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# 58550: Subject: Atlantic, North Carolina

Submitted by Captain Butch Foster (ip

  • Fished on 9/6/2010

  • Report received: 9/8/2010

Water Temperature: .
Water Clarity: .
Seas: .
Weather: .
Fishing_for: spanish mackerel
Boat: Yeah right ii
captain: Capt Butch Foster

9-6-10 Today we were fishing with Eddie and James Burkhalten, Greg, Charlie, and Evan Robinson from Mint Hill,NC. and with them was Aaron Selberg from Matthews,NC. You have got to love it when a plan comes together, I know I do!!!!! Remember I said in the last report about the Spanish Mackerel being a little farther out than I like on a 1/2 day trip. Well, I was heading out there this morning, but, the ENE winds had other plans for us. It got to "kicking" pretty good and we wern't even two miles off the beach and had 12 more to go!!!. With a couple already feeling a little questionable, I decided not to do it. I had told them at the dock before we left this morning that the Spanish Mackerel fishing had been slow lately at best, even some days producing nothing. I never mentioned what I had seen yesterday so as not to get their hopes up just in case what happened, happened. They were still happy to stay out and see if we could find something. So, we went searching!!! I tried pretty much everywhere and not a bite. I was trolling towards the reef when Emmit Banks called me on the radio and told me the Spanish Mackerel were jumping between the pier and the condo's. I had just left that area... But, just maybe I didn't get close enough to shore!!! I turned and ran back to the area. Sure enough, 13 feet of water, on the beach in all the mullet was the key. We caught all they wanted, didn't have to run out in rough water, stayed close to the beach where the NE winds had it slick flat, had a great morning of fishing with some great folks with the bonus of some catching, so I guess I can say that with a few modifications, a plan came together after all!!!! So, yes, I love it when a plan comes together!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, Thanks Emmit for the "heads up", I'll return the favor soon I hope!!!!


Captain Butch Foster

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