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Subject: Point Pleasant Canal, New Jersey

Submitted by Cliff Roberts (ip

  • Fished on 4/30/2017

    Water Temperature: 56^
    Water Clarity: Clear
    Seas: Ebb/Flood Tide
    Weather: Overcast w/East Winds
    Fishing_for: Blackfish
    Boat: None
    captain: N/a

    With the tog season closing today, Nick & I fished the canal this morning during the last couple of hours of the ebb thru 2 hours of the flood. The water temperature had risen 10^ from what we experienced on Thursday morning when it hovered at the 46^ mark and the tog had lockjaw. However, we did managed to catch 5 flounder and a striped bass along with 14 tog on Thursday. Today, the tog were more active, but still not the action we have in the fall. Although we tried, there weren't any flounder caught today. We called it a day @12:00 noon after catching 44 tog on sand and blood worms. Two of the tog were of legal size. On a side note, we were questioned by two COs partrolling in a hard bottomed inflatable today when they witnessed me simultaneously tossing 2 tog back into the canal. They pulled up to the bulkhead and asked why I was thowing 2 fish back as they were approaching. I told them that is what I usually do with all short fish. I showed them my set-up that was rigged for flounder with multiple hooks and our stringer that contained a keeper tog at the time and they understood. One more thing, the Queen Mary was passing thru the canal @10:00 this morning with a large amount of fishermen heading towards Barnegat Bay in search of bluefish. I guess that the ocean bite must have been non-existant. Tight Lines! TINKNOCKER

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