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# 59574: Subject: ., Texas

Submitted by Peter Vines (ip

  • Fished on 10/13/2013

  • Report received: 10/13/2013

Water Temperature: 84
Water Clarity: blue
Seas: flat
Weather: 85 deg with light breeze
Fishing_for: dorados,sailfish
Boat: Dos Amigos
captain: Peter Vines

Fishing Puerto Vallarta

Fall report

The fall fishing here in Puerto Vallarta is one of the best times to fish in Puerto Vallarta if not the best.

For short trips there are yellowtails, bonita, snapper, Spanish mackerel and many other game fish in the bay. These trips are perfect for those who donít want to spend all day on the water. The length of these trips would be 6 to 8 hrs.

For folks that want to fish for sailfish and mahi mahi the fish is great just offshore. The water is still warm and holds mahi mahi also know as dorados here in Mexico. The best bet is to fish one of the current lines early in the morning for dorados and then in the afternoon go for the sailfish. November is the very best month for sailfish here in Puerto Vallarta fishing.

For fishermen that want to go for the big tuna and marlin the action is always hot this time of the year offshore. There are three main fishing spots we fish during this time of the year. The corbetena is one of the best and can be done in 10 hrs if you on the right boat. That means be sure you have a good sportfisher that can at least cruise at 15 knots and if not rent an good boat. The next place that holds big tuna and marlin is El Banco which is 50 miles offshore and mmost of the really big fish come from this spot. Itís an underwater knoll that rises from 800 feet of water to just 50 feet and holds bait there almost year round. All the fish big game hunters are looking to catch are here. If you fish El banco 10 times 9 times you will come home with the fish of a lifetime.

The ultimate fishing gounds is known as Las Marias. Here is one of the top 10 places to fish in the world. The islands are 80 miles offshore and we do 2.5 day trips out to the islands for the trip you will never forget. I been there numerous times and have never had a bad trip there. They hold tuna, sailfish, marlin, dorados, snapper and all the above in great numbers. These islands are restricted as where we can fish, as Mexico had a penal system there that holds about 3000 inmates. There are four islands and the fishing here is great year round.

The choice is yours fro 4 hrs. to overnight trips but Fall fish in Puerto Vallarta canít be beat.

For more info check out

Or call capt Pete toll free at 1 877 301 2058

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