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SUBJECT: # 38790: What's the best knot for joining lead core to a monofilament leader?

Submitted by Fred ( from NORTH CAROLINA on 9/24/03 10:10:00 PM

Will be using 12-15 lb. mono leader on the lead core that comes from Cabela's. I forget what pound test it is--maybe 25? Thank you.

  1. 9/25/03 1:36:00 PM Submitted by Farallon ( from CALIFORNIA says Uni to Uni
    I use a Uni to Uni connection.

    Here is link to a knot page.

  2. 9/28/03 11:57:00 PM Submitted by Capt. Ken Roy, Whopper Stopper Sport Fishing from FLORIDA says Lead core to mono knot
    I almost never use the Uni because the tag ends face up and down the line and don't flow through your guides as easily as a Blood Knot connection. These "barbs" also catch grass and slime plus create turbulence if the knot is at the surface. This turbulence is sometimes attractive to toothy critters that just love to clip lines.

    To tie a Blood Knot connecting mono to lead core, I wrap the lead core only 3 wraps while wrapping the mono 6 wraps. When you cinch the knot, be careful when tightening the lead core part as it is harder to cinch properly. The tag ends exit the side of the Blood Knot making for a more streamlined and trouble free connection.

    The Uni is a good knot but the Blood Knot is more trouble free though a little harder to tie.

    An alternative to the Blood Knot that I frequently is the "Dropper Loop Knot." To use the Dropper Loop Knot to join two lines, simply tie the two lines together with an "Overhand Knot" then tie a Dropper Loop allowing the overhand knot to be in the center of the Dropper Loop then cinch and clip off the "Dropper Loop." The result is a "Blood Knot" with both tag ends exiting the same side of the knot rather than on opposite sides. Much faster and just as strong.

  3. 10/6/03 7:44:00 AM Submitted by Fishin"Guy" ( from NORTH CAROLINA says Shocker Knot

    Haven't had one break yet.

  4. 10/13/03 3:22:00 PM Submitted by jeff ( from MASSACHUSETTS says albright
    just use an albright--smoothest through the guides...

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