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SUBJECT: # 32587: what is the best bait for a minnow trap?

Submitted by Eric Ski ( from GEORGIA on 11/2/2000 6:07:00 PM

I would like to know what baits work the best in minnow traps. I've tried a few and would like to know what you have had the best results with. Thanks

  1. 11/2/2000 9:08:00 PM Submitted by JoeW ( from VIRGINIA says Crushed-up Crab

  2. 11/2/2000 10:08:00 PM Submitted by Tim/GA from GEORGIA says crab
    I agree with the crushed up crab. I assume you are looking to catch mud minnows. If so, the toughest part is putting the trap in the right spot. From talking to the bait dealers that catch them to sell, you want to place the trap in a small feeder creek that will pretty much dry up at low tide but still have pools of water trapped. This is wehre they really catch them but makes it difficult for those of use who cannot pick and choose our time to set and pull the traps. So far I have had limited success with them and mostly catch them at low tide at the mouth of the small feeder creeks.

  3. 11/2/2000 11:25:00 PM Submitted by capt_dalton from ALABAMA says Critter bait
    I'll agree with crushed crab for tiger minnows and bull minnows, you'll also get some finger mullet in there. For pin fish and croakers, I'll squish up pogies, (aka menhaden, shad, threadfin depending where you're from), in my pin fish trap. Granted we're talking about two different types of trap, both of which I have. One looks remarkably like a crab trap. The other is cylindrical and about 24" long. The latter is my "bull minnow" trap. Usually set out around riprap rocks and shallow feeder creeks. The other is roughly 24"x36"x36", with much larger mesh, generally set around pilings near channels. I'll put about anything in the pin fish trap, chopped up fish carcases, table scraps, about anything a bottom oriented critter will eat. In a "bull minnow" trap, in lew of crushed crab, consider putting whole kernnel canned corn, sweet peas or biscuit dough in the foot end of a nylon stocking, then in the trap. Dry dog food, canned or dry works as well, (don't get on my case when your wife wonders what happened to her stockings!)

  4. 11/3/2000 7:45:00 PM Submitted by KenG ( from NEW JERSEY says Fish carcass, some stale bread works fine..
    Crab is good, but I use that for weakfish bait(seatrout down south), and don't waste it on the minnow trap. A fluke or seabass carcass, fresh or frozen, and a piece of stale bread bring all the minnows I want into my trap. Ken

  5. 11/3/2000 10:44:00 PM Submitted by Briney ( from NORTH CAROLINA says Minnow Trap Bait
    Dry dog food. Works equally well in fresh or salt water. Purina, Kibbles-N-Bits, it all works. I have yet to catch a mullet in a minnow trap, but have caught many mud minnows (killies, gudgeons) small spot, and a few eels.

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