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Subject: Deep Hole/SMB Report 4-2, California

Submitted by Vince (ip

Water Temperature: 57
Water Clarity: Murky Blue/Green
Seas: 2-4ft
Weather: Beautiful
Fishing_for: Anything
Boat: Red Drum
captain: Cpt. Vinnie

Left Marina Del Rey at 4:40am heading to the Deep Hole. Stopped off at the BKR to fish the deep 85-90ft water near the end of the reef. Didn't connect with the big fat WSB that we were hoping for, but had a good bite on a few Calicos and Sandies. Left the BKR once the sun came up and headed to the Deep Hole.

Fished the Deep Hole til noon and then went down to Point Dume and trolled the canyon area for a chance at a wayward Salmon. After 1 hour of trolling and no luck on the Kings, I headed down the coast to fish the Malibu barge wreck. Fished the barge for 45 minutes and got 4 misc. rockfish before finishing the day at AR-13.

Ended the day with a plethora of critters: 11 Sheedhead, 6 Calico Bass, 18 Sand Bass, 28 Sculpin, 5 Treefish, 2 Vermilion Rockfish, 1 Copper Rockfish, 3 Brown Rockfish, 3 Starry Rockfish, 1 Lingcod, 1 Diamond Turbot, 1 Petrale Sole, 1 Shovelnose Guitarfish, 8 Mackerel and 1 Jacksmelt. Can't wait to go again and may everyone stay LOCKED-ON!! Vince

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