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Subject: Sandy Hook, New Jersey

Submitted by Bill K (ip

  • Fished on 6/30/2012

    Water Temperature: 71.8
    Water Clarity: 5-7 feet
    Seas: Calm
    Weather: Hot, clear
    Fishing_for: Fluke
    Boat: CinSan
    captain: Bruce

    This is a late report. Saturday....I fished with Bruce and his father in the Sandy Hook area. The water temp. was 71.8 in the bay and about 10 degrees warmer in the Shrewsbury. We opted to fish the area around the "needles" first but with the outgoing tide and the west wind, we were drifting faster than I liked even though we caught a few shorts with many other short biters. We wiggled a few times and did very well just before the tide changed drifting from the Reach to the Swash. Bruce's dad caught a nice 5.5# fish near #10 in the Reach. Once the tide changed, that area went dry. We did manage four keepers each and all from the same area. I used a bucktail fished 18" off a three way and a Gulp mullet covered with a plastic squid skirt fished three feet off the other eye. I later switched to a Peruvian Smelt on the long leader and the fluke jumped all over them. Bruce's dad's fish came on a simple killie and squid combo. There were sturgeon free jumping all over the Reach Channel. We saw multiple fish jumping. This is an annual ritual every summer in July. Some folks think it has to do with their spawning. It was a nice day. Yes there were lots and lots of bunker schools but not once did I see them "spray", so I know there was nothing bothering them.

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