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Subject: Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

Submitted by Gerry, SFHP

  • Fished on 10/16/01

    Water Temperature: 64
    Water Clarity: 3 ft
    Seas: 1-2 ft
    Weather: Clear with a 15 kt. SE wind
    Fishing_for: Blues, Rock
    Boat: Hurricane
    captain: John DeMaria


    I got lucky enough to be invited to a day a fishing on the Chesapeake this week (many thanks to Craig Merideith for the invitation.) We went out on the 45' Hurricane from Point Lookout, Maryland.

    Tuesday was a beautiful day to be out on the bay on the Hurricane. Fairly choppy seas were no problem for the Hurricane as we anchored up about 3 miles north of the target wrecks across the bay from Point Lookout.

    Small keeper rockfish showed up in the chum slick right away and we spent about an hour with pretty good action when the Captain made the choice to try for some better fish.

    We moved up the Bay a few miles and after about 10 minutes of chumming got into some fast 3-7 lb bluefish and 3-5 pound rockfish action. I was fishing 20 lb Power Pro Braid on a light spinning rod and having a great time landing fish after fish. We quickly limited out on rock and spend a long time practising catch and release while we caught a few more blue fish.

    About 2 PM we finally were fished out. Everyone on board had caught their share of fish.

    The Hurricane is a great boat to fish from. 45' long with a 16' beam it provides a very stable platform for fishing. Even though the Hurricane is rated for up to 15 people, Captain DeMaria likes to keep fishing charters to 8 or less.

    Captain DeMaria provides all tackle and it is well suited to the target species. For rock we were using lightweight spinning rods with 12 lb mono. When we switched to bigger more powerful blues he had beefier spinning rods with 15 lb mono. In either case the angler got to enjoy the thrill of fighting the fish. This certainly beats some charters I've been on where you get the thrill of catching a 3 lb rock on a 50 lb class tuna rig.

    Both Captain DeMaria and firstmate Don, stive to take good care of their customers and are walking libraries of fishing knowledge. The chum is fresh ground and they both are very particular on the freshness and cut of the bait.

    For more information about fishing on the Hurricane contact Captain DeMaria at 703-912-9839 or email him at

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