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SUBJECT: # 37477: Best bait for pinfish trap?

Submitted by CaptJoey ( from NORTH CAROLINA on 5/20/02 10:51:00 PM

I have a pinfish trap and am woundering if anyone has any experience on using different baits in it. Someone told me to try catfood. Any help would be appriciated CaptJoey

  1. 5/20/02 11:11:00 PM Submitted by Mikey ( from FLORIDA says Try..........
    Red Snapper heads and Cobia belly are my favorites. Seems like the white and red colors work best. Marginal results can be had using mullet heads and almost any thing else.


  2. 5/21/02 9:03:00 AM Submitted by Fish Hawk ( from NORTH CAROLINA says Pinfish Traps........
    Not what you would expect but I have had the best results with a couple of pieces of fried chicken. Try It.....

  3. 5/21/02 10:09:00 AM Submitted by Jrw ( from FLORIDA says Pin fish trap bait
    I agree with Fish Hawk - fried chicken works very well. For some reason, I have a lot of luck with left over Popeye's - must be the spices or something they use.

  4. 5/21/02 10:13:00 PM Submitted by Rocky ( from NORTH CAROLINA says Hey, Hey, Hey
    I sincerely hope you catch 'em all. Over the years, I know I've caught my share. LOL.

  5. 5/22/02 8:15:00 AM Submitted by yogi ( from NORTH CAROLINA says Bait for Pinfish
    Dry Dogfood is the best bait.If you use chicken and the water gets hot you have one stinking mess on your hands!Dont waste fried chicken!

  6. 5/22/02 1:49:00 PM Submitted by Rick/Fl ( from FLORIDA says Trap bait
    We actually have been doing a comparison study over the last year and I firmly believe in these results. We compared canned cat food, dry dog food, frozen pogies, mullet, snapper carcasses, and Spanish sardines. All worked, but there is absolutely no question in our minds that Spanish sardines outproduced every other trap bait. We actually did the last comparison 2 weeks ago, with pogies. I have no idea why Spanish sardines work better; can't just be oil, because pogies have plenty of oil. From now on I will only use Spanish sardines. Wish they were cheaper, but they produced about twice as well as any other bait.

  7. 5/23/02 7:23:00 AM Submitted by CaptJoey ( from NORTH CAROLINA says Chicken / sardines
    I had fried chicken for lunch yesterday and put a couple of the leftover bones in the trap. Went back 2 hr later and had a dozen nice pinfish. I plan to try the sardines later but it does look like leftover chicken produces fish. (and the price is right) I had a charter once where a person decided to drop down a chicken brest on his hook as a joke. He caught a nice 10lb GAG. Go figure!! Thanks for all the input


  8. 5/24/02 4:23:00 PM Submitted by Lee ( from TEXAS says chicken bones
    I chumed mangroves with chicken wing bones and 50% of the mangrove snappers caught had bones in them. Try it.

  9. 12/20/02 9:57:00 AM Submitted by T.j. ( from FLORIDA says Pinfish bait
    All of these work...but..The very best is Bonito if you can catch em or buy for about 2-3 bucks.Cut em up and rake in the pins.

  10. 4/20/03 6:08:00 PM Submitted by L.k. ( from FLORIDA says Pin Bait
    After YEARS of experience, broken up pieces of squid, "calamari" on the box, is the best for hook and sinker and also for trap bait.

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