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SUBJECT: # 37990: Fishing after a hurricane

Submitted by flboy ( from FLORIDA on 10/2/02 11:48:00 AM

I had planned on going to Pensacola this weekend to fish, small offshore charter boat..The weather says seas should be calm, Lily is to be out of the way by Friday..Will thefishing be poor for a few days after the storm passes? Should I reschedule my trip for later? Thanks. Bud

  1. 10/2/02 12:37:00 PM Submitted by Fish Hawk ( from NORTH CAROLINA says Post Hurricane Fishing......
    My suggestion to you is #1 be sure the Gulf has sufficiently calmed down for a Friday trip in a small charter boat. If the weather looks good I would go. My experience has been that the fishing after a hurricane is very good especially the bottom fishing. Can't explain why but I assume the rough weather drives the fish in closer to shore. Good Luck ......

  2. 10/2/02 12:47:00 PM Submitted by capt chuck ( from FLORIDA says hurricane fishing!
    Although the last 'cane just produced high wind and seas, the water calmed quite a bit just after it passed. 2 days after it passed, we had one of the best days on the Gag grouper. So, go for it--you'll probably slam 'em. Good luck--Capt Chuck

  3. 10/2/02 3:46:00 PM Submitted by flboy ( from FLORIDA says thanks
    We are supposed to go Saturday, so gulf should be calm by then, at least according to current marine forecasts..Thanks for the help...

  4. 10/4/02 6:41:00 PM Submitted by abugar4600 ( from ALABAMA says post hurricane
    I am going too, I am leaving Auburn early morning, tomorrow, to fish all day tomorrow, should be in the boat around 10 am, and fishing on the good holes by 12, hopefully the action will be fast and furious, good luck

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