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Subject: Off Asbury Park, New Jersey

Submitted by Bill K (ip

  • Fished on 6/4/2017

    Water Temperature: Na
    Water Clarity: Off Color
    Seas: Calm
    Weather: Clear Skies and Warm Changed to overcast and grey as the morning progressed
    Fishing_for: Striped Bass
    Boat: FinFun
    captain: Doug

    It was our first trip of the season, so it was still a kind of shake down cruise. We must have done our homework because everything on the boat worked and we remembered to restock everything we took off for the winter. Our information sent us to the area off Asbury Park where we were able to find some bunkers on the fishfinder down about 20'. There was nothing showing at first on the surface. Once we found a sizeable bait ball, we made a turn and took the boat out of gear to let both of the bunker spoons fall. As we eased the throttles forward and the spoons swung upward, the portside chartreuse spoon got clobbered. It ran almost into the backing at the 300' connection before I could pass the rod to my wife in the chair. She worked with patient precision as always and with a little maneuvering of the boat was able to bring a spawned out 44" 38# bass to the deck. That would be our only hit and only fish. As the sun got higher, the bunkers came up but never were they balled and never did we see any blues or bass on them. They were scattered over a large area. Intel reports were that there was a brief flurry of action well over the 3 mile line out as far as 5-6 miles with lots of surfacing bunkers and bass. They were on the move! We're not into hoisting the Jolly Roger so we stayed well inside the line. Seeing the bait was encouraging after talking to the guys who fish several times per week. They haven't been seeing many bunkers until Sunday. With the nice weather coming this weekend, things might get better in the Monmouth/Ocean County waters. Others in our club who were able to get out during the week in the afternoons landed some bigger fish with several over 44#. Ours might have weighed more but it only had two digested bunkers in its stomach. No excuses, I'm glad we were able to boat our only hit. There were no fish on the "Rocks" on Sunday but that can change in a hurry if the bait gets there. It's that time. A few boats did well a but up the line around the Highlands Bridge on livies but there was none of that action south of there which makes me think some of those bass are from the Hudson. I'm hoping the rest of the southern bass come up the beach again and don't take a line straight toward Montauk. Time will tell. This June full moon will be the barometer for the spring run.

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