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SUBJECT: # 37376: Best/Favorite offshore Lure?

Submitted by JoeW ( from VIRGINIA on 4/28/02 7:32:00 PM

I have developed my own favorites over the years - Billy Baits turbo slammers and Halco Trembler plugs...I have other stuff that I paid big bucks for but which has never been touched....I'm wondering what other favorites/top producing lures are for the offshore fishermen on this board

  1. 4/28/02 10:52:00 PM Submitted by Dittybo ( from TEXAS says Offshore lures
    With out a dought my top producing pick would be the larger spoon dog with or without teaser. Have caught a wider selection of fish both trolled and free sinking on this bait than any other.Kings, AJ,s, shark, dolphin, tuna all seem to hit this bait first when in a mixed spread. Sow snappr cant resist it when tipped with a whole croker or hardtail.

  2. 4/29/02 9:26:00 AM Submitted by Artifishul ( from ALABAMA says Offshore
    For larger fish/baits I like the Yozuri bonito, for smaller I will almost always have a Bill Lewis Super Trap out. Have caught dolphin (dorado), king, reds (not exactly offshore, but it produces well) on them. Both with Luhr tape on the belly.

    Have not tried Braid's Speedy yet, but I read good things about them and will try one in a few weeks.

  3. 4/29/02 11:07:00 AM Submitted by Offshore7 ( from FLORIDA says blue/white islander
    with ballyhoo = marlin, hoo, mahi!

  4. 4/29/02 12:59:00 PM Submitted by Wayne Reynolds ( from ALABAMA says Spoon Dog
    Can you be more specific about the "spoon dog"? Manufacturer or name brand?

  5. 4/29/02 3:05:00 PM Submitted by Ike ( from ALABAMA says Pink Stretch 30
    I like this one for Wahoo and YFT.

  6. 4/29/02 4:59:00 PM Submitted by Wide Open II ( from GEORGIA says Stretch's are hard to beat
    Like the stretch 30's, especially in the Loud color. Great on grouper in the gulf. Also caught kings and AJ's as well. Usually put out a couple of Moldcraft birds and virtually everything from dolphin to spanish hits them. Course, there are days when I could drag the entire tackle box behind the boat and nothing would bite. Then there are the days you get only rarely (and thank your lucky stars when it happens) when the fish are so hungry they would bite a piece of cinder block with a hook tied to it.

    Wide Open II

  7. 4/29/02 7:06:00 PM Submitted by JasonM ( from ALABAMA says Blue/White Islander with ballyhoo and 8 inch Moldcraft Wide Range
    If by offshore fish, you are referring to wahoo, dolphin, tuna and marlin.

  8. 4/29/02 9:13:00 PM Submitted by Capt. Jay ( from NORTH CAROLINA says blue/white sea witch with little hair (like Hatteras Lures)...simplicity rules
    Juicy ballyhoo with a little hair catches em all.


  9. 4/29/02 11:02:00 PM Submitted by H2Outlaw ( from TEXAS says Wayne Reynolds - - - Spoon Dogs
    Hey Wayne. Spoon Dogs are made here in Texas, Beaumont I believe. Academy (sporting goods store) sells a ton of them. The spoons come in 1/2 oz. and 1 oz. offshore sizes, in gold or silver and with many different choices of colored accents. Very popular in Texas. They used to have a website but it's not there anymore. Let me know if you want more info.


  10. 4/30/02 12:28:00 AM Submitted by Walt S. ( from FLORIDA says re:
    blue and white islander

  11. 4/30/02 6:39:00 AM Submitted by Hawkeye ( from VIRGINIA says 10/4 on the blue/white islander with a 6 pack hoo. nmsg

  12. 4/30/02 8:02:00 AM Submitted by Squid Vishes ( from VIRGINIA says Rapala Magnum 9"
    Only once have we not hooked something on this lure. Stronger hooks than a stretch 30. Tuna, wahoo, kings, dolphin have all hit this lure. My preference is the blue mackerel finish.

  13. 4/30/02 10:39:00 AM Submitted by Drifter1 from PENNSYLVANIA says Plan old natural cedar plug
    I've caught more if not all my tuna on this plug.

  14. 5/2/02 10:08:00 AM Submitted by brandon ( from FLORIDA says soft plastics
    i have used bully-hoo for a few monthes now. wahoo really like 'em. troll with a king buster for extra hits. add a tip of belly on the hook for some scent.

    tight lines

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