isle, NC, 77.0W, 34.7N. For solunar data go to: just type in the date, the state and the city!! Spring Equinox: March 20, long live the equinox!! Also April 1st remember to reset your clocks to EDST–"Spring Forward"!!

Nature's Idle Chatter: When we fish, we mostly are aware of the visual, the glitzy, what our eyes soak in of Mother Nature, but often the sounds and smells get lost. If you are ever listen closely on the beach or sound or creek or stream, you of course hear the wind blowing through the trees, the sound of water flowing or waves crashing, but how about the rest of the din, sometimes barely above the background or just buried in the background of life, nature's idle chatter. The shrieks of the king fisher, quacks of the herons, the slide and glide of the landing ducks, the slap of the cormorant's wings as they finally rise above the water, whistle of the mourning dove's wings, the splat of the jumping mullet indelicately landing on it's side, the dives of the pelicans, and terns, the laugh of the gulls, the sleek slurp of the resident otters, the satisfying sound of the hooked trout shaking his head on the top water. If we are attentive we can hear those sounds, but how about that stealthy crab moving over the oyster rocks, the pin sized minnows nipping at the surface like rain drops, the current racing over the submerged rocks, the trout delicately waving its fins for fine control of its motion and the burst and attack of its prey, the bubble of gas fighting it's way to the surface and popping, the crackle of the oysters shells as they close on the waning tide, the sounds of the rhythmic waving of the sea grasses and weeds to the gentle undulations of the tidal flow. Just be quiet and carefully listen to all of nature's idle chatter.

Surf/Pier/Sound: As always surf and pier is off to a slow start, not that there is no fish, just slow fish. There are scattered blowfish, sea mullet and black drum for the hearty and of course the rash of Spring sharks and skates. Shrimp is the bait of choice. First fish posted on the Bogue Inlet "Board of Fame" is a 1 lb. 3 oz. blow fish. With temps hovering just under that 60 degrees level, action will pick up soon, just keep your eyes glued to the water temps. **Remember the NC pier fishing motto " In the Spring and Summer East is least, and West is best; In the Fall and Winter West is least and East is the beast."** Superstition or fact, who knows, but guess which side everyone will be fishing on this weekend!! Last few days the local creeks have produced as many short specks (8-10 in.) as you are willing to catch and are being taken on slowly drifted green grubs using a cork-float rig. I also picked up a few on Lit'l Fishies and white Trout Killer grubs. Early in the week nice keeper sized trout were mixed in, I caught several up to 2 ˝ lbs, but they seem to have vanished now. Mud minnows have also produced keeper fish early in the week, although it has been surprising that NO puppy drum have been landed on the live minnows. More speck news: Rick Smith at the Emerald Isle MiniMart recently weighed in a BIG speck 9 lb 10 oz. 35 1/2 inches in length, 16 in. girth, caught in South West Creek in Onslow County. Yikes!!

Bogus Notes and Updates: ***NEW ARTICLES UP and RUNNING NOW***1) Wither thou goest, Bogue Inlet-a recent pictorial history on the demise of BI, 2) Blue Water "Magic", a story of intrigue in the gulf stream with Capt. Ned McClung, 3) The Awesome Truth about Roanoke River Stripers, based on a springtime trip to the Roanoke River with Capt. "Fly" Gordon. BTW, Jonathan and I would like to thank fellow fisherman and colleague Fletcher Johnston (Cape Carteret) for his help in getting these new NCOIF features up and running. Full Fletch bio to follow. The Articles can be found in WHAT'S NEW and in the ARTICLES section of NCOIF. OTHER STUFF 4) Check out a great new NC saltwater fishing web site developed by Jeff Weeks (and his wife, the brains behind the web design) , and Jeff's new books, "Surf and Inshore Saltwater Fishing in the Carolinas" and "The Fisherman's Wife" cook book. 5) Give Chuck Atkinson's NC Saltwater Fishing Yahoo site a try. It has come a long way with a great effort by Chuck. Membership discounts, pics chat and all. 6) Come join me at the Carolina Adventure Saltwater Fishing School. The CASFS.will be held Saturday, March 25, Raleigh Convention Center (Wilmington Street Entrance). Doors open 8:00AM, Classes start 9:00 AM, Same format as last year; a general assembly and then 6 sessions of 6 classes each hour (pick your favorites from trout to tuna), Captain's bag full of goodies and lots of door prizes, Registration $50 or $75 for a 2-person fishing team, Call 919-829-8909 or 800 849-2747 Ext. 4 to register. Web: 7) Emerald Isle beach access: In recent months new beach crossovers have been built by the town, one at Bogue Inlet and the other next to the Islander Motel. These provide walk-over beach access but not vehicular access. In addition the Islander location has loads of parking. 8) Ferry to Hammock's Beach/Bear Island State park will start running on April 1st. 9)Bogue Inlet Pier revamped web page <'))))>< <'))))>< <'))))>< <'))))>< <'))))>< <'))))>< <'))))>< <'))))>< <'))))>< ><))))`> " and Crafts"(252.354.4905). I'm located on 139-C Eastview Drive, Emerald Isle, NC, across from the EI post office parking lot, next to Murphy's Garage. Look for our sign next to the EI PO. Unique gifts, fishing info/advice, web access, handcrafted "sea" jewelry, snacks, fish print T-shirts (your fish or mine) and more!! Now available, stylish embroidered HATS by Yaupon Embroidery!!! Look cool--catch more fish!!! *****Nearly 1600 SUBSCRIBERS SERVED*****

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