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SUBJECT: # 35319: Gotcha Plugs

Submitted by Zeke ( from PENNSYLVANIA on 6/29/01 4:55:00 PM

Anyone know of an on-line source to purchase Gotcha Plugs

  1. 6/29/01 4:59:00 PM Submitted by Fishin4Life ( from VIRGINIA says if u
    if u can find a resource please email me with it!

  2. 6/29/01 7:32:00 PM Submitted by bassingman from NORTH CAROLINA says Got-Cha
    The address is: Sea Striker

    PO Box 459

    Morehead City, NC. 28557

    Cannot find a web site.

  3. 6/30/01 12:04:00 AM Submitted by Capt. Ken Roy ( from FLORIDA says Make your own if you can't find them
    This type of lure has ben manufactured under several names. One other name I recall is "Jerk Jigger."

    They may just be one of the easiest lures for the home lure maker. Look at one. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to make them.

    Early Jerk-Jiggers were made of chrome on brass water pipe. I've made them out of PVC pipe which can easily be colored with plastic worm dip or any Vinyl Paint.

    To make a mold for the lead insert, simply mike the inside of the hole in the water pipe and go up one drill size. Drill several holes that size into a piece of oak. Next split the oak right thru the holes so that you can open the mold. My mold has 2 1/4" holes sideways thru the mold so I can clamp it together with bolts and wingnuts for pouring. Make sure the oak is completely before pouring lead.

    After forcing the lead in place, I drill thru the pipe with a 1/16" drill and insert a brad to insure the lead won't come out of the pipe.

    Rig hooks with braided wire.

    If you have a problem with this, e-mail me.

  4. 7/1/01 7:37:00 PM Submitted by Bucktail Bob ( from ALABAMA says Gottcha
    Walmart carries them here in S E Pa

  5. 7/2/01 9:20:00 PM Submitted by zeke ( from . says found web site
    you can get them a

    I had problems with the site placing an order but finally got through

  6. 7/21/02 6:15:00 PM Submitted by Capt Skip ( from MARYLAND says Here is how I make Gotchas
    One of my favorite baits for breaking fish is a Gotcha Plug. They catch Blues, Spanish and Rockfish well. I have found them to work best with a rapid retrieve and lots of tip action. Not much finesse here, just cast and crank.

    I decided to try to make my own and thought you all might like to see them. I crush the barbs on the trebles before I use them as it greatly aids the release of fish. I have not found the single hooks to be as effective.

    Used 40# SS wire and Eagle Claw L677T-#2 trebles. The tube body is a 3/8" dia Basin Tube from Home Depot, 12" for a buck. The head is the 3/8 oz sea witch head with the collar cut off the back.

    I don't know how to post pictures here but if you want copy of it email me and I will sent it.

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