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SUBJECT: # 2852: Nude surf fishing women !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Fisheadgib ( from Fl on 2/16/1999 11:26:00 PM

Yeah,right,got your attention though.Ya know,if you folks ain't into PESCA,no biggy,I'm not gonna take it personally.I'm just kinda curious as to why ya'll won't even comment about it.Humor me,if ya'll feel more comfortable with local clubs,say so.If you think Pesca is nerdy or a bunch of dinks,say so,I can handle it.

  1. 2/16/1999 11:32:00 PM Submitted by gowge ( from FL says NOT!! PESCA - A West Coast Club?
    FH, I check'em out when they first opened up. It was all West Coast stuff, and they don't really relate to what we're doing over here on the East Coast, and I doubt they understand what the guys on the Texas Gulf Coast are doing either... You seen anything they're offering for Florida Surf Fishing?
  2. 2/17/1999 7:27:00 AM Submitted by Larry N ( from TX says Pesca
    Gowge is right... not much about Tx on PESCA. I also have visited the PESCA message board and am very turned off by the petty bickering seen there, along with numerous posts which have nothing to do with surf-fishing (or fishing for that matter...). I like this board because it is a literal clearing house of information on tactics, techniques, and procedures for draggin' big ones out of the surf. I'll revisit PESCA from time to time, but until they clean up their board of that childish "feelings hurt" stuff, I'll be on this board every day, learning more about fishing our TX Gulf Coast.

    Fish On... Larry N>

  3. 2/17/1999 1:23:00 PM Submitted by Beach Bum ( from The Lonestar State says About PESCA

    I helped out on a TV show for them off Bob Hall Pier here in Texas. I was not too impressed with them. 1) They expected to get a 1 hour worth of fishing with only a half days worth of filming. The time of year was not the best choice. They picked the dog days of summer, a period when fishing slows down because it has gotten too hot. 2) I never got a copy of the show that was filmed out there lie two different people had promised.

    Also, on the last newsletter that I received from them, Klassen was bad mouthing Gil Sperry(origianl founder of PESCA). Good or bad, this shouldn't be something you feature in a newsletter. I think for a club of their size, they are completely unprofesional. I am sorry I got roped into it when I did. Waste of my money.

    FISH ON!!,


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