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# 59064: Subject: Between the Channels and Off Sandy Hook, New Jersey

Submitted by Jim Balicki (ip

  • Fished on 12/12/2011

  • Report received: 12/12/2011

Water Temperature: .
Water Clarity: clear
Seas: calm
Weather: Mostly sunny, cold at the dock, but very cofortable on the ocean because of very light winds.
Fishing_for: Striped Bass
Boat: Sea Hunter
captain: Rob

Best of the action was at the very 1st, w/ heavy birdplay. I landed a short on my 1st, 2nd, and 4th casts. The rest of the day we moved from area-to-area, following the birds. Fish were swirling on top, at times, especially near the end of the trip. My final tally: 2 keepers and 20 shorts, all caught on metal. Some bluefish were caught on the boat, but I did not land even one. One of my fish, that came unbuttoned near the boat, appeared to be a bluefish.

A great day, with a great bunch of fishermen. Only 9 fares, and Capt. Howard were fishing. Rob also fished at times. Matt did a fine job as mate, and we kept him quite busty netting fish all day.

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