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SUBJECT: # 39507: Beach fishing in July near Destin: help

Submitted by basser ( from GEORGIA on 5/26/05 10:37:00 PM

Taking 8 yr old grandson to Seagrove for a week in mid-July. We plan to go to BPS in Destin and get a couple of "surf" rods for some beach fishing. Over spring break in APril used some of our fresh water tackle and caught a few whiting and catfish. Any thoughts on what to buy and what bait/s to use would be much appreciated. He wants to fish at night. Seems like that might be a good idea. Guess we need to watch the tides?? Also, can we catch anything with artificals or should we just use bait. thanks.

  1. 5/27/05 1:47:00 AM Submitted by GoneBoating ( from FLORIDA says Destin Fishing
    Suggest you ask where and how at BPS when you purchase the rods or at a local bait shop. Fishing at night is best but bring some insect repellant with you.

  2. 5/27/05 3:38:00 PM Submitted by Capt. Ken Roy ( from FLORIDA says Destin Surf fishing
    I lived in Destin a lot of years ago and kept a boat there for several years after leaving the area for Mobile.

    Forget Bass Pro Shop and contact Half Hitch Tackle. All of the folks at Half Hitch know thier stuff and always give you the straight skinney.

    Early and late in the day is best. From just before daylight until around 730 then the last hour and a half before dark will provide the best action.

    Light 7' rods with reels capable of holding 250yards of 8-10# test Power-Pro will cast far and give you great sport with Spanish Mackerel, Ladyfish, Blue Runners, Jack Crevalle and the occasional Bluefish. Cast far, reel fast with a straight retrieve. Some folks jerk but Lots of fish miss on jerky retrieves.

    My lures of choice would be 1/2-3/4 oz Kastmaster or Mr Champ Spoons. (Identical except for the name) Hopkins lures in the same weight range work great too.

    I prefer to add about 10' of 25# test Fluorocarbon leader plus 1' of #4 single strand brown wire for a bite leader. The long fluorocarbon leader serves 3 purposes. One, it is very hard to see, two it is a lot easier on your fingers when making lots of casts and third, it gives you a lot of abrasion resistance from fish tails, scales and the sand bottom.

    If you want to catch a big Shark at night, take a look at the new Daiwa DF 100A Giant spinning reel. The latest Half Hitch Tackle Catlog lists this reel for $29.99, one helluva deal for a reel that works. I recently loaded one with 650 yards of 65# test Power Pro. The biggest fish on it so far was a 200# plus Bull Shark. Put it on a heavy duty 10 foot rod and you will be prepared for bigguns.

    A 10' leader of 80# test fluorocarbon, 4' of #9 single strand wire and a 12/0 circle hook completes the rig. If you add a sinker, use 4oz or less. A pyramid holds well in the gentle surf in the panhandle. A 3/4# Blue Runner with the top lobe of its tail removed is a great Shark magnet. With this rig and a little luck, you will be able to land Sharks in the 300# class or bigger, depending on the species and the amount of fight in the fish.

    Please release the shark. Sharks have been severely overfished in recent years.

  3. 5/27/05 11:21:00 PM Submitted by bent stick ( from GEORGIA says bait
    i've heard that mullet gut is a killer for trout and reds down there

  4. 5/30/05 1:25:00 PM Submitted by fishingwithbob ( from FLORIDA says Seagrove
    email me @

  5. 6/1/05 3:46:00 PM Submitted by Capt. Ken Roy Tale Spinner Charters from FLORIDA says spoons---company websites
    Acme-Sidewinder and Kastmaster are favorites of mine Hopkins Tackle--all of 'em work for me Luhr Jensen (used to be Weber)Mr. Champ same as Kastmaster

  6. 6/2/05 9:56:00 AM Submitted by kaspar139 ( from TEXAS says Half Hitch Tackle?
    Hey Capt. Ken Roy, could you give some directions or an address to Half Hitch Tackle? I looked it up on Yahoo, and it was not in Destin, but in Panama City Beach. And, 2 came back, one is Half Hitch Tackle Pier, and the other is another location. Which do you recommend, if it is either of those?

    Thanks in advance, and good post on rig setups.

  7. 6/2/05 6:41:00 PM Submitted by GoneBoating ( from FLORIDA says Half Hitch
    Half Hitch Tackle 621 E. Hwy 98 Destin FL 32541

    850-837-3121 850-837-4979 877-369-4360 Mon - Sat 6am to 6pm Sun 6am to 5pm

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