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# 59070: Subject: Shrewsbury Rocks, New Jersey

Submitted by Andrew Sokol (ip

  • Fished on 12/18/2011

  • Report received: 12/18/2011

Water Temperature: .
Water Clarity: Good
Seas: 1-2'
Weather: Mostly sunny but COLD with air temperatures in the mid 30's but a brisk NW wind of 25+ made it feel much colder.
Fishing_for: Striped Bass
Boat: Golden Eagle
captain: Rich Falcone

For a mid December trip it was good striper fishing. However, compared to the last 2 days it was off.

Jason and I were 2 of 18 fares today. Broke the inlet and steamed north until we were just south of the Shrewsbury Rocks. No fish until the 3rd drift even though we had scattered bird life. An AVA 47 was just barely getting to the bottom due to a fast drift. First few fish were some short bass and some medium sized bluefish. Only thing I was able to catch in the first few drift was a fouled hooked dogfish. I switched to a heavier rod that was rigged with a 6 ounce hammered gold jig and on my first drop with it landed a bluefish. I was able to land 2 short bass on this jig and then they wouldn't touch it. I changed to a silver 6 ounce hammered and added to more short bass. By late morning those using a green tailed A47 were getting better action than those using an assortment of other jigs. I tied one on and was rewarded with another short bass and bluefish. Jason caught 1 keeper bass (released) and a short. We both dropped 3 fish. Perhaps only 10-12 keepers on the boat with 3X the amount of shorts and 2X bluefish. Think one fare got his limit. Catch of the day was a nice 26" cod that was jigged up. One other observation from today, seemed that most if not all of the fish would be caught within the first 10 minutes of a drift-after which just about nothing.

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