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SUBJECT: # 35233: Hudson Canyon, Toms Canyon, Wilmington Canyon, and Baltimore Canyon

Submitted by Jt from NORTH CAROLINA on 6/24/01 1:13:00 PM

Does anyone know how far the Hudson Canyon, Toms Canyon, Wilmington Canyon, and Baltimore Canyon are from the tip of Sandy Hook?

I know this is alot of info, but I do not have a chart/map available and I am trying to determine the range of my boat as tuna time approaches.


  1. 6/24/01 5:03:00 PM Submitted by TomD. ( from NEW JERSEY says Canyon
    I can tell you that the tip of the Hudson is 77-78 miles SE of Manasquan Inlet. The better fishing is along the west wall and east walls. The west wall of the Hudson is approx 90 miles from Manasquan, and a little farther across to the east wall. Toms is the next canyon south of the Hudson, roughly 20 miles or so south. I don't know what boat you're running or what power you have but make sure you have plenty of fuel incase you end up trolling for a lengthly period of time or get into some sloppy seas that will cause you to burn extra fuel. I think you should pass on the other two canyons if you're tanks are a little shy on fuel capacity, especially running from Sandy Hook, unless you head out of a more southerly inlet. If your boat's sufficient enough to make these runs, consider a run to Block Canyon. Theres good fishing to be had up there too! Good luck.

  2. 6/24/01 6:34:00 PM Submitted by Larry ( from NEW JERSEY says TomD....
    28' Carolina Classic--210/220(depends on who you believe) gallon tank powered by twin 250 diesel engines.

  3. 6/24/01 8:31:00 PM Submitted by TomD. ( from NEW JERSEY says Larry
    Good boat and good power but fuel capacity isn't a whole lot. Nice day and good sea conditions wouldn't be a problem for the Hudson. We used to run our 29 Topaz with twin diesels to the Hudson quite a bit. We could hold 200-210 gallons. Running at a medium steady cruise in good conditions, we could make the Hudson Canyon in 3 1/2 - 4 hrs. We would usually split the time up as far as trolling from the Texas Tower along the flats toward the tip of the canyon working our way along the edge of the west wall, then, depending on the time, maybe set up to chunk for a while then troll on the way out toward our starting point. After all was done and we were back at the dock, we would usually have 50 gallons or so of diesel left in the tank. Total round trip would have been approx 200-220 miles. Your Carolina has higher rated hp than we had so you'll be looking at a little more consumption. I wouldn't worry about a Tower or Hudson run but if you're going to try for the more southern canyons, i'd suggest carrying extra fuel or heading out from a more southern port.

  4. 6/24/01 8:52:00 PM Submitted by Larry ( from NEW JERSEY says Overnights
    Did you spend any overnighters out there in 29' Topaz? This is the first season with the 28' Carolina and I am curious as to the capabilities of this boat(ie, what should be the limit of sea conditions she could handle safely out there, etc)

    Do they make bladders, or could one be installed for this boat?


  5. 6/24/01 10:36:00 PM Submitted by Captlmb ( from NEW JERSEY says Overniters
    I have a 1995 28' Carolina Classic but have twin 454's. I run to the wilmington several times last year, 68 Miles and overnited, chunked and trolled for about 2 1/2-3 hrs and came back with 50 gals. I hold 300 gals. Not a problem with mine. Chunking overnite is a blast. Boat is perfect for it. I have a 5kw genset and run a set of 1000kw worklites. like a charm. Slammed yellows many times last year. I would rundown to Atlantic city and fuel up. Then its a strait shot at alot of these canyons and you have a home port to stay overnite and get rigged up for the next days trip. All I can say is go for it. I may buynone of the 40 gal gas caddys for a few extra hours of trolling this year. But The classics are great offshore boats. I just came back from Pirates cove and there were 5 Classics there Even had a new 35footer. Good luck. Any questions email me. Later Capt Larry

  6. 6/25/01 8:56:00 AM Submitted by Gerry Z from NEW JERSEY says Canyon Fishing From Sandy Hook
    The Hudson is the furthest north canyon. The first time or 2 I would suggest you get the boat down to Shark River or Manasquan, top off the fuel there, take a breather and then head out. If you make a straight run from Sandy Hook your talking almost 100 miles. It would be ashamed to get out there and not have enough fuel to troll around. Once you make a trip or 2 from the Manaquan you will know what your range is and then you might give it a shot from Sandy Hook.

    The usuall overnighter consisits of leaving in the afternoon around 1 or 2. Your arrive around or 5 or 6. Troll until dusk. If you find a consistent area where you catch or mark fish head back there at dusk and get set up to chunk through the night. The next morning at day break lines up and troll on your way home.

    A few things to consider... Make sure you have someone on board to share the driving with. It's a long ride and it helps to get a rest once and a while. If you have and autopilot it will help. A boat of that size you need to pick your days. I would only go out if I there was a big stationary high in the area. Any remote threat of weather and I would stay inshore. If you have a chart plotter make sure to purchase the off shore map cartridge for the are you will be fishing. Most of the general NJ cartridges don't cover that far out. Last but not least make sure you have an EPRIB. If you don't you can rent one from BoatUS.

  7. 6/25/01 10:35:00 AM Submitted by s adams ( from NEW JERSEY says Canyons
    If you have no working knowledge of these canyons I would not suggest you make a canyon trip to break your boat in. Start with the 20fathom line, glory hole, rezor, triple wrecks, bacardi etc.. Work your way up to the canyons but a lot can go wrong and quickly out there. Most of us who leave out of Manasquan (76+- to the tip) for a day troll leave around midnight and cruise at about 10-12knts all night so we are there for the morning bite. Toms is about 85mi, Wilmington about 110+-miles and Baltimore 130+- miles heading south from Manasquan. Sandy hook is about 20mi north from Manasquan so do the math. Make sure you have about 1/4 to 1/3 reserve when making canyon trips, the ride home can turn into a 10 hour struggle for life when a northeast wind kicks up!

  8. 6/25/01 8:16:00 PM Submitted by Larry Backman ( from MASSACHUSETTS says I'll be doing 100 milers to the edge in a CC28 this year
    out of falmouth, ma. I'm planning on picking my days as said; in the middle of a 3 day high, w/ a 36-48 hr 2-3' seas forecast. I'll be running with the same 210 or 220 gallon tank (Mac Privott really insists you can get 220 in it!) but carrying between 50 and 80 gallons on deck in a 30 gallon bladder and a 50 gallon poly barrel. This is diesel by the way - I would not do this w/ gas.

    In any event I believe the boat's main tank has safe 300 mile range and w/ 80 gallons on the deck, increases the range to 400.

    All that being said I'll be planning a hard and fast rule to turn and head for home when the fuel level gets to about 110 gallons which gets me home at worst case 6 knots/6 GPH, 18 knots/20 GPH.

    I have flo-scans on board and would not head that far out without an accurate fuel managemenbt system.

  9. 6/25/01 9:16:00 PM Submitted by J ( from NORTH CAROLINA says Larry--Question re bladders
    I have heard about bladders--are they safe, or safer, with diesel instead of gasoline? Are there any online sites you recommend for purchasing bladders?


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