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# 57906: Subject: Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana

Submitted by Capt. Gary Bonanno (ip

  • Fished on 6/28/2009

  • Report received: 6/28/2009

Water Temperature: .
Water Clarity: .
Seas: 3 to 4
Weather: .
Fishing_for: Tuna, Dolphin & Red Snapper
Boat: Strike Zone Too
captain: Capt. Kevin Aderhold

~~~~Fishing Report for Louisiana and Guatemala~~~~ Venice, La:::Strike Zone Too had two back to back 24 hr trips this week.. The first trip was a trip that we donated to the CCA on the North shore. Capt Kevin and Seth took the group out on a 24hr trip on Wednesday/Thursday not to find blue water 65 miles south of South Pass. They stopped on the way out and got a limit of 10 to 15 lb Red Snappers and went south...They got to the first floaters to find the water was a dirty green..and no fish. The 7 mile rigs were in cleaner water. They picked up and ran 10 more miles to the south to the next floater and called it their home for the night. They picked up a few Blackfin and a few Yellowfin....the biggest was 121 lbs. they had fished this rig last weekend and it was in blue water with very little current and had all the Blackfin and Yellowfin you wanted...Now the current was rushing and it was hard to get the bait to the fish. Over all it was a good trip but we have been getting spoiled on the amount and size of the Tuna. On Friday Capt. Kevin took my good friend Earl Dufrene and his clients on the Strike Zone Too for a 24hr trip. They had some other guests on board....Mike Lane and Gino to do some filming. It was Mike's second trip in a month with Strike Zone...first Guatemala and now to Green Canyon. Again I was not able to make the trip....But I knew Capt. Kevin would take good care of the crew....They departed Cypress Cove at 5:30 pm and started their 100 mile journey to Green Canyon. They found green/blue water 80 miles out and Blue water 90 mile out of Tiger Pass. They started fishing at 12:30 am. The bite was slow at the first floater and the noise from the flair was unbearable. The picked up and ran to the next floater to find their home for the night. The 20 lb Blackfin were on and the Yellowfin were right behind them. The first Yellowfin was in the 130 to 140 lb class and he worked over the crew. They were ready to call it a night but Capt. Kevin kept them up to fight four more Yellowfin and 20 to 30 Blackfin. In the morning they began to troll back to the Pass only to find a small 40 lb White Marlin trying to eat one of the baits....Capt. Kevin said it was not as calm as it has been and in fact it got a little gammy. I am sure Mike and Gino got some good tape of the trip and you can see it on rodnreel TV soon. Guatemala: I am posting the picture of the group this morning from Louisiana loading up on the Strike Zone in Guatemala. I got a call at 5:00pm this afternoon from Ryan Dicharry telling me to book the same group for March 26, 2010. They got to Guatemala yesterday at noon and they was already sold on the trip....They fished today and had 15 Dorado's. two Sails and one Marlin playing with all of their baits...They were going to stay in Antigua tonight at a five star Hotel and will be back at the dock in the morning for another great day of fishing. If you love to fish and have a GREAT TIME have to go on one of our trips to Guatemala.... Tonight the Stress Management with Capt. David and Capt. JW are out on a 24hr trip. They will work some of the rigs to the south east. I will give you a up date on that trip as well as the La. boys in Guatemala. We had a last minute cancellation for the 4th of July weekend and the 39' and the 55' luxury yachts are open. Give us a call at 225~279~3800 or Capt Randy at 985~966~2666 for you next FISHING FIX.~~~~~STRIKE ZONE CHARTERS LOUISIANA & GUATEMALA WWW.STRIKEZONECHARTERS.NET

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