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Subject: Delaware Bay, Delaware

Submitted by Paul Christofaro (ip

  • Fished on 5/7/03

    Water Temperature: 52
    Water Clarity: medium
    Seas: 1-2 footers
    Weather: Very foggy in the am which burned off around 10:30am. Then sunny with a decent breeze.
    Fishing_for: Stripers
    Boat: My Robin's
    captain: PacMan

    We hit the Beachball around 7am and Uncle Screwball caught an "oyster cracker", then moved south of the "G" buoy where we each caught medium size sharks (around 20") and I caught a skate. I had a real nice runoff (not sure if a striper or another shark), but that was about it. We then went down to Brown's Shoal and again to the Beachball without another hit and called it quits around 3pm. Drifting live eels with around a 2 oz. weight. Although I am confident from mid-June through mid-September with sea trout, croakers, and flounder, I sure would appreciate help with the stripers. The rig was with a 5/0 circle hook that allowed the line to run free from the sinker. Bail was left open and tried hard to keep it along the bottom. Am I on the right track? We met up with another boat back at Slaughter that was fishing close to us. They had one striper caught on clams. Same setup, clams bought at a grocery store, shucked, and put on the hook? Doubt I will get back down in time for another try. Just looking for a little advice for next year.

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