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# 60231: Subject: Western Raritan Bay, New Jersey

Submitted by Andrew Sokol (ip

  • Fished on 4/8/2017

  • Report received: 4/9/2017

Water Temperature: 45-46
Water Clarity: Muddy
Seas: 1-3' with wind blown chop
Weather: Mostly sunny with some high thin clouds, stiff northwest wind sustained 25 with air temperatures in the 50's.
Fishing_for: Striped Bass
Boat: Fins On Feathers
captain: Frank Tenore

Jason and I were invited to join Capt's. Frank and Dustin on their first trip of the season. Even though we had all heard that a good striper biteoccured mid week, we were also unsure how the heavy rain on Thursday and the colder night temperatures would effect the bite. Expectations were not too high on this exploratory trip. Once we cleared the marina we headed out into Sandy Hook Bay and circled around the ammo Pier into the teeth of the wind. We were fortunate that we had an outgoing tide all morning so we had tide and wind the entire trip. Steamed west until we were off Cliffwood Beach were we deployed to rodswith Rapala X-Rap 20s in bunker pattern. We weren't trolling for 5 minutes before we put the first bass (ashort) of 2017 in the boat. Pulled the hooks on another soon after.We then put out two additional short rods with Rapala X-Raps 30s in the same color scheme towards Morgan Creek and stayed in that area the rest of the trip. Never went longer than 10-12 minutes without a knockdown. Jason and I were the reel men and we each put 15 bass in the boat to go along with the 2 keeper size bass each. We also had the hooks pull on another dozen fish. Best bite was in 13-15' of water. Most bass were in the 26-27.5" class. Biggest bass taped out at 31"s. Made a quick stop on an old barge wreck inside the bay to see if there were any fog home but we came up empty. Also on the way back we came across a massive flock of diving gannets that must have been a 1/2 mile long. Made one pass through them but the only marks showing were large bait balls of herring.

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