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SUBJECT: # 40089: Venice rigs, lat .and lon.'s close in for small boat?

Submitted by captkelley ( from OKLAHOMA on 5/5/2009 12:08:00 PM

Headed to Venice for the first time, taking my 18' duck boat with 90 merc to bay fish, but if the weather is nice might sneak out to a rig in the western area red or tiger passes? Any help would be great. Going in Motorhome and looking for an rv park with somewhere to keep my boat in the water. Thank's for Help Leaving Tulsa May 15th

Retired Fire Captain

Kelley Beard

  1. 5/7/2009 9:51:00 PM Submitted by Richard-LA #17096 from LA says Venice
    Capt Paul is a contributor to Louisiana Sportsman Mag on GPS. he knows what he is doing. The Sandy Point rigs are what you are looking for most of these areas are on Chart 11361. good luck

    Capt.Paul I am planning a fishing trip in july to Venice. I was wondering if you could give me some hot spots to catch big trout.

    E-mail Response by Captain Paul Wed, Apr 22nd, 2009 12:34 pm


    . ~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Quinten Comeaux ~

    Wow ! This is a tough question to answer, only because there are so many decent salt water locations as well as some very prime freshwater locations.

    The Venice area incorporates a lot of area. It ranges as one of the prime offshore jumping off locations and the access to the Grand Bay, Carencro Bay and the Breton Sound areas to the North and northwest. In addition Venice allows access to the Southwest Pass Jetties, The Mud Lumps out of South Pass and the Sandy Point Rigs via Red Pass. And if that is not enough, it does not even include the area around the Wagon Wheel and Yellow Cotton Bay to the west and north west.

    Each of these locations can offer outstanding fishing opportunities. Most are accessible with a medium sized boat with a decent cruising range. However, most require that you navigate part of your journey in and across one or more of the passes of the Mississippi River.

    I do not have the time or space to list them all, but here are a few that have been productive in the past.


    The MUD LUMPS are just south of SOUTH PASS of the Mississippi River to the west. They are usually hot for specks and reds throughout the summer.

    THE “MUD LUMPS” are about 2 miles south west (205° Mag.) of SOUTH PASS Aid To Navigation (ATON) light Green # 3. They are in located in what appears to be a rough circle of about three quarters (.75) of a mile diameter and are in water that is 5 to 25 feet deep. THE DEPTH IS IN FEET.

    Several of these SOUTH PASS MUD LUMPS that are above water are:

    The northern most MUD LUMP, which is located closest to SOUTH PASS is at or about 28° 58.527’ N. Lat ~ 89° 08.802’ W. long.

    Just to the south west of the above is one located at or about 28° 58.339’ N. lat ~ 89° 09.114’ W. long.

    South of the above mud lump is another at or about 28° 58.272’ N. Lat ~ 89° 09.093’ W. long.

    Depending on the tide, etc., there are several others, which may or may not be above the water surface. They are located at:

    28° 58.508’ N. Lat. ~ 89° 08.807’ W. long

    28° 58.233’ N. Lat. ~ 89° 08.817’ W. long.

    and 28° 58.160’ N. Lat ~ 89° 08.709’ W. long

    Use caution when approaching the positions as the readings were determined for the center of the mud lump.

    Normal redfish-speck baits are used around the Mud Lumps. I have been told that the DEADLY DUDLEY in ice with chartreuse tail has been producing in the area.


    There are a series of about 28 oil and gas platforms (some may only be a 8 ft x 8 ft “Christmas tree” type platform) located about 5 to 8 miles offshore in the Gulf of Mexico between the Empire rock jetty and Sandy Point. They are in 15 to 30 feet of water.

    They are about 26 miles at a bearing of 116° magnetic EAST-SOUTHEAST of Grand Isle. These structures are commonly called the Sandy Point Rigs. Some of these rigs are in FEDERAL WATERS and as such have a very different creel limit and size. Be sure that you are COMPLETELY familiar with all of the fishing rules.

    The center of the area, about a 3 mile diameter circle, in which the platforms are located, is about 5.5 miles from the Empire Jetty, at a bearing of 135° magnetic, and about 4 miles, at a bearing of 236° magnetic, from Sandy Point.

    The closest platform, to the Empire Jetty in the Gulf is MX-WD 24-4. It is at or about 29° 12.538’ N. Lat ~ 89° 32.375’ W. Long and is about 4.9 miles from the Red # 2 ATON at the jetty.

    Near the above platform, there is a “flare” platform, MX-WD 24-FLARE # 1, at or about 29°11.962’ N. Lat ~ 89° 32.172’ W. Long.

    The southernmost of the series of platforms, MX-WD 24-5D, is at or about 29° 10.707’ N. Lat. ~ 89° 32.044’ W. Long

    The easternmost of the series, MX-WD 192-8, is at or about 29°11.451’ N. Lat. ~ 89° 30.411’ W. Long.

    Two of the most popular locations are near the southwest section of the group.

    MX-WD 23-3 is located 5.2 miles @ a bearing of 159° from ATON Red #2 and is at or about 29°10.524’ N. Lat. ~ 89° 34.559’ W. Long.

    The other, MX-WD 23-FLARE #3, is at or about 29° 10.489’ N. Lat. ~ 89° 33.099’ W. Long. and is about 6.2 miles @ a bearing of 146° magnetic from Red # 2 ATON.

    The all time favorite in the area is referred to as the Green Monster, WD-23-3 CMP, which I believe is located at or about 29° 10.525’ N. Lat ~ 89° 34.560’ W. Long. All of these features may be viewed on NOAA charts 11358-Barataria Bay and Approaches and 11361-Miss. River Delta.

    BATTLEDORE REEF in Breton Sound

    Battledore Reef is located in the southern part of Breton Sound northwest of California Point. It has long been associated with mule trout during certain times of the year. Live croakers or live shrimp are usually the bait of choice or an artificial bait that emulates a small croaker.

    BATTLEDORE REEF in Breton Sound is located in Leased Block # 25 in the Main Pass Block Area. The reef is of an irregular shape, similar to a banana, which is located in a north east to south west attitude.

    I believe that the North East end of Battledore reef is at or about 29°28.854’ N. lat ~ 89° 25.046’ W. longitude. And that the southwestern end of the reef is at or about 29° 28.687’ N. Latitude ~ 89° 25.235’ W. Longitude. It is an underwater reef. Approach it carefully. You will need a depth finder to pinpoint its exact location. The depth of the water around the reef is from 6 to 10 feet. Water over the reef may vary form 2 foot to 4 feet depending on the tide and wind, etc.

    There is a large platform with multi legs/runs that is about 1.3 miles to the south southeast @ 164° Mag. from Battledore Reef, that is at or about 29°27.600 N. Latitude ~ 89° 24.971’ W. Longitude. Aerial photos show what appears to be a heliport on the complex. This complex is north of several other smaller platforms that number over 35, which are to the south and east.

    For your information LITTLE BATTLEDORE ISLAND (sometimes also a reef) is at or about 29° 30.018’ N. lat ~ 89° 26.862’ W. long. It is about 2.27 miles NNW (310° Magnetic) from Battledore Reef.


    The EIGHT PILES location is at or about 29° 29.362’ N. lat ~ 89° 23.538’ W. long. It is about 1.75 miles NE of Battledore Reef (66* Magnetic). I have been told that most all of the pilings have been removed after hurricane Katrina, but the shells and aggregate that was around the pilings on the sea bed are still there.


    I believe that the Southwest Pass lighthouse, located just inside the end of the east jetty is at or about 28° 54.334’ N. Latitude ~ 89° 25.732’ W. Longitude. Most anglers fish the end of the jetty on the east side.

    Be careful as there will be several ocean going vessels pass you at that location. Always be under way and in control of your boat when you see such a boat approaching your position.

    But use caution in the area as there are numerous other obstructions near the West Bay area.

    While on the way to the Jetty as Southwest Pass you will be passing the two famous SPILLWAYS

    The 1st and 2nd Spillways are located on the west side of Southwest Pass, south of the Head of Passes.

    The 1st Spillway is about 14 miles south of ”The Jump” by Venice LA.

    It is located at or about 29° 06.658’ N. Latitude ~ 89° 16.378’ W. Longitude.

    The 2nd Spillway is about another 7.4 miles farther south in Southwest Pass from the 1 st Spillway. It is at or about 29° 01.839’ N. Latitude ~ 89° 20.139’ W. Longitude.

    These positions are given for a location that is just inside the spillway, on the opposite side of the spillway from the river. The action on these locations is just in from actual spillway there the water is pouring into the areas to the east of Dixon and Zin Zin Bays. Look for an eddy and throw in the calm water side away from the river itself.

    Use caution when navigating the river as there are numerous sea going vessels that are moving in the area.


    Red Pass of the Mississippi River at the Gulf of Mexico is at or about 29* 12.628’ N. lat ~ 89*28.380’ W. long. There is usually some activity along the shoreline at the mouth of the pass.

    Be careful as there will be several ocean going vessels pass you when you are along the river. Always be under way and in control of your boat when you see such a boat approaching your position.

    Reaching all of these positions require a boat of sufficient size and a person who knows how to navigate the river waters around the Venice area. Be sure that you have all of the necessary safety gear and enough fuel to make the entire trip.

    Unless otherwise specified, all positions are stated as H,DDD,MM.mmm and were determined using WGS 84 DATUM. All Headings/bearings/courses are stated in Magnetic Degrees.

    ~ Captain Paul ~

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