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# 58764: Subject: Sandy Hook Surf, New Jersey

Submitted by Matt Wilson (ip

  • Fished on 5/7/2011

  • Report received: 5/9/2011

Water Temperature: 55-57
Water Clarity: Clear
Seas: Rough Surf
Weather: Sunny...Light wind
Fishing_for: Stripers
Boat: Surf
captain: North Beach

Today we decided to fish the surf at sandy hook first beach by the toll plaza. Got on the beach for 830am, High Tide was schedualed for 11:30ish so we had perfect time to get in the water for the incoming and stay thru some of the outgoing...Stocked up with bait at the Tackle Box, some Clams, and fresh bunker and a box of squid ( give a lil shot at the fluke...why not?!?) Started fishing and to my suprise the surf actually had some waves to it!! Some eaves up to 6feet I was very suprised cause usual surf is only 2-3 feet, anyways I was able to get a good cast with the 10foot pole. Was working a fish finder rig with a 4oz pyramid on it and was holding bottom perfect. Pretty slow fishing, no one was beaching anything at all, finally around time I had some action on the bunker rig, got the fish thru the breakwater only to find it was a Sea Robin, first one of the year and boy he was a healthy bout bout 14 inchs and fat!! I'll tyake a sea robin over a skunk any day! So then around 1pm our hopes depleated my pole gets a big hit and is bouncing like crazy, reel it in and saw the stripers head thru a wave! Dragged him onto the sand un hooked and measured him...only 22.5inchs, but it was a nice fight! Unhooked, measured, pictures taken and safely released! Was also caught on bunker. Well that was bout it for the day. 1 striper 1 robin not great but better than the skunk....will definatly be giving it another shot this upcoming weekend, I know there's a striped monster out there waiting for me... TIGHT LINES GUYS!!!

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