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# 59285: Subject: Sea, Girt Reef Area, New Jersey

Submitted by Bill K (ip

  • Fished on 8/19/2012
  • Report received: 8/20/2012

Water Temperature: 74.1
Water Clarity: To 20'
Seas: 3' chop
Weather: Overcast, easterly wind 10 mph temps in the low 80's
Fishing_for: Fluke
Boat: FinFun
captain: .

The flags at the dock were limp when we left only to be greeted by a sporty 3' NE chop. We headed south to a small wreck where we picked short fluke on every drift. 6 oz. worked okay in 70' with braided line. The fish ate strip baits fairly well, and they loved the jumbo killies. Hooking fish in deep water with a heavy weight was a challenge with big baits so we downsized and still had to tease fish several times before setting the hook.

We wound up with only four keepers and three seabass. Fishing was not up to last week's standards, but we did find a piece of hard bottom that we didn't know was around. Maybe on a day when we have a slower drift, we'll check it out again. Each of us caught nine or ten average fluke with the largest at 21". The party boats looked like they were packed. The NK from Point Pleasant was railed. Interestingly, the party boats did not seem to make too many moves except to turn the boat so the fares on the other side could drop back. The Gambler never left the "pipe" area and the J-2 fished where it usually does. Both reefs were packed with boats although there were many, like us, just fishing 60' "hills".

The only excitement was the huge mola (ocean sunfish) that broached with an explosive splash only 50 from the boat. It was one of the biggest sunfish I've seen in quite some time.

On a side note, the killies I've been trapping this year are jumbos. I've never trapped any so large ever before. I don't get a lot of them, but usually can get a couple dozen in two pots along with the large killies I'm used to. The mullet have shown up in numbers but the peanuts seem to have gone into hiding. A couple of weeks ago they were everywhere.

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