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SUBJECT: # 37697: Any Info on Surf Fishing Dauphin Island?

Submitted by Steve ( from ALABAMA on 7/9/02 9:23:00 PM

Need some info on surf fishing Dauphin Island. Coming down from Virginia with my son and nephews week of 22-26 July? What's biting, what are they taking, and where should some newcomers try their luck on the Island?

  1. 7/10/02 9:51:00 AM Submitted by Pier#r ( from ALABAMA says DI info
    Steve, in July the Gulfside of the island holds pretty much the same kind of fish you'd have on the Virginia shores. Best bets are catfish, whiting, seatrout, jacks, sharks and rays. IF you are renting a house on the West End beach and just want to "throw out a line", try a 1/2 of a fresh dead shrimp on a bottom rig from any light tackle for the smaller species. IF you have a larger rod, throw out a cut chunk of one of the smaller species for the bluefish, rays, sharks, etc. Use as much weight as you have to to keep the bait anchored on bottom, the currents are strong there, especially if the surf is up!

    Another alternative is the Dauphin Island Fishing pier (next to the Little Red Schoolhouse) see the link below. There is also a small "free pier" on the East End, near Ft.Gaines, and some finger jetties (careful out there ;-)

    Maybe the boys would enjoy seeing the Estuarium, touring the fort(s), or riding the ferry.

  2. 7/10/02 6:14:00 PM Submitted by Steve ( from ALABAMA says Thanks for the Info on DI
    Pier#r--Thanks for the info. I'm looking forward to getting my guys into some gulf coast fishing. Which tides do do you think are best and under what light conditions? Any unique hydrographic features that we should look out for, as those possibly harboring fish, other than the finger jetties? Hydrographic charts seem to show a mostly gradual gradient with few drop offs. My guys are rather impatient and will probably want to walk around casting. Assume that grubs, buckcktails, and spoons would work? Are the beaches mostly open or are they private? Need to check with the wife on the location of our beach house, but think its on the east end of the island.

    Thanks for the info on the Estuarium and the forts. It will certainly not hurt them to learn some history and science while they are on vacation.

    Once again, many thanks,


  3. 7/10/02 11:18:00 PM Submitted by Pier#r ( from ALABAMA says Aha
    So they are the "sedentary" type fishermen (young and restless ;-) The spoons, grubs and bucktails should get them some into some action as long as the water is fairly clear. BEST time of day is usually first light to mid morning, then again from mid afternoon to dark, as long as the tide is moving (which it should be that week). NOTE: most days there is only ONE high and ONE low tide each day. You will be fishing an incoming tide in the am and an outgoing in the pm. No need to get into the water much above knee to thigh deep because the beach profile is VERY steep along the island. The beach between the pier and the Golf Course is good wade fishing using those lures. And from the end of the road on the south side of Ft.Gaines back to the west offers similar beaches once you get past the finger jetties. All beaches in Alabama below the high water mark are considered to be public domain.

    Hope y'all have a safe and "fish-filled" time ;-)

  4. 7/10/02 11:26:00 PM Submitted by Pier#r ( from ALABAMA says take a look
    Here's a link that shows the areas I mentioned, the pier is on the left, and Ft Gaines is on the right (just click on the image to zoom in)

  5. 7/12/02 5:21:00 PM Submitted by Capt. Ken Roy ( from FLORIDA says Thanks Pier#R for your typical informative answer.
    I plan to head over to Gulf Shores in the next couple of weeks. I'll try to do one morning surf, one morning at Alabama Point and one at the GS Pier. I haven't been on Dauphin Is. in 25 years.

  6. 7/14/02 5:38:00 AM Submitted by AlabamaJack from TEXAS says After reading....
    the above comments....all good advice, I was thinking...we used to fish Ft Morgan Point all the time for big reds...have found that right after a Hurricane comes close to Mobile the Reds drop out of the bay back into the Gulf.

    There is a Ferry that crosses from DI to Ft Morgan. You can park at the end of the road and walk to the point.

    Here is my tip...the water on the inlet side drops off DEEP quickly. At the point of Ft Morgan, there is a sand bar that extends out a couple of hundred yards into the gulf. The reds run the deep water to the point and come up on the sand bar to feed. We use 8' Surf Rods with old Mitchel 302's with 20 lb line, 1 oz pyramid weight above a 3' 40 lb mono leader that has a heavy duty 5/0 hook. Use a fairly good sized strip of mullet for bait....just throw it out as far as you possibly can, put your rod in the rod holder (we use a ~4' piece of 2" heavy schedule PVC worked down in the sand), loosen your drag just enough the tide won't carry the bait out (or in), sit back in your lawn chair, pop a top, and enjoy the scenery...

    Last red I caught there was 40.5" and 30 lbs even. Was Thanksgiving week 4 or 5 years ago. Fishing buddy caught a twin to the one I caught...only caught 2 but these were nice fish.

    Forgot to say, this was night fishing....

    Have fun and enjoy....


  7. 7/14/02 11:47:00 AM Submitted by Steve ( from ALABAMA says Thanks for the Great Info
    Gents--Thanks for all the great fishing info. My nephews, son, and I very much look forward to our Alabama saltwater fishing.

    Tight lines,


    PS--Any bait shops we should visit for the latest info on fishing the surf on DI and Ft Morgan?

  8. 7/15/02 12:05:00 AM Submitted by Pier#r ( from ALABAMA says baitshops
    Probably the best stocked and open longest is Jemison's (873-4695) near the Heron Bay Cut-off Bridge. Bent Rod Bait and Tackle (861-2244) is at the southwest end of the DI Bridge. The DI pier (861-6972) has frozen bait only, but it's easy to catch live baitfish there most of the time. IF you want sandfleas, you'll have to catch your own in the surf (nobody sells them there).

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