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# 60253: Subject: Navesink River, New Jersey

Submitted by Cliff Roberts (ip

  • Fished on 5/31/2017

  • Report received: 5/31/2017

Water Temperature: Unknown
Water Clarity: Turbid
Seas: Ebb/Flood Tide
Weather: Overcast,Fog, & Light Easterly Winds in the AM; Sunny Early Afternoon
Fishing_for: Fluke
Boat: Rental
captain: Cliff

The cloud cover was extremely low and the atmosphere was wet this morning as Nick, Cliff, & I fished for fluke in the Navesink. I began to worry early on as the first 5 drifts we made during the first hour, all in different locations that usually harbor fluke, had a net result of zero hits. After wasting one of the last 2 hours remaining in the ebb, I made the decision to try an area that we seldom fish and it paid off immediately. Today's drifting conditions were some of the best that I've ever experienced in all of my years fishing this river with the wind and tide allowing for optimum drifts. We caught fish fairly steady for the next 5 hours fishing bucktails and Gulp. For a brief time, the wind increased as a front came through during the middle of the flood that resulted in a faster drift and curtailed the bite. I deployed a drift sock which slowed our drift and it was game on again. It was a pleasure to fish the river during the week without all of the boat traffic. We ended the trip @ 1:30 PM with a boat limit+1 up to 4 1/2 lbs out of 60 fluke landed and dropping a couple just short of the net. Tight Lines! TINKNOCKER

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