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Subject: Off Manasqaun, New Jersey

Submitted by Chuck Gainey (ip

  • Fished on 8/19/2012

    Water Temperature: 72
    Water Clarity: .
    Seas: close chop 2 ft
    Weather: Cloudy
    Fishing_for: Fluke
    Boat: Whaler
    captain: .

    Fished 80 ft of water a couple miles south of the inlet. Started off with 10 Oz to hold bottom. Picked a few shorts, lost a few rigs and started to get annoyed. It was a little sporty tying rigs bouncing around in a 17 ft. boat. I saw the Jamaica fishing the same general area. After loosing a few more rigs, I moved inshore to 72 water picked a few more shorts. I took a shot towards the beach 45 water just around the pipe, started bailing Fluke jigging plain belly strips. Picked up 3 keepers and headed for the barn, I followed the Gambler back to the inlet, it didn't look like they had many fish to clean. Saw a guy cleaning a bucket full of Kingfish at the ramp, caught in the River. I am glad the bilge pump was working yesterday, caught a freak wave going out the inlet, it got the blood pumping. I will absolutely keep the PFD on if things look snotty in the future. Chuck

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