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SUBJECT: # 37600: How do you get rid of that dead shrimp smell from you ice chests?

Submitted by Chris ( from LOUISIANA on 6/17/02 10:49:00 PM

I let my brother-in-law use one of my ice chests a couple of weeks ago. I got it back and it smells like he left a pound of shrimp in it the whole time. I have wased it and bleached it several times. Still smells pretty bad. Short of putting it out for the trash, is there any way of removing that smell?



  1. 6/18/02 Submitted by fishnstringer ( from TEXAS says There are three products I use to get rid of odor,
    clorox, a lemon or lime based concentration,or baking soda. You seem to have an extreme situation so, you might try each by using the product of your choice and leave it in the box for a couple of days, empty it and put it in the sun each time to dry and air-out. I think in your case I would first try to mix baking soda with water to make a paste and cover the inside of the box with it. I would let it sit for a couple of days(open) and then rinse it out. You should be able to tell if it's done any good before rinsing. Good luck and GOD BLESS AMERICA AND OUR ARMED SERVICES.

  2. 6/18/02 7:54:00 AM Submitted by Beachman ( from DELAWARE says Odor
    Always use plain ol' vanilla extract in my coolers to get rid of unwanted odors

  3. 6/18/02 8:39:00 AM Submitted by miker ( from FLORIDA says what they said
    all of the above with the bleach being most have to leave that cooler open between uses or it will smell .

  4. 6/18/02 10:15:00 AM Submitted by Tj ( from MARYLAND says After thoroughly cleaning.....
    After thoroughly cleaning using the above mentioned methods, spray the interior and exterior with fabreeze odor eliminator. Pay particular attention to any crevices like hinges, drain plug/cap, and corners. Spray and let dry over night with the lid and drain plug open.

    Hope this helps! TJ

  5. 6/18/02 11:17:00 AM Submitted by acc ( from ALABAMA says Try Soft Scrub with bleach......
    Works for the fish box--actually a 94 Qt Igloo...BUT....Don't put in your live bait well....I fished with dead bait for a trip after trying it in the bait well.......

  6. 6/18/02 11:20:00 AM Submitted by Swampy from FLORIDA says Sometimes bleach will react with the plastic
    and the chemical odor will last longer than the shrimp.

    I use Comet or some cleanser (also has chlorine but less acidic than bleach).

    Warm soapy water is good.

    The baking soda paste works.

    Fast Orange works for stuff like this. Wash it afterwards with warm soapy water to get the chemicals out.

  7. 6/18/02 1:45:00 PM Submitted by FreeOnBoard from TEXAS says Newspaper
    Chris, never had a cooler in that condition so don't know if this will work, but I always store my coolers closed with a few newspaper sheets inside and it does away with any remaining fish smell. Been told it's the acid in the paper that does it. Something you might try first is completely filling the cooler with water and maybe a cup or two of bleach and let it set for a week or so. Good luck.

  8. 6/18/02 3:22:00 PM Submitted by Katkiller ( from TEXAS says Bleach in Igloo
    Friend of mine used clorox bleach to clean his 72 qt Igloo and smell of bleach stayed and residue of bleach made some of his fish inediable due to smell and taste of bleach. I'drinse it out good and leave the lid open and let sun take care of the smell.

  9. 6/18/02 7:31:00 PM Submitted by fishnstringer ( from TEXAS says Chris, I just remembered, there is a fourth product.
    A couple of years ago I bought a boat soap at a marine store, that I now use to wash my boat, baitwells included and it does a great job. Since I store by rig inside, I don't have the benefit of the sun to eliminate any odor, and I'm always returning to a clean smelling rig. It reminds me of pine'o pine, but it's not. Thought I would add that, if not for your benefit, maybe someone else can use the information.

  10. 6/18/02 8:34:00 PM Submitted by acc ( from ALABAMA says Not defending myself, but SoftScrub w/ bleach is NOT
    100% bleach.....I started using it about 4 years ago when I surveyed several deck hands at the docks and said 'What are you using'????

    It has worked well for me....

  11. 6/19/02 12:33:00 AM Submitted by reelthing ( from VIRGINIA says The answer...........
    The way to remove odor from your hands after cleaning fish or funky bait is to wash your hands in "mouth wash".(and under your nails. let it set for a while before rinse) It works great. The smell is totally elemeilated. The same works for coolers

  12. 6/19/02 9:18:00 AM Submitted by Gar from FLORIDA says Borax works ...

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